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  1. Do Nurses Have to Make Their Home Addresses Public?

    Indiana used to publish your home address with your license information. Not any longer. I am not sure if other states do this or not but I always thought it was a dumb idea and an invasion of my privacy.
  2. Calling all Military nurses

    Thank You from me too. Your efforts for this country are very much appreciated. Stay safe.
  3. L&D Nurses...a comment and a question.

    I will bet some of the nurses remembered you and all of them were glad to get the card. It is nice to know you made someones hospital experience better. Thanks for the kind words.
  4. If you love your job, what is your speciality?

    I will be the first nurse to say OB! I love, love, love all things maternity! :bby: :anpom:
  5. What would the Easter bunny put in a nurses basket?

    "PENS!!! (I have an addiction!) A Pulse ox that self destructs when stolen. Alcohol foam that doesn't turn my hands to bleeding leather" LOL! This could be me. I have been known to have 30-35 pens in my purse at any given time. Then u have to coun...
  6. Low Census - Is it Happening to You

    I'd rather be called off on low census than being floated anywhere else! :no:
  7. What part of your job do you enjoy most/least?

    Hard core OB nurse here. I love: Watching new families as they see and hold their newborn for the first time! Totally awesome experience! Supporting this family as labor progresses and a baby is brought into the world. Teaching...Teaching...Teachin...
  8. Supporting a woman in labor...

    I have been a labor/delivery nurse for such a long time. I was quiet and shy when I first started and was afraid to say anything at first. I didn't even want to touch my pts for fear of hurting them or getting yelled at. I have to agree with the post...
  9. A Couple questions about your LDRP facility

    we move our equipment around too. it sucks but thats how management likes it. we also get lost and broken equipment because of it. i can't give any specific ideas for saving money since i am not in management but i know everything is very tight. no ...
  10. Reasons why you love OB nursing?

    Hi. I totally agree with the above posters. I have been doing OB nursing for many, many years. Still, I am in awe of the miracle of birth. Nothing compares to seeing a new baby take its first breath and watching the reaction of the new parents. The...
  11. I'm having a 'me' day.

    I like to call my "me" days as Blessing Days. I like to get up early while the house is quiet and enjoy having my daily devotions and Bible time. Other than that I like to go to the gym, take a walk outside, play with my dogs, talk to my family on th...
  12. Maternal Health Nursing Question

    My first job, a long long time, ago was in a nursing home. But I have been in Labor and Delivery/Mother Baby care for almost 20 years now. This is where I belong. Two organizations that I highly recommend are Lamaze and AWHONN. Both are kinda expensi...
  13. What do you pack in your work bag?

    I also carry alot of stuff. For work I carry my clipboard, a notebook, numerous pens, highlighters, pencils, a labor wheel, a steth, a reflex hammer, my reference cards, and my childbirth education notebook so I can work on my classes during breaks a...
  14. Considering Move to Naples Area

    Apparently no nurses live in this part of the state.
  15. Considering Move to Naples Area

    Apparently no nurses live in this part of the state. Hmmm!