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:devil: I recently was told by a physician that I was very hard to get along with and that I was the only Nurse on my unit that did't think he walked on water (yes, he actually used those words). So I told him just exactly what I thought about his 29 year old attitude toward nurses.. He has a very strong problem listening to anything a nurse suggest or informs him of. I told him that he did not like me because I don't sugar-coat everthing for him. I said I was to old and had been in the business to long to start now. Should I have just kept my mouth shut and let him continue the way he acts towards nurses. He has already been wrote up, talked up, and everything else. IT'S NOT SINKING IN FOR HIM??


ps: I really am a great person to get along with, I just don't like people that can't respect one another:)

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:D :D :D

Way to go!!! We are in the age now where nurses do not have to "bow down" to doctors!! You did the right thing!!! At the hospital where I work, if a doctor gets an attitude like that, we nurses write it up. Most of the time it helps!!

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This past year on my job, I have had to confront two doctors who have bad attitudes or "better than thou" attitudes towards nurses (one female and one male). I wrote up the male to no avail. That hospital could care less that nurses are disrespected by its' doctors since at that particular hospital doctors rule. :rolleyes:

The male doc would snatch things out of my hand, bump into me, and never apologize, nor would he ever acknowledge my presence. To him, I was a "nobody", and the hospital did absolutely nothing about it. He is rude to most nurses and expects women to cow tow to him I guess. Whatever! I kiss nobody's butt! :nono:

The female doc was young, had an attitude, and couldn't stand being confused for a nurse. She wrote me up for not getting what she wanted when she wanted it. I told her the situation at hand, but that mattered not to her. She felt the need to assert herself via a nasty attitude and sarcasm. I told her before she puts down nurses she should walk in our shoes for awhile. No surprise to me that the nurse manager sided with the female doc because she herself is married to a doctor.

I'm soooooooo glad I don't have to deal with that nurse manager anymore. She was my "Nightmare on Elm Street", and the nightmare had to come to an end. I quit. :stone

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He asked you...I would've been honest with him too.

What as his reaction after your honesty?

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After having a physician berate me for not having his labs printed our for him on arrival I very slowly took my name tag in my hand and said"It says RN not handmaiden". Never had another problem with that physician!!!!!!

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You Go MoHo!!!!!

That arrogant so and so needs to know he/she definately does not walk on water.

This nurse thanks you!


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These holy there than thou doctors need to be put in their place once in a while and dethrowned. most of the time you can't win for losing! Told doctor today that patient was in pain rating it a 8/10 she asked me how do I ask them to rate their pain and i said "are you having pain, could please rate it on a scale of 0-10 0 being no pain and 10 being the worst pain ever." She proceeds to say something to the affect that some people would rate a hangnail a 5 if they have never experienced severe pain before such as a childbirth or kidney stone. Well the poor little lady's belly was distended and hard as a rock she was very pale and nauseaous and I asked for pain med other than tylenol which is all she was ordered, she ordered nothing told the family she would and she had her ct scan as ordered and promptly passed away 10 minutes after returning to the floor probably in pain......:o


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Always provide an "educational moment" for physicians that need it, whether they ask for it or not! :chuckle


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My mother was an ICU nurse for 20 years and worked with this doc who had the infuriating habit of keeping dead people alive on vents because the family asked him to do everything he could for mama. My mom had had enough of it and never has been one to suffer fools gladly. She always confronted him about these kinds of patients.

One day, this doctor walked into the unit and called my mother the "angel of death" right there in the nurses station. My mother promptly took him aside and told him that if he ever said anything like that to her or about her again, she would slap a defamation of character suit on him so fast it would make his head swim.

Life has been a lot different ever since.


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Bow down or stand up or give up your chair at the nursing (Notice the word nursing) station is long gone for the Dr.s. Think about it, they should treat us with respect, I dont think they want us calling at three AM and ask if there pt can have a supp. or enema.


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You did the right thing...he's just annoyed because you won 't kiss his 29 yr old a@#..


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way to go I bet he will show you the respect you deserve now that he knows you are not intimidated by him.

Great job!


P.S. could you come to where I work and give some of our docs some of the same?:)

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