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    do you know enough about MI symptoms?

    If you had a pt with sudden CP lasting 3 hours(at the time of hospital visit), radiating to left arm, back and neck, and labs and EKG and chest xray were normal. pt rates pain 7/10, b/p 146/94 p 72-128 on monitor, Sp02 95-97 on 02 via NC, and resp, 24. Pain is not better with rest, nothing makes it better (or worse). Smoker, strong family hx of heart disease, (father died at age 47, mother, mother grandmother hypertension, paternal grandmother died of unknown cardiac disease) This is my s/s list from Friday nights ER trip, I will let you guys guess then will tell you the dx.

    Foley balloon, test or not to test

    Chiming in to say that once when I tested the balloon it WOULD NOT deflate, can you imagine the pain THAT would have been upon d/c? Anything can be defective, the safegaurds are put there for a reason.

    The Today Show

    I am tired and kind of lazy tongiht, so forgive me for not reading the whole thread, and if this has already been mentioned I'm sorry..... How in the world will being able to differentiate between staff decrease med errors????????????????? I don't care if you wear cutoff shorts and a tube top to work, how many of you have heard of a med error meing caused by an aide, or housekeeping? What a bunch of crap, another of the long list of reasons I am no longer practicing. Sorry, continue on.... I am all done griping now, and I feel a little better for venting that.

    Video cameras banned in L&D

    I am in the minority here in that I never minded the family video-taping or taking still shots, and would generally even try to give them an opportunity to get "posed" pics of baby in warmer, if everything was going fine. Other times during the actual birth of baby or during a resucitation I was generally explaining to mom and dad exactly what was happening, what we are doing about it, and why, for one reason saying the steps outloud helps ME remember them and talking to the parents instead of outloud to yourself just seems more professional/competent. I have never had a problem with a support person asking me to move out of the cameras way during a birth, and I would like to think this is because I have kept them informed at every step along the way. If I were a lawyer I would be questioning why no video exists, I would bring the parents into the court room and I would ask them what was said to them regarding video, I would review the policy, I would question EVERY hospital witness regarding this policy. After all if you are practicing competently, what do you have to hide, if you did nothing wrong why would you care if video exists? If you followed standard of care then the video should exonerate the doc, the nurse, and the hosp. right? If it were altered it could be proven, and the plaintiffs would be charged with tampering with evidence, and would lose their case.....that's what I would do if I was a lawyer.

    Need Common Phrases in Spanish

    Thank you, all the ones I only put in ( ) I KNEW I was mis-spelling, was just trying to get as close as possible to pronunciation as I could. I have a question about "Que hacer por ti" a husband of a former pt told me that and even worte it down for me, he was fluent in english but spanish was his first language, so is that slang or something? Here's a funny story, I had a completely non-english speaking pt and was trying to get her out of her room because a tornado was coming towards the hospital, I could NOT think of a word for "tornado" and finally got flustered enoguh to try using english LMAO. tornado=tornado

    Need Common Phrases in Spanish

    Que hacer por ti? what can i do for you? via con mio come with me orinar urine aqui (a key) here (con- TAR- say las ropas, pon-TAR-say las bata) take off your clothes, put on this robe el bano the bathroom ayudar help (beber) drink (comer) eat (yay-low) ice mi quero I want relaja e respiro relax and breath (sangray) blood also always remembre to say por favor- please I don't know how to write spanish and only speak very little so may wanna check some of these. lol a bunchof these are in the back of a tabers dictionary.

    Babies cut during c-sections?

    I know how she feels, I won't go into details but one of my laceration scars still twinges a bit now and then.

    Multiple shingles sites?

    Is it possible to have shingles in more than one area? For instance can you have the rash around your eye AND on your chest at the same time? I have never seen shingles first hand before and don't remember what they said in nursing school about this. I know it follows a nerve path and is unilateral, but havent been able to find the answer to this question anywhere.

    Babies cut during c-sections?

    OMG Dawngloves, that is horrible, I cannot imagine how bad that must have been for all involved.

    Babies cut during c-sections?

    I wasn't even THAT lucky, my epidural had ran out several hours before delivery and they wouldn't give me any more because "you will have to stay in recovery too long" and wouldn't give me lidocaine for the repair because " you aren't feeling pain it is just pressure, you had an epidural after all" hmmm ya, NO I felt every single needle stick thank you, and of course was too young and stupid to really stick up for myself, I was crying the nurse was crying it was really bad, the whole reason I did OB nursing, you can bet that I NEVER allowed that to happen to any of my pts., and I have seen forceps with good results and even small epis. but would still rather just have the c/s, I know it is major surgery but forceps are just so dangerous.

    Babies cut during c-sections?

    My son has a DENT in his head from the forceps, it is still there he is ten. I was 19 when i delivered him and remember pointing it out to the ped who said "oh it will most likely go away, and if it doesnt his hair will cover it" I was much more concerned with brain damage! He obviosly doesn't have any brain damage but his hair doesn't cover it either. And whoever said that forceps are barbaric is right, 3rd degree epis and SEVEN lacerations- was not a good birth experience, would have healed faster from a c-section I'm sure.

    Hospital Staff Charged With Killing Patients After Katrina

    I agree completely, if I cannot reasonably be evacuated, even to the extent that by evacuating me you put multiple others at greater risk, then please consider the risk vs. benefits and give me the morphine do not leave me there to face the unknown and suffering alone, and in those circumstances it will be plenty to tell me "I am going to give you something to make you comfortable" you dont have to tell me you are going to kill me as this would just scare me, although not nearly as much as being left alone to die would. Also to those of you talking abou thte number of deaths, please check out the link I posted on page 6 ( i think) of this thread and read that nurses story, she talks of 4 pts dieing in one night when the decision to stop manually bagging the vent pts was made, and about the water rationing ect. 1/2 cup per person per day...

    Hospital Staff Charged With Killing Patients After Katrina

    Just something I found that may be of interest, it is a journal from a nurse in NOLA during Katrina, there is some curse words in the responses, so beware, keep clicking "next" at top of page to finish story. http://auryn24.livejournal.com/298313.html

    Hospital Staff Charged With Killing Patients After Katrina

    This sickens me, to just imagine the horror of the entire situation, I pray I am never faced with such a choice. In my mind these medical professionals are heroes as are their patients, no differnet than millions of other americans who have died so others may live. The medical professionsls made a horrendous decision faced with a horrendous situation in order to save those who could be saved, mercifully leave those who couldn't and save themselves so that they might help others in need. The government should be ashamed of themselves for letting the situation get to a point where decisions like this had to be made in the Most Powerful Nation On Earth.

    Babies cut during c-sections?

    I have seen it happen once and like alot of others it was during a stat section, was also the only time I ever witnessed a prolapsed cord, and from prolapse in LR to delivery in OR it took a whole 7 minutes, and I believe that the rush to make sure the baby was born HEALTHY was worth the stitches to the scalp....

    Cord Prolapse

    The only one I have ever seen we put pt in knee chest to del rm. with sterile gloved hand holding presenting part off cord, we sort of threw some betadine somewhere near the abd. none of us even washed our hands let alone scrubbed, we did have gowns and gloves, and mom was given a healthy dose of abx on table. Oh and the res cut the babes head on the way in, did I mention that by a VERY unlucky set of circumstances the sterile hand was our attending, mom just happened to rupture just as he walked in the rm to check her. NOT an experience I would like to repeat, was at a hosp where LR were seperate from DR and from SROM in LR to birth in DR took a whooping total of 7 minutes and baby had PERFECT cord gases, but required 4 (if i remember right) sutures to the scalp.

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