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Pet Peeve


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ok, i know this sounds really dumb, but it's a pet peeve and it's been driving me crazy all day. this morning a teacher looked at me and said "oh, what a cute smock!" :uhoh3: i hate that word! smock! what a stupid word!!!! it just gives me visions of a daycare teacher wearing one of those pull over the head with ties on the side craft aprons. i think i'll wear jeans tomorrow. :cool:

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I must admit, I have been debating on giving up the scrubs and going for a "dress" look. I'm just too cheap to buy a whole new wardrobe. At times, I feel like I am looked upon differently because I wear scrubs.

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ya know i had a pet peeve once... but it ran away...

anyhow - i alternate between "people clothes" and scrubs - keeps everyone on their toes...

I have fully embraced my scrubs. I used to wear human clothes all the time, until a child projectile vomited all over my pants!

Call them smocks, scrubs, uniforms, or call them whatever you want. I call them SMART! lol

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I wore dress cas my first year, and had trouble with the littlest ones not believing I was really the nurse, LOL! Now I do pedi friendly print scrub tops, then jeans and school tee or polo on Fridays. I also don't like the term "smock", but have only heard it used once or twice. It reminds me of those plastic aprons they use in art class!

I am thinking of investing in a nice white lab coat with embroidery, mainly to use for meetings and whatnot. I figure it looks a little more professional than my Eeyore scrubs when I am meeting with parents, administrators, etc.


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I wear scrubs because I sub at different schools and it's just easier for people to recognize me as the nurse, or so I thought, until yesterday when a staff member thought I was a school cook! Hello!!


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I alternate also. Depends on how I'm feeling that day!

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I wear scrubs because I sub at different schools and it's just easier for people to recognize me as the nurse, or so I thought, until yesterday when a staff member thought I was a school cook! Hello!!

This! My cafeteria workers (who are wonderful and do a great job, so I am not hating on them), wear scrubs and it annoys the heck out of me. They all wear matching print or solids, so usually I am wearing something different. Once or twice our prints have been similar. Last year they wore white scrubs and that really annoyed me...not that I want to wear white or anything, but the strong association with nursing makes me want to "own" that!

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i wear casual slacks and a blouse. then cover it all in a colorful lab jacket aka "smock" ! i have had it called that too ! :lol2: i love what i wear and most everyone know's i'm the nurse.



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i love wearing scrubs!! I am a jeans and t-shirts kinda gal so the more comfy i can be at work the better!! :)


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Here in my school we have a nurse uniform for four days and casual dress every Friday. I wish I could wear scrubs to work but I can't because the house helpers who's taking the kids to school are wearing them. I miss wearing scrubs and white uniform! :redbeathe Actually I like wearing my uniform because it's comfortable, i don't need to think about what to wear, my normal clothes last longer, it's free (the school pays for it), and it makes me distinct. :nurse: *

I have never worn scrubs in the school setting. I do have lab coats, "smocks" (sorry!!), and cover shirts hung on a hook if that day brings a dirty procedure.

"slacks and a blouse. " Ditto and leather flats. I tried to always have a sport coat / blazer in case I interviewed a parent, had an IEP or committee meeting, or there were guests. I was glad I had it with me the day the superintendent stopped by for a surprise visit. Big nametag with name, title and credentials - teachers constantly saying to me, "I did not know nurses could get master's degrees?" ???!!!???

Even when I worked acute care, I found I was treated better by coworkers and families if I was in street clothes. The kids don't care what you wear.

I don't like jeans in schools, I don't like teachers or staff wearing jeans either and even on casual days, I would wear school colors, but not jeans. I think work is worth dressing for, and it shows that you respect the kids and it teaches them that jeans are not OK for many occasions. What other kinds of workers are allowed to wear jeans to work? Are they more or less respected than teachers or nurses? Usually less respected, so believe we should dress for the respect we want to get. Nurses' authority is diminished in school as it is, and as a middle aged woman, I don't want what I am wearing to further diminish or undermine others' confidence in my credentials, knowledge or authority.

In our area a few years ago, there was a revelation that a pedophile music teacher had been abusing kids for years, and the casual Friday the media showed up, the portly principal was wearing a college sweatshirt and shorts - not the impression you want to give in a crisis situation - I vowed to never go to school dressed in anything I did not want to be seen in on the evening news.

New Hampshire school board passes dress code for teachers

Manchester school committee has voted to enact a dress code for teachers that bans jeans, shorts, flip-flops and some sneakers... bans 15 clothing items, including some T-shirts, Spandex and short skirts.

New Hampshire school board passes dress code for teachers


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It's "casual" Friday here and I'm wearing a tshirt, blue jean capris, and sandals...we are having our game day this afternoon and the staff who are playing are wearing shorts and t-shirts (I'm playing volleyball). I vary between scrubs and regular clothes. I see no difference in the level of respect I recieve based on my clothing. The kids know who I am and they respect me either way. The same goes for the staff.


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I never thought it was a possibility to wear scrubs, crazy as that sounds. We do not have a dress code at my school district, but I try to dress up a bit. Scrubs would be so much cheaper and more comfy. I might have to try that next year!! :o)


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Hi there..just my 2 cents..

We are allowed to wear anything we want as long as it isn't jeans. I am cool with that. I like to dress up. I take great pride in being well put together on the job. I do work in a fairly affluent school district so maybe that is another reason why I dress up..but I get a lot of respect from the kids. I do wear a lab coat when I am doing screenings or going to a meeting. The lab coat just singles me out as the nurse. I don't like to wear it in the clinic because I have found that the kids don't open up to me as easily and the young ones appear a little nervous at first. (i work in K-3 and a pre school)




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I'm seriously considering not wearing scrubs next year since I'll be at the same school all year. I love the convience and comfort of just throwing something on each morning and getting to wear my tennis shoes but I feel so unprofessional and sloppy. I think the kids could care less what I wear and since the cooks wear scrubs I don't stand out as the nurse as much as I thought. Also, I hate shopping in my scrubs so it will be nice to be able to stop somewhere on the way home from work and not feel like everyone is starring at me. I think it's just a personal preference because I know that most teachers I've talked to don't think nurse's look unprofessional for wearing scrubs and almost everyone in general I've talked to said if they could they would wear the scrubs and think I'm crazy for giving them up. I also don't look down on any of the other school nurses in our district that wear them at all and even tried it because I thought they looked fine and it would be comfortable but I just hate the way I personally feel in them.