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I received an invitation today to join Phi Theta Kappa & was wondering if anyone else is a member? We have a pizza party next month & at the end of Oct. we have our induction & reception. :) The only problem is that it falls on a night that I have clinical. I am just gonna pray that something happens & I get to attend the ceremony.



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LOL!!!!!! :) Ya know what? I'm off that night! I don't know what I was thinking! I must be more stressed that I thought!!!

Lisa :)


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I belong to Phi Theta Kappa, hadn't really done anything yet, but it's something to put on a resume or scholarship application. Congrats on the grades!!

i'm a member of PTK.

not very active though. who has time when you're in nursing school? :chuckle

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I'm embarrassed to say this, but I got an invitation for PTK a long time ago and still have not joined. I am trying to contact the people now to join as I realize it offers great things like scholarships, special stuff at graduation which I've been entitled to for a while! Oh one said I wasn't a slave to procrastination.



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lisa, congratulations!


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Thank you everyone :)



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Is Phi Thetta Kappa some kind of fraternity?


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Whisper, It's an honor society. :)



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Thank you


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I am also a member of PTK. We attend meetings when possible, because they do want us to maintain our GPA. We do a lot of volunteering as well. Congratulations!


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I'm also a PTK member and I joined for the chance at the scholarships as well as the push to maintain my GPA....that little push helps,lol. Congrats on your invite!

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