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rdsxfnrn has 10 years experience.

I was a grandma before I became a nurse! I went directly from nsg school to school nsg. I would not suggest doing that.. I have a ton of respect for the man that had faith in me :)

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  1. rdsxfnrn

    Huge disaster

    So the count was correct when you got there, then when you left you did not count then a whole card of narcs turned up missing? See above^^ and you can also go and get an independent tox screen. Best wishes
  2. rdsxfnrn

    Huge disaster

    When you counted with the off-going nurse was the card there? Did the medtech pour meds in the dining room and you passed them? Big no no if so. How did they "find" narc sign out sheets in the shredder? Is that not the purpose of the shredder? There is so much going on here, hard to help you.
  3. rdsxfnrn


    Hello Does anyone work here? Does anyone have any info regarding this job such as length of contracts, the job itself, and the training exit exam...... Any info would be appreciated. TIA
  4. rdsxfnrn

    What would you have done?

    So, this is the scenario: staff at camp was warming up for dance class, said he stretched his arms up too far, and heard a crack in his back, then suffering horrible back pain. When I got to him, he was laying on the floor on his stomach, an ice pack on his back. He could move all extremities, but when moving his arms, it makes the pain worse. Would you have: 1. Have other staff members hoist him up and help him walk to car to go to ER OR 2. Call 911 I called 911. Other staff think I am nuts. : )
  5. rdsxfnrn

    Summer jobs?

    Summer day camp or residential camp. Last summer I worked at a camp that cost ~ 400.oo a week to attend. I got to bring my dgd for FREE and they fed us for FREE everyday. And they paid me good money! It was awesome spending that time with her. She would pop into my office now and then, or I could go watch her do whatever she was doing. They had a zipline, a climbing tower, an inground pool, a pond, a water trampoline, etc. It was awesome. I am hoping to go back next summer! : )
  6. rdsxfnrn

    Yale New Haven Hospital Job

    If you got an offer from any hospital in CT, good for you! It is taking some people years to find a job here. 30 ish is the average, I believe. It should be doable but the cost of living is extremely high! Also, Yale University offers a grad program if I am not mistaken. (I think I looked at the site recently) Good Luck!
  7. rdsxfnrn

    What did you get for nurses week?

    I got fired!
  8. rdsxfnrn

    Weather Policy

    I am in the NE and I have the luxury at this time of being a school nurse. When the weather is bad, and school is closed, I stay home. However, it is not my call. If school is open, I go in. I hop in my car and I drive very slowly and that is that. In the past, I have worked in a group home (not as a nurse) where I have stayed over, came in early, stayed late, many times due to the weather. You do what is expected of you, that is all. : )
  9. rdsxfnrn

    I Just Need To Vent A Bit... Or A Lot.

    I feel your pain, I am CT also and it is very difficult to get a nsg job. (09) I was at the point that I wanted to just put on my scrubs, go into a hospital and start working without being hired! I would never do that but that showed how I felt at the time. I found my current job on cr******st. School nurse, love it! Good luck with your journey! Oh and btw, some of my class got jobs at St Fran by networking with each other. IE, one person got a job there and then recommended a friend and so on. Not me tho. : (
  10. rdsxfnrn

    How Do people find School Nurse positions?

    Craig's List : )
  11. rdsxfnrn

    New School Nurse: Forgot a medication yesterday

    I set the alarm clock on my phone for every med I need to give. It is very annoying. : )
  12. rdsxfnrn

    Stress, students and stomach aches - a minor rant

    Shame on that teacher! WTH is wrong with her, trying to place blame like that? There is no way you could have known.............. trust me, someone I am very close to and talk to on a daily basis tried this recently. I didn't have clue. So, yeah, no way..........................
  13. rdsxfnrn


    We are not allowed to celebrate or dress up. The students can have a party but it is called an autumn celebration. I am unsure why this is. I am in a major city, low income charter school in CT.
  14. rdsxfnrn

    Families Needing Assistance

    This is dishonest, I know, but it is the first thing that popped into my head. Hold a "raffle" that they "win". (giftcards to local stores) OR mail giftcards to home address anonymously. Can't refuse something ifthey dont know where it came from. :) I realize you would like them to partake of the goods you have available, but might not be possible in this case. Might have to get creative.
  15. rdsxfnrn

    Just Soap and Water

    In the health room here, no stock OTC meds. All meds must have doc orders and parental permission.(parent must provide) It makes things a lot easier, due to the fact that diagnosing ANYTHING is out of my scope of practice. I did not set this up, it was this way when I got here. On year 4 now, and I totally agree.
  16. If I am not mistaken, Cheney Tech in Manchester offers a LPN program. I believe it is taught at the Asnuntuck CC in Enfield. Also one in Hartford, Lincoln Tech maybe....... Whatever you do do not go to Stone Academy unless you would like to pay a million dollars for your degree.