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  1. ? re: performance assessments at WGU..

    What a relief! You just eased my mind tremendously!Thanks a million!
  2. ? re: performance assessments at WGU..

    Thank you, Klone. When you say, "you take as long as you need to complete it," does this mean you can work on the assessment for days or even weeks?
  3. I haven't started my first course yet. I just completed the beginning steps of applying, taking the readiness exam and sending in my transcripts.I am worried about the performance assessments. How is this set up? Are these research papers? Are you gi...
  4. insulin pump

    I would never withhold a snack. If the student has an elevated bs & wants a snack, they simply the high blood sugar & carbs by entering it into the pump. What kind of snack does the student have? I've found snacks that are high in protein (pe...
  5. Bed bugs

    Don't know which state you live in, but here is some helpful information...
  6. do I tell the other school's nurse?

    Ahhh. I apologize. I forgot what the original post even was & had to reread it! I thought this was a family that transferred to a new district & you wanted to tip-off the other nurse. I was wrong. I think I got 2 topics mixed up. Sorry!
  7. do I tell the other school's nurse?

    And you KNOW that these transferred students actually EXPOSED these students by their mere presence in the other school building? Really? Be careful here.
  8. Legal question

    No way. No how.
  9. School wide medical lists

    We do the same as schooldistrictnurse, except a different program.
  10. Communication PLEASSEEE!

    Do we work at the same school???
  11. do I tell the other school's nurse?

  12. do I tell the other school's nurse?

    Perhaps instead of 'rechecking those kids' she should 'recheck' her schools policy. No-nit policies are so antiquated & not at all in line with the current standard of practice.
  13. Were you a "sub" before getting full time?

    Yes. For a neighboring district. Experience counts!
  14. What do you wear to work?

  15. where to begin?

    Yes. Apply in each district. Accept a sub position while you wait for a permanent position to open up. Good luck!