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USA987 has 20 years experience as a MSN, RN, NP and specializes in Behavioral Health.

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  1. USA987

    Why are FNP paid less than Psychiatric NP?

    I do think it is supply and demand at this time, HOWEVER, we are seeing a shift in this in my region. I go to a local brick and mortar, and my program alone has over 100 students enrolled in the PMHNP track--whether it be for a new MSN degree or a post-masters cert. I work for one of the largest healthcare systems in my state in an outpatient behavioral health clinic. I am graduating in 7 months and was just told by my employer that they presently have NO PMHNP positions open, so there may be a possibility that I will have to look elsewhere :(
  2. USA987

    2016 Salary thread

    1. Southeastern Wisconsin 2. 38.15/hr L&D RN 12 yrs experience 3. Mortgage $1300...utilities run $300-400/MO depending on the season
  3. USA987

    UWM nursing program

    I am not sure you would get accepted into Madison at all with a 2.8 gpa. It is extremely competitive...
  4. USA987

    Why Am I so confused!!

    What Horseshoe said. I work L&D and my exposure to babies is very limited once they are born!
  5. USA987

    Fastest & easiest RN-BSN program online?

    I am going to Boise State. Had to take statistics and the rest are nursing classes. It will take me 15 months total. Great communication with faculty and inexpensive.
  6. USA987

    lurker to member

    Welcome. I have been a chronic lurker for many moons. Great amount of expertise here! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
  7. USA987

    Stocked with supplies

    I work L&D and my biggest complaint is how our unit was not designed with efficiency in mind. We also are "LEAN" and have minimal supplies in the room so that our supply people have a better grasp on what supplies we actually have on hand. It is a total pain when I have to leave the room to find a simple band aid!
  8. USA987

    Bedadine for vaginal birth

    Just warm water and soap
  9. USA987

    Transition from med-surg to labor and delivery

    I stumbled upon mine pretty quickly. I will say our manager prefers hiring nurses with no L&D experience only if they have ER experience.
  10. USA987

    who hard is L&D

    Exactly what she said! I see a chiropractor regular because I would like to continue doing this for 20 more years. After the last two days with an average pt weight of 300 pounds, I feel like I have been hit by a truck! Best wishes!
  11. USA987

    Hospital OB/GYN Clinic Orientation HELP

    When I went to the office I felt like GYN was my biggest learning curve so I focused a lot there.
  12. USA987

    Mother-Baby to L&D

    Awesome! They are giving you a month in the classroom? That, too, is awesome. Welcome to the jungle. You will now have the honor and privledge of being there for your patients during some amazingly happy moments as well as the most profoundly sad moments. Take it all in and enjoy the ride.
  13. USA987

    I am a real nurse

    Are you hearing that you are not a real nurse from other nurses?? This baffles me. In 20 years as a LPN and RN I have worked psych, ICU, L&D, and as a Office nurse. And in every roll I was a "real nurse". I thought that is was RN stood for? LOL!
  14. USA987

    Do RNs get extra pay for working with students?

    I would like to preface this by saying I am the first nurse to volunteer to take students. I enjoy teaching HOWEVER, what you are naively failing to understand is that while your clinical group prances out the door at 1415....I will have to bust my a$$ to get caught up on charting and all the little minute tasks placed on me so that I can be out the door by 1930 and not get in trouble for overtime. It does take effort to explain things as we are generally doing several tasks at once. I guess I am not as efficient as you.
  15. USA987

    How did you know?

    I had no desire to go to L&D...went to ICU as a new grad. One year later ended up on L&D!
  16. USA987

    Milwaukee relocation: best hospitals

    What area do you want to work in?