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  1. zenman

    Beyond Bedside? Advanced Practice? Really?

    Because your body is shot after a few years of lifting patients, walking miles down long hallways, etc., etc.
  2. zenman

    I'm glad I have never rx'd xanax

    This is pretty much it. Maybe the shooter needed a higher dose, but I suspect meds are not responsible for the planning and carrying out of this deed.
  3. Get him to ask his buddies what life is like when you mess with a woman's dream.
  4. Call his wife and ask her if she has any suggestions for how he is treating you. Or if you start talking "hostile workplace" to management he may be gone fast.
  5. zenman

    Where do you work as an NP?

    I work for the Army cause there's nothing I like better than getting up early every morning and hoping I made the ISIS hit list.
  6. zenman

    Mid Level practitioner best for surgery.

    You can work in Kroger meat market and do all kinds of surgery. Don't have to worry about malpractice either.
  7. zenman

    Can Psych NPs wear suits to work?

    Your upscale client might be a different matter, but in my extensive career, 40 + years, I've never seen anyone wear a white coat on a psych unit. It's actually dangerous. Hope you don't also wear a tie.
  8. zenman

    Can Psych NPs wear suits to work?

    Common Access Card. Mine is used to get on post and access my computer
  9. zenman

    Can Psych NPs wear suits to work?

    Are you kidding me? Donald Trump wears a suit. Psych people, even those with an MBA like me would never think of wearing a suit. That's about as bad as wearing a white coat on an inpatient unit. I mostly wear camping pants with a button up shirt with...
  10. zenman

    Question about meds

    It's not so much trial and error as to which one to use as it is how will the patient and drug get along.
  11. zenman

    My I'm going to medical school

    You think he needs to take an IQ test first?
  12. As a former Level 1 trauma, nurse, helicopter flight nurse, ICU, etc., etc., I can say that psych beats them all. Opening the airway and stopping up leaking holes is nothing compared to the human psyche. Everyday is so interesting I can hardly stand ...
  13. I'll bet you don't have a max of 12 patients a day either which is what I'm busting $200k on
  14. I think you mean that you don't do therapy but I use E&M plus psychotherapy codes for billing which may explain why I bring in double my revenue goals. But then, I am ZENMAN!
  15. zenman

    NP school reputation

    Everything in bold is actually correct. Zenman, former Assistant professor and test question writer for several universities.