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NurseAngie specializes in Perinatal/neonatal.

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  1. NurseAngie

    Where do you float?

    I work in a women's and children's hospital, and we float to NICU, the high risk OB unit to care for the PP patients, GYN patients, and also to the main hospital to "sit" or tech.
  2. NurseAngie

    Please don't judge me and my daughter

    I really miss any point you're making because it's you making all the judgement. Nurses, like any one else, can not be all things to all people. Certainly you have "missed the mark" of meeting patient expectation at some point in your career, so I would expect you to be understanding and show some tolerance for others. It is not their job to engage YOU in distracting conversation. I have a really hard time believing they allowed a suicidal patient to go home. It sounds to me like the nurse's "cold" eyes were assessing eyes and you didn't like it one bit, although it is exactly what she is responsible for. I'm thinking a fake smile would have been totally inappropriate in this situation.
  3. NurseAngie

    Is this reasonable or just over the top?

    Would you mind clarifying what you mean by "indifference"? I don't want to assume your point. Thank you.
  4. I graduated from Trident Tech's LPN-ADN program while my husband was active duty stationed in Charleston in 2007 and had multiple job offers. It's a great place for a nursing career! I would recommend the ADN program over the LPN program if your goal is to become a RN so that you aren't jumping through hoops to get where you really want to be. YOU CAN DO IT!
  5. I told them I would do BOTH breast feeding and formula feeding during my admission to both L&D and the Postpartum units. I had a good experience doing this.
  6. NurseAngie

    Should I leave this racist town?

    I am sorry to this is happening to you. I had a very similar experience in Memphis (my hometown). I was one of three white nurses and the other two left within my first few weeks of employment, so I didn't know them well. I was really sad about the situation because I thought I really wanted to stay local because my family was close by. We ended up leaving Memphis for Middle Tennessee. I did keep documentation after a couple months and one incident that occurred with me was actually caught on video, so HR and management did take action and that offender was terminated. Strange thing is that I did not report it, but it was a co-worker (someone that I thought was friends with the offender) instead. I didn't want to be seen as a tattle-tale, but I really wish I had spoken up for myself in hindsight. Don't be afraid to do what is best for you.
  7. NurseAngie

    I Fear for the Future of Nursing

    True. I waited tables awhile and it feels very similar sometimes.
  8. NurseAngie

    I Fear for the Future of Nursing

    Hi Diana, I'd ask yourself what is it about nursing and health that interests you to make it your career. Don't be blinded by the images you've seen on TV as to what a nursing career is. Ask lots of specific questions so that you can learn what it is and what it can be. Do you handle stress well? I would encourage you to wait tables for six months while you are preparing yourself for further education because you will learn to multi-task and customer service skills. No joke. I encourage you to look into the current employment needs for both registered nurses and medical assistants in your community to get a glimpse of potential opportunities available. You can do this by reading one of the online job posting sites. Decide if you would rather work in a clinic/office setting or in a hospital, nursing home, corrections (jail/prison), school, etc...because some of those areas may have more opportunities available as a RN. Most of the clinics/offices here hire MA's or LPN's rather than RN's. The local school board hires LPN's and RN's for school nurse positions where I live. If your goal is to work in a hospital then RN is the best choice. I live in a large metropolitan area with a variety of health services available, so your options might be varied from what I describe if you don't live in such a place. Lastly, spend only what you can afford on your education. If you must borrow, then spend only what is necessary because the student loan debt will have to be paid back. You do not want to be saddled with high payments as you begin your professional life. If you default (don't pay them), you will lose your nursing license. So be smart with your time and your money no matter what career you choose. Best of luck to you!
  9. NurseAngie

    Why I am not Surprised by Joy Behar's Ignorant Comments

    Exactly. I avoid these type of "shows".
  10. NurseAngie

    Brian Short News

    I am incredibly saddened and my prayers are with all the loved ones.
  11. NurseAngie

    Question: Specialty pay for Labor & Delivery nursing?

    I received specialty pay when I worked L&D. Nursery also received specialty pay, but postpartum did not. I'm in Middle Tennessee. I am just starting at a hospital in the Nashville area in January and they do not offer specialty pay for mother/baby, but my hourly rate is significantly higher with my experience.
  12. I am very moved by your story and deeply respect you for your compassion. Thank you for sharing.
  13. NurseAngie

    Neonatal NP??

    Try applying for a position in the normal newborn nursery (NBN). Once you're in and have experience (my previous hospital required 6 months), then you may transition to NICU. Hope this helps!
  14. NurseAngie


    Can she try the RN program at the technical college? I'm from Memphis, but I haven't lived there in a long time. A lot of my friends went to UT back when they had a BSN program, but I believe that's a masters program now. I don't think the hospitals offer RN programs anymore, but I could be mistaken about that too. Good luck to your friend.
  15. NurseAngie

    Calling in sick??

    To the OP...I can relate...I have had to miss on several occasions because my toddler has been sick a lot too thanks to daycare. I'm so lucky to have a supervisor that is understanding and supportive. She cares for her elderly mother and is a mom herself, so she has never given me any grief over my call-outs. I am so grateful!
  16. NurseAngie

    What is your job?

    AND CORRECTIONS! I currently work at the county jail (and worked at a county jail in Virginia before moving here) and I really like it. I earn a fair wage ($690 wk. before taxes at 40 hrs. a week...you do the math) and the job is not difficult. I see people from various populations in this jail and I learn a lot. We have a terrific PA (as well as a F/T MD) and I just love learning from her. My co-workers are all nice, but it can be a like anywhere...we can get on eachother's nerves. Still...I know they'll be there if I need them and vice-versa. Some are really experienced nurses and they teach me a lot, especially since I'm in a LPN-ADN program too.