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I was invited to join, but declined because I didn't want to spend $35.00!!! :D I did keep the invitation though!



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Man I wish we had PTK up here..I work my butt off and there are no "scholarships" that we can get up here, I cant even get a government loan. There is a reaching for the stars scholarship offered by the government - but its based on financial need ie. how much my parents make, not how much I make. But ok enough of my rant.



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Nurse Angie,

Our fee is $60.00. I really want to wear that sash when I graduate though. :)



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I just got my invitation too (my 2nd letter from them) and I'm going to join. I've decided to join for resume purposes and for the purpose of my nursing school application. I know it doesn't officially count- but hey, it can't hurt!

Congrat's to you!!


p.s. My fee is $50-. Why the difference in fees? It's a national society isn't it? Hmmmm....


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Congrats to you too Marci! I think the fee we pay includes local, state & national fees. Maybe our local & state have different fees.

Good Luck :)



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Hey, all!

I just joined PTK last week after 4 or 5 invitations! I did it because my nursing instructor told me it would be wise to join. I am in a program that offers an ADN, and my instructor suggested that for scholarships for a BSN, PTK would be a good idea. I just hope I have time to do anything with them!

Our fee here in Georgia was $50.00:eek:


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I just joined PTK last week also, after 2 invitations. My nursing instructors also advised me to it, for scholarships and such. Our fee here was $55. Oh well, it is good to use on a resume, and it is a great motivator for keeping up the grades. I also am participating as a "non-active" member - or whatever they call it when you can't attend all the meetings and functions when you are too busy!

Congrats to all!


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I know this thread is old, but I just received an invite also! Orientation meeting is next month and at that time they will let us know about applications and fees.

What happens if you drop slightly below 3.5?


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In the literature I read you had to keep a 3.0 to stay in.......if you drop below then you get a probationary 6 month period to bring it back up before you get the boot........what I was told at my school anyway.....good luck


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PTK paid for my tuition...and I wore the gold sash at graduation!


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ah..clarification on that post about PTK and paying my tuition......

The Dean of the college approached me about responding to the invitation I received from PTK. He advised me to join..which I did..then the Nettie Pate Award was granted ....WHICH paid my tuition!

Peeps Mcarthur

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Hello fellow Phi Theta Kapians......:chuckle

The guy that heads our chapter is hard as hell to get ahold of. To my knowledge there is no such thing as a reception for the new members,and until I received my invitation to join I didn't even know we had anything like that on campus. The lack of visibility makes me think the society won't be very active here at my school. I really wanted it for the scholarship money,but there is no scholarship money until I transfer to the 4 year college. The scholarships are only offering tuition,no books or other expendatures...................we all know how pricey that is at the community college level,just imagine a textbook at a 4 year college:eek:

Rules for my chapter................must maintain 3.5 GPA..........lifetime membership fee $55..........don't know if it was worth it yet,but I'll never get the chance again. My father is 76 y/o and I don't think he ever thought he would live to see the day that one of his children was in an honor society. I'm going to get him one of those nice membership certificates so he can put it over his desk and gloat.

It will make up for all the report cards that I had to hide.:kiss

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