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luvschoolnursing has 23 years experience as a LPN and specializes in School Nursing.

Married, 2 teenage children

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  1. luvschoolnursing

    I pulled this out of my head!!!! LOL

    I like the ones that use the human lice shampoo on all the pets to make sure they get rid of the lice in the house. I try educating them that human lice does not live on animals, but often they are so freaked out, they treat everything but the fish! Poor kitty!
  2. luvschoolnursing

    from acute care to school nursing

    :grpwlcm:You will learn a lot here. I know I do. Also, since school nursing cam be a bit isolated, you make "friends" here that are not from an education background. We bring something unique to the education setting. Enjoy your new job!
  3. luvschoolnursing

    $12.81 an hour - RN School Nurse

    Unfortunately, schools want to save money anywhere they can. If they can fill the position for $12.81/hr, they will. I worked as an assistant nurse before I got hired as a Certified School Nurse in my school-I made 15/hr-the position required an RN. Summers were hard with no pay, so was Christmas break. It's not fair, but like I said as long as they can get people to do it, mostly young moms or retired nurses, they will.
  4. luvschoolnursing

    Hello my name is.......and I am OBESE

    Type 2 diabetic food lover here. For the past 2 weeks I have been following the South Beach diet. First time I have not been hungry. My only complaint is there is so much food preparation and cooking involved. I hope I can stick with this as it is truly a lifestyle change I need, not just a diet. I have probably lost 1,000 pounds over the last 25 years, 25-50 at a time, regaining that and then some each time. Good luck to all of you who are fighting the fight.
  5. luvschoolnursing

    It waits 'til the last day!

    The seizure could have been a vaso-vagal sort of thing from being freaked about her wrist but anytime someone has seizure activity that has never had it before, they should be checked out by a doctor.
  6. luvschoolnursing

    Help with Health Fair!

    Wow! When we did ours, all the presenters came for free. We had people come from the local hospital, the local pharmacy, a chiropractor, Highmark insurance, we had the elementary kids make "wellness" posters that the community could vote on. Pretty much the only money we spent was on posters for advertising, water/snacks for the presenters and extra custodial duties for the building we did it in. Maybe you could work off of that.
  7. luvschoolnursing


    Do you have end of year reports for you state? I do those. I also make copies of anything that can start me off better for the next year. Clean out drawers and closets, defrost and scrub the fridge, take down the decorations. Make a list of 504 plans. Organize the health records that came from the middle school and double check all those immunizations. We have 6 days after the students this year because of all the days that had to be made up from the snowstorm. They let the kids get out on time and moved all our inservice days till the end of the year. Really not sure what I am going to do for 6 days. I will have a good book for sure!
  8. luvschoolnursing

    Do you enjoy being a school nurse?

    I have to say, when I walked away from med-surg, I never looked back. School nursing is different from hospital nursing in so many ways, I feel like I switched careers. So much more of a relational component than in the hospital because you follow these kids and their families for years. It was difficult realizing that I was a nurse in an educational setting and find my place and respect there, but the teachers in my building are for the most part great and respect me. You will see postings of mine on here where I whine and complain, because this is a great place to do that. For the most part, though, it is the best job I have ever had. I must say with 1,000 students I do have down time but not enough to get bored. Then again, I have never been an adrenaline junkie.
  9. luvschoolnursing

    How to approach the "stinky kid" encounter?

    When I worked in elementary, I would often go and speak to the entire 5th grade class. I wold talk about how their bodies are changing (not "the talk" just a stinky talk) and that they now needed to shower daily and wear deodorant. The ones we had the biggest problems with are the ones whose parents had poor hygiene, the others caught on and cleaned up their act. It was easier for me to address an entire group than single out one child.
  10. luvschoolnursing

    Have you ever noticed ??

    "My teacher said if I wanted to sleep, I couldn't do it in class I had to come down here." Uh, no, you have to do it at night, not at all in school especially since I saw you in town last night looking just fine.
  11. luvschoolnursing

    Meds that you give most often

    Don't forget insulin.
  12. luvschoolnursing

    Should I be a HighSchool SN ?

    I am in high school and have TONS of FF's, so don't count that out, you will see a lot of repeaters. I also see some kids every day not because they have c/o illness but because I am a "cheerleader" of sorts encouraging them with grades or family issues. I am 45, so I don't have the young, attractive issue anymore.:lol2:I look more like their mothers, but we have many young teachers who are able to control a classroom and find a boundry between being an authority figure who is respected and being viewed as their peer/friend. I would advise you to seek out younger teachers if you have problems with this, but I would not let it stop you from going for a job you want. Also, being close in age can have its' advantages because you have more recently "been there, done that."
  13. luvschoolnursing

    Ahh, yes, Field Day...

    Makes me glad I work in High School instead of Elementary. Hang in there-you'll make it till summer!
  14. :aln:Stuck that little icon there because that is how you feel sometimes. All the advice the above poster gave you is great. Two years away really isn't that long, and you will probably do fine, but you will need to network with other nurses, take any classes that are offered, etc. If you have other nurses in your district, learn all you can from them. If you get involved with other school nurses, they wil lbe great resources. Enjoy!
  15. luvschoolnursing

    Statistics!!!!! One decision away......RN

    If you are planning on getting your BSN, you might as well get it over with . I am terrible at math and it was by far the hardest course I took. I was known to leave the class, go to the bathroom, cry, wash my face and return. It was TERRIBLE for me. That being said, it was temporary, I survived. It was the only "B" I got in my BSN course, but with the help of family, friends and strangers, I made it through. You can too. I still don't understand the purpose of the course, since it does not apply to nursing, but there you go. Just get it over with and you won't have it looming over you.
  16. luvschoolnursing

    What copier do you use?

    Just curious, if you do buy your own copier, will your school district's tech people provide support if there is a problem you can't fix?