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  1. Anyone know anything about Robert Merton's Strain Theory?

    OIY! I really have to buckle down and study this crap today. Again CCU...thanks!
  2. Anyone know anything about Robert Merton's Strain Theory?

    I was wondering how you did all this while drinking! LOL! Thank you.
  3. Ick! I hate Sociology! I need to understand Robert Merton's Strain Theory and for some reason I can't wrap my mind around it. I know for sure that it is an essay question on my test Wednesday. Anyone else know anything about it?
  4. How will you prepare for finals?

    Only 20 Cumulative...then another 100 probably that are on what we are covering now and we'll have some math thrown in there too. Good luck!
  5. I can finally say it.....

    Congratulations and welcome to the boards!
  6. Class officer

    I'm VP of my class and there seem to be only a couple of the eight officers we have that want to do anything. Don't let yourself become to "do it all" person and you'll be okay.
  7. How will you prepare for finals?

    OH my goodness. Our final is only 20 cumulative questions and the rest is from what we are covering from now until the end. I will try to skim all the past material but they said it would be the basics and I will keep up with my note typing, etc. u...
  8. Have you got homework for next semester?

    I don't think we are getting anything, but I could be wrong. We don't have our final until the 22nd, so they have lots of time to bombard us with things.
  9. I'm Tired Of Being Cursed Out

    AAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhh Tweeters..I feel for you and I am soooo not looking forward to those types of experiences. (it IS nice to know, however, that I have somewhere like this to go and vent when it DOES happen!)
  10. what is your NLN test scores and GPA?

    From what I understand some schools go by GPA and others have other standards. We didn't take the NLN, but my GPA was 3.87 when I got in. The first time I got in, it was crummy from high school, but it had been 10 years since I graduated.
  11. Please help--nursing school straining family

    Maggie, as with the OP, thank you for the reminder. Sometimes I DO forget.
  12. Please help--nursing school straining family

    NursingSchoolWife......you have reminded me, in your despair over your relationship, what is important in my life and I made an effort today to take time with my kids and let them know how much they mean to me. You sound like an incredible husband a...
  13. Plans for Xmas break? :)

    I guess we are in about mid-range for how long we get off. We end on Dec. 23rd and start up on Jan. 18th. I am cleaning my house from top to bottom, working on financial aid papers and scholarship applications, doing some volunteer work (I hope), p...
  14. Tests and Cheating Classmates

    Klone....I LIKE you!!!! LOLOL!!!!:chuckle
  15. Drug Abuse Among Us??

    well...............there goes the compassion!