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Hola Lilmamita,

I was inducted in March of this year. We also had a candlelight ceremony. There were speeches given by ptk's president and our chapter president. The certificates were handed out.......and then we ate. Like Sandy, I brought my 14 year old fell asleep! I haven't been very active since induction...It's funny...I can't participate in ptk events because of the very thing that got me in....studying! lol

Congratulations on your induction! :balloons:


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I didn't go to my induction. It was scheduled for an evening when I was in clinical. I also never atteneded a meeting, those where also scheduled for days that I was in clinical. :( I have my sash & tassel ready for the 19th though!!! :)


Peeps Mcarthur

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Fellow Phi Theta Kappians,

I just wanted to encourage you to keep this same attitude towards academics even though you have attained this high honor. There have been times this past year when I fell into exhaustion while trying to maintain my GPA to standard, but it is worth it. There are other honors awaiting you.

I joined Phi Theta Kappa last year and have received an invitation to have my biography in the National Dean's List in the mail just this past week. The list is for students in the top 1/2 of 1% of all college students.

If you are invited to join Phi Theta Kappa, I assure you, that is who you are as well.

Maintain that GPA!!!

It's what Phi Theta Kappa is about.

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My induction ceremony was very nice. We did have candlelighting and we were able to choose who pinned us. I chose my A&P I/II professor. She has truly touched my life in such a positive way.

Congratulations to each of you and welcome to PTK. Check out their website

All the best!


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Recieved my 5th invitation this semester...still did not join. I have state and federal grants that have paid my education and do not need a scholarship. Maybe it's a nice thing that I don't join because someone else CAN use the scholarship $$$ to fulfill their dreams and I ALWAYS need my $60 bucks! I'm sure wearing a gold sash is great...but hey...I didn't even attend graduation! I'm moving instead!:roll



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PTK will mean a lot down the road. Even after you are years out of school. My school does not have it.

It is an important credential to carry with you through out your career. Very well recognized and very highly valued.

If you have the chance to join do it. Though you may not yet know enough to be able to apreciate it, you will later, I promise.


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I agree! Many jobs give more money for PTK members and to have that in your portfolio also shows an employer that you are a hard worker with a drive for leadership and service.

Mnay companies will make a decision between you and someone else based on your membership with PTK.

It's worth it.

I about had to kill myself to get in hours with the PTK chapter I am in, but I'm glad I did it! Now I will have that with me forever!

Go for it!



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Induction ceremony was this evening. It was very nice. We had a candlelight processional and the president of the college spoke along with other guest speakers. We then marched across the stage to write our names in "the book" and said the phi theta kappa pledge. Afterwards, they held a reception in the faculty dining room. I enjoyed it. My chairperson of the nursing department who was also my med-surg professor was there. That was a nice surprise. I was like, "Hey, Professor!" (waving like an idiot) LOL. I wanted to make sure she knew I was there!

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