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lsyorke is a RN and specializes in Med-Surg, Wound Care.

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  1. lsyorke

    Girl Brain Dead after Tonsillectomy

    An FYI, Texas courts just ruled on the pregnant Mom. Texas judge orders brain-dead pregnant woman off life support - U.S. News
  2. lsyorke

    Saying good bye to a loved one.

    I lost my husband in August of this year. Thank God for Hospice and their caring and compassion. While I didn't need the services that they offered, beyond meds, their presence was so important. Someone else to talk to, someone who understood how being the "nurse" made the whole situation so hard. The hospice nurses recognized what our needs were and let us call the shots when it came to their involvement. I will be forever grateful. I'm thankful to Nursing Spectrum for publishing Bill's story. http://news.nurse.com/article/20110124/ALL01/101240026/-1/frontpage
  3. lsyorke

    Pregnant Nurses and the flu shot

    Tamiflu is a Class C drug for pregnancy: From rxlist.com: Pregnancy Category C There are insufficient human data upon which to base an evaluation of risk of TAMIFLU to the pregnant woman or developing fetus. Studies for effects on embryo-fetal development were conducted in rats (50, 250, and 1500 mg/kg/day) and rabbits (50, 150, and 500 mg/kg/day) by the oral route. Relative exposures at these doses were, respectively, 2, 13, and 100 times human exposure in the rat and 4, 8, and 50 times human exposure in the rabbit. Pharmacokinetic studies indicated that fetal exposure was seen in both species. In the rat study, minimal maternal toxicity was reported in the 1500 mg/kg/day group. In the rabbit study, slight and marked maternal toxicities were observed, respectively, in the 150 and 500 mg/kg/day groups. There was a dose*dependent increase in the incidence rates of a variety of minor skeletal abnormalities and variants in the exposed offspring in these studies. However, the individual incidence rate of each skeletal abnormality or variant remained within the background rates of occurrence in the species studied.
  4. lsyorke

    failed nclex-rn 3x

    Find a good review course specifically for the Nclex. Don't give up!
  5. lsyorke

    ALL NURSES this affects all of you

    MMR and the other "mandatory" vaccines are mandatory for all. H1N1 is a brand new, minimally tested vaccine with unknown risks. The flu vaccine is "best guess". They are not comparable.
  6. I think that his argument is what most people think. We see "defensive medicine" all the time, which absolutely raises costs, but then we also see the negligent doctor. Until there is a true effort to remove the negligent physician, the public is at risk, and the only recourse is the lawsuit. We also see the "group treatment", where every consultant is called in from one group of doctors and every test ordered in each specialty, regardless of admitting diagnosis. Talk about raising the cost! Specialization is a great thing, but not every diagnosis needs 5 specialists to all say the same thing. There is no easy answer, but the patient being the only one being asked to accept concessions isn't the answer.
  7. lsyorke

    Hospital Requiring Employees to take H1N1 Vaccine

    Not effective at all...the CDC has stated this. The N95 would be required and if anyone has attempted to wear an N95 for any length of time you KNOW how unreasonable it is to expect someone to wear it for 12 hours. This is pandering to the panic. How about we treat this flu like we treat any other flu? Instruct patients in handwashing, proper use of tissues etc.... instead of the "feel good", oh she has a mask on I don't have to worry. Unless everyone in the world wears a mask at all times this flu is going to spread. Basic precautions are the best defense. Not over the top fear mongering like having to wear a mask.
  8. lsyorke

    Hospital Requiring Employees to take H1N1 Vaccine

    This is a big point. If you're not going to require visitors show proof of immunization, then this is all a "for show" situation. Of all the nurse I know about 25% will take the h1n1 vaccine....can you imagine how many nurses would be running around with a mask on? Try explaining that to patients....that their nurse doesn't trust a new vaccine, yet they want the patients to get it.
  9. lsyorke

    Need Opinion on becoming a Wound Care Nurse...

    My wound care certification didn't get me any more compensation, but it was a requirement for my job. I work in a Wound Care Center. I don't know of anyone who made $15,000 more due to certification. I had to document at least 2 years of wound care experience, which in my case they accepted my 25 years of general nursing.
  10. lsyorke

    Rude Physician - Tips for Handling

    While there is no excuse for any doctor to berate a nurse, I would not have called the attending. The family wanted to talk to the surgeon, so I would have provided them the phone number of the surgeon. If a doctor is in on consult, especially a surgeon, then you address surgical questions towards that surgeon. The attending is not the one to answer surgical questions, and the "out of respect" thinking just doesn't make sense to me. I don't run every aspect of a patients care past the attending, unless the consultant is in conflict with what the attending has ordered, which was not the case here, since it was information seeking only. The attending called in the surgeon(and other consultants) for their expertise in that area, so surgical questions should have been addressed to him. I'm sorry he was rude.
  11. lsyorke

    Going Back To Housecalls

    We are starting to see more and more docs doing house calls. It's a good thing!
  12. lsyorke

    School !

    WCEI is the group giving the course for WCC, but the test is given by the NAWC®. So completion of the course and passing the NAWC test gives you the WCC certification.
  13. lsyorke

    School !

    You can also be specifically Wound Care certified through WCEI http://www.wcei.net/
  14. Good luck finding a preceptor. We're going to contact WCEI and see how we can help in our area.
  15. Have you taken the course yet? I believe that has to be done prior to the clinical. We were discussing this at work this week since we have 2 nurses(one being myself) who would qualify to be a preceptor. We're not sure if it's feasible in the fast paced center that we work at.
  16. lsyorke

    acetic acid anyone?

    Acetic acid is available premade from the pharmacy. I would not be mixing my own. It's a .25% solution. While it's use is a bit controversial, we've had great results in wounds that are colonized with pseudomonas. Found it...made by Baxter http://www.ecomm.baxter.com/ecatalog/browseCatalog.do?lid=10001&hid=10001&cid=10016&key=4c9308615c2d041e33ebac65d14b5b&pid=459140