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  1. Energizer Bunny

    1+ 2+ 3+ Edema Rating Scale?

    I see what you mean, Triage....something that will come with experience, I'm sure. It makes perfect sense, though...I'm glad you mentioned it!
  2. Energizer Bunny

    1+ 2+ 3+ Edema Rating Scale?

    This is what my Health Assessment text says: 1+ Mild pitting, slight indentation, no perceptable swelling of the leg 2+ Moderate pitting, indentation subsides rapidly 3+ Deep pitting, indentation remains for a short time, leg looks swollen 4+ Very deep pitting, indentation lasts a long time, leg is very swollen HTH.....
  3. Thanks Gompers. Isn't it funny that I haven't ever seen one before and I have two older than him? It's looking better and better all the time. It's not nearly as red as it was......you guys are great! I felt so bad for the poor little guy, though he didn't seem to care. I was talking to some 2nd year nursing students last night that agreed with you guys about all the treatments here. We were also talking about how once you are a nurse, you don't go to the dr. for every little thing. I don't do that now and since he wasn't complaining I wasn't too worried about it. Thanks again, to all of you!!!!
  4. I got the OTC cream...whew expensive for a little tiny tube. I have used it on him twice and it already seems to be not quite as red. I'm anxious to see how it is looking by tomorrow. Thank you all again! What causes yeast infections in little boys anyways? Is it the moisture in the diapers? I feel like I change him constantly (at least the diaper bill seems like I do! LOL!)
  5. Thank you all sooo much! I am going to go get the OTC Athlete's foot cream and try that today. I just cannot work another dr. appointment into my schedule this week. Any idea how long it usually takes to clear up?
  6. Oh, and no pimple spots, at least not the last time I checked, but he's due for a change now....LOL!
  7. Thank you guys. He isn't fussing at all because of it, so I don't think it is uncomfortable for him. I read that the powders shouldn't be used (on WebMD I believe) maybe because they help to spread bacteria????? I can't remember the reasoning, but there WAS some reason. Now, I'll have to go back and look. LOL! He goes to the dr. on Thursday for a regular check up so if we can keep him happy until then (and hopefully keep it from getting worse) the dr. can look at it and figure it all out. All my kids have sensitive skin and I have had to use elidel on two of the three for eczema. We also have All Free and Clear detergent and Tide Free dryer sheets. Thanks again!
  8. Hi all you experts out there. I sincerely don't want to pay more money and try to figure out a babysitter for a stinking heat rash or simple diaper rash so I am hoping you can help me. Bryce (9 months) has had a rash for a couple weeks now. It is just a great big red blob all around his penis and on his testicals and in the folds of his legs where they meet the pelvis. Is there any way to tell exactly what kind of rash this is? Could it be a yeast infection do you think? What would I look for in that case? We have tried regular diaper rash cream, A & D, Zinc Oxide and now are on Petroleum jelly. We bathe him almost every day, trying oatmeal baths at first. Nothing is working. We have also been letting him "go free" without a diaper for a couple hours each day, though this makes for quite the mess and since we rent and the landlords are obsessive about our new carpeting....well, it doesn't last long. Any thoughts?
  9. Energizer Bunny

    Accident Scenes: Do You Always Offer Assistance?

    cyberkat...yeah, we were told to assess the scene and if it was dangerous, just to call for help, but if it wasn't that we were obligated to ask if they wanted assistance. I think I would be nervous about doing it but wouldn't want the person to not have someone helping them right away, KWIM?
  10. Energizer Bunny

    Just checked my results

    Congrats!!! We all do that with the stress!!!
  11. Energizer Bunny

    Nursing Student Jitters - normal??

    I think everyone has jitters....I have about 3,000 and it would take me all day to type them up. Welcome to All nurses and good luck! Come on over to the student forum and we'll all commiserate with you!
  12. Energizer Bunny

    Accident Scenes: Do You Always Offer Assistance?

    Suzanne....my CPR class is first aid as well...required by our school. And we are titled professional rescuer when we pass.
  13. Energizer Bunny

    Oh My God Passed With 265

    And, let me add to Suzanne's.........CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
  14. Energizer Bunny

    Accident Scenes: Do You Always Offer Assistance?

    I was told in my CPR class that as a "professional rescuer" I am obligated to help. Is this true? Could I actually get in "trouble" for not helping at a scene?
  15. Energizer Bunny

    Is Anyone Pregnant & in School?

    I was pregnant during some of my pre-req's and it has taken me three years and yet another baby to go back. I couldn't leave my munchkin when she was that little. Being away from her as many hours a day as I would have had to would have broken my heart. I agree with everything Nurse Ratched said.
  16. Energizer Bunny

    What was the MOST ridiculous thing a patient came to the ER for?

    You would think so, wouldn't you?

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