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  1. nurturing_angel

    Do Nurses Have to Make Their Home Addresses Public?

    Indiana used to publish your home address with your license information. Not any longer. I am not sure if other states do this or not but I always thought it was a dumb idea and an invasion of my privacy.
  2. nurturing_angel

    Calling all Military nurses

    Thank You from me too. Your efforts for this country are very much appreciated. Stay safe.
  3. nurturing_angel

    People plan to work into their 70s or later

    Not me. I have no plans to work past 65 at the very latest. I am sure my health issues will force me to retire much earlier than that. But I have already started making career moves and plans that will give me some income for many years to come. If not, I will be changing my lifestyle significantly but I will NOT be working full time (or even part time) as a floor nurse more than a few more years.
  4. nurturing_angel

    L&D Nurses...a comment and a question.

    I will bet some of the nurses remembered you and all of them were glad to get the card. It is nice to know you made someones hospital experience better. Thanks for the kind words.
  5. nurturing_angel

    What do you pack in your work bag?

    I also carry alot of stuff. For work I carry my clipboard, a notebook, numerous pens, highlighters, pencils, a labor wheel, a steth, a reflex hammer, my reference cards, and my childbirth education notebook so I can work on my classes during breaks and slow times. Personally, I carry my water bottle, my hand lotion and my hand sanitizer, my blood glucose monitor, extra supplies for my insulin pump, my wallet, a hair brush, a book to help count my carbs, and my food journal. I am sure that there is more but that is all I can think of now. Of course, I usually take my lunch and several snacks as I need to count carbs before I eat.
  6. nurturing_angel

    Considering Move to Naples Area

    Apparently no nurses live in this part of the state.
  7. nurturing_angel

    Considering Move to Naples Area

    Apparently no nurses live in this part of the state. Hmmm!
  8. nurturing_angel

    Considering Move to Naples Area

    Hello, Years ago, before I had my RN, I lived in Naples and loved it. Now as I am nearing the age of retirement I am thinking about returning to this area. I have considered doing the seasonal nursing thing but I need more info about that. I am an OB nurse and would love to continue working in this area. I have even considered working in an office or clinic. Could anyone give me information about the hospital(s) and such in the Naples, Fort Myers or Bonita Springs areas? I do appreciate it greatly. Thanks!
  9. nurturing_angel

    manual BP's?

    I too prefer using the manual BP cuffs. Don't like dragging that crazy dynamap around with me.
  10. nurturing_angel

    Take your spouse to work day.

    This would be GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. nurturing_angel

    My Inside Does Not Match My Outside

    Thank You! I am 53 years old and have been a nurse for too many years...if judged by the outside. I have many medical problems and can barely walk some days. But on the inside...things are soooo different! I feel so young and relevant and how I love being a nurse for young new families. I don't want to ever retire but its only a matter of time before I will have too. I must enjoy it while it lasts!!!
  12. nurturing_angel

    I'm Lost and Lazy

    Actually, I tend to be the master procrastinator......lol!!!!
  13. nurturing_angel

    IV stop times

    They do at our hospital.
  14. nurturing_angel

    Planning Childbirth Class Help Needed!

    Hi fellow nurses! I am busy trying to develop a new prenatal class series to teach independently from my hospital. I do not have much money at this point to use for this. Does anyone know of any websites that might have graphic images of labor and delivery that I could use pro bono? If I am successful at this I plan to buy stuff for use from Childbirth Graphics. Any help out there? Oh, by the way... Happy Mothers Day! Happy Nurses Week! :)
  15. nurturing_angel

    need advice on starting ivs...

    Experience breeds confidence so start every IV that you can. I felt the same way you do until I asked my co-workers to check with me before they started any IV's. If I had time, I started them. After a few weeks I felt great about my IV skills. Also, remember that we all have those days when we couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. Don't let it get you down.
  16. nurturing_angel

    Doctorate Degree Needed?

    Hey all, Just have a quick question. Have any of you wonderful midwives or wanna be midwives heard anything about APN's (including midwives) will soon need a doctorate degree and MSN's will not be recognized as an APN? All info appreciated!

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