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  1. missionnurse

    Need Help: looking for online training

    We are looking for something general to use as training for all levels of nurses in a 200+ bed hospital, a nursing home, and multiple outlying clinics.
  2. missionnurse

    Need Help: looking for online training

    I'm looking for online, CD, DVD training on pathophysiology to use for our nursing staff. Anyone know of a good resource? Thanks!
  3. missionnurse

    Gerontology Resources

    Hi, all. Looking for learning resources on basic gerontology nursing skills to use with our staff in long term care. Any ideas? thanks!
  4. missionnurse

    Education Resources

    Hi, I'm looking for dvd, video clips online, books, etc of basic nursing care concepts for LTC to use with staff in our LTC facility. Any ideas?
  5. missionnurse

    Pre-Employment Test

    I am creating a new set of pre-employment tests for RNs & LPNs and also for CNAs. What types of questions do y'all use for the pre-employment testing? Do you just administer a math test, or do you include basic skills as well. I would appreciate any resources you use as well as any advice! Thanks!
  6. missionnurse

    Falling through the cracks...

    Why is it that every department seems to have great intentions about orienting new staff members, but those intentions seem to float away in the wind? In our department, we start off in "orientation" but we are so overworked and understaffed that the orientee ends up doing half the work while the orienter does the other half. So much for a good orientation!!! I love to precept others, but we are not given the chance because we are so busy with so few staff members!!!! What falls through the cracks in you departments orientation? What could be better? Just want to hear what other people think....am I the only one who is frustrated?
  7. missionnurse

    new nurse needs your help please!!!!!!!

    I agree with DukeNurse. Find out what the floor is like. What the pt population is. What the ratios are. How many ancillary staff members they have. One of the best pieces of advice I ever received is to remember that when you interview for a job you are there to interview them just as much as they are interviewing you! Ask EVERY question you can think of! Then you may find your choice is a lot easier. Also remember that if you start on one floor and find you don't like it....there are thousands of other nursing areas to work in. You are NOT stuck! Just go for it! You'll do just fine.
  8. missionnurse

    What do you want from orientation?

    Hey, y'all! I need your help. I'm creating a new orientation program for the ER where I work, and I want to get input from people about what needs to be included. So, tell me what you want from orientation. What things do you think need to be included? What always falls through the cracks? Thanks!
  9. missionnurse

    Orientation priorities

    Im currently creating a new orientation program for our ER, and I'd love to hear what y'all think are priorities for new ER employees. What are some things a person must know before being released from orientation? This is for RNs, CNAs, and Clerks... Thanks!
  10. missionnurse

    Help! Need orientation ideas

    Im currently creating a new orientation program for our ER, and I would love to hear any ideas on what y'all think are priorities for orienting RNs, PCAs, and clerks! Thanks
  11. missionnurse

    Need Web links

    Hey, y'all! I'm working on my BSN and my assingment this week involes using the web. Would y'all post some website you use to find info on current nursing legal and ethical issues? Thanks
  12. missionnurse

    Discharge orders you'd LIKE to write!!!

    OMG!! That is so funny! I wish we could use that one!!!
  13. missionnurse

    REST BREAKS for Nurses in The ER

    I agree! In our ER, the smokers seem to get breaks all the time--no matter how insane a night it is! Those very nights are the ones in which I might not even go to the restroom for the first 8-9 hours of my 12 hour shift! Frustrating!
  14. At 3:30am the other night, I triaged a beautiful, smiling, chunky baby girl. Parents complaint? The baby got upset about something. She cried really really hard--until her face got bright red, and her eyelids even got red. So they rushed her right to the ER!
  15. missionnurse

    Charting by Exception = Redundancy

    Vent away, Littlewonder! I hear you and I totally agree!!!