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Pre-nursing student, 43 years old, four children, headed for Baylor

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  1. Debbie5

    What did you think about Human A&P?

    Like many of you, I really enjoyed A&P I, however, it was a lot of material to learn and I did feel like I was cramming all the time. As a matter of fact, I am reviewing my notes and realize how much I have already forgotten. It seems to be coming back to me though. I especially want to get familiar with membrane potentials and action potentials. That seems to be the foundation for everything else. I took 14 hours and managed to make an A, so it can be done, but I wished I had been able to take one less class so I could have absorbed more.
  2. Debbie5

    Ok, those still waiting or doing prereqs

    I'm going at a snail's pace. I won't be starting until Fall 2004! I am doing A&P II, Govt. II, Humanities, and Statistics. 14 hours. I have four busy kids and can't do much more than that. I just hope I don't need a nurse before I become one.
  3. Debbie5

    Collin Co. Comm. College

    If you're anywhere near Eastfield, Dr. Knight is the best!
  4. Debbie5

    Please give me any tips in understanding muscles

    Our instructor has us using Medical Physiology by Guyton. It is very good. It explains how the muscles work very well. I'm sure you don't want to go out and buy another textbook but your library may have it. Chapters 6-8 are on the muscles.
  5. Debbie5

    Microbiology question

    This is kind of off the subject, but I was wondering how many unknowns you have in your micro. Our professor says we will have 15. I will be taking micro for the first time next year. When you are working with unknowns, what exactly are you trying to identify? Just wondering what I'm up against.
  6. Debbie5


    We just finished our "bone" test in lab. I think I did well. I had a little problem with some of the depressions and processes in the skull but I finally got it. One thing we did was to go to the college library and check out a box of bones. Our library has two full skeletons that can be checked out from the media area. We check out a study room so that we could spread all the bones out on the table. We also purchased a book by Frank Netter, MD called Atlas of Human Anatomy. The book costs about $65.00 but I will use it through the whole course. It has pictures of every bone, muscle, and all the systems. We did that for three days and it really helped. The only questions that I had trouble with were two that he hadn't told us anything about.
  7. Debbie5

    how many of you are mom's also

    Hi Farmmom, I am also a mother for four. 18, 16, 13, 12. It makes for a very lively household. I am 43 and am in my fourth year at community college. As you can see, it can take a while to get through. I am determined to make it. I am planning to transfer to a Bachelor degree nursing program in fall of 2004. I took a lot of remedial math and english classes and I also had to have a year of general biology before I could take my upper level A&P. I still need chemistry and microbiology, and a few other classes. I cannot take two sciences together. I need time to let it all sink in. If you are patient with yourself, you can make it. Your kids will be so proud of you. My kids are always asking me how I did on my tests. I can now help Julie with her Algebra and I sit with my kids in the evenings and we do homework together. It's great. Good luck.
  8. Debbie5

    advice on class scheduling

    Hi Jenny Have you had math and english? These are the classes we had to have before we could be accepted into the ADN program in Dallas; English, Algebra, A&P, Intro to Psych., Speech, Micro, and Developmental Psych. Speech and Dev. Psyc. could be taken during nursing however, it was recommended that we get everything out of the way so that we could focus only on the nursing classes. They also recommend Inro to Biology before taking the other sciences. Good luck!
  9. Debbie5

    Does anyone ever just want to quit???

    We must be diligent...this is a very hard route to take on, but in the end it will all be worth it. Many of us are in the same big boat, but the boat will never sink if we all pull together. As you can see by reading this thread, you are not the only one. Take it one day at a time. You'll make it!!
  10. Debbie5

    I'M excited:)

    Congratulations!!!! We are all so happy for you. It pays to perservere!
  11. Debbie5

    Phi Theta Kappa

    I am also a member of PTK. We attend meetings when possible, because they do want us to maintain our GPA. We do a lot of volunteering as well. Congratulations!
  12. Debbie5

    School and Housework!

    Hi LPN,Future RN I study in the Library or outside on the courtyard. I really get a lot done that way. If I accomplish my goals for the day, I can go home and clean and not feel like I need to study. Before school started, I made up a schedule of a typical week during the fall semester with study time blocked out, football games, soccer games, menu planning... I've done a fair job of sticking to it. Seems like if you have it on paper, it clears your mind.
  13. Debbie5

    School and Housework!

    It's a "woman" thing. I'm the same way. I feel like I can't study until everything is in place. I have to study at school... When I go home, everything comes to life! The dishes say " Oh, good! your home; we need washing." Although my washer and dryer are in the garage, I can hear them calling me. Yeah, we all struggle with it. You just have to remember, the housework will always be there. Years down the road, when you're a nurse, you won't even remember how bad the house was while you were in school and chances are no one else in the family will remember either.
  14. Debbie5

    easy way to remember those bones

    Our instructor says that some of the medical school libraries have full skeletons and told us that we could go on Saturdays and study. We have two med schools in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.
  15. Debbie5

    easy way to remember those bones

    Where do you get repo skeletons??
  16. Debbie5

    Anyone else struggling with a cruddy GPA??

    I would definitely check into the Fresh Start.

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