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rdsxfnrn has 10 years experience.

I was a grandma before I became a nurse! I went directly from nsg school to school nsg. I would not suggest doing that.. I have a ton of respect for the man that had faith in me :)

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  1. How do I transfer non ambulatory pt from WC

    There should be orders in place from PT so you can safely transfer this patient. Generally a hoyer lift is used and should not be used alone. Who does your supervisor think is going to help you?
  2. Huge disaster

    So the count was correct when you got there, then when you left you did not count then a whole card of narcs turned up missing? See above^^ and you can also go and get an independent tox screen. Best wishes
  3. Huge disaster

    When you counted with the off-going nurse was the card there? Did the medtech pour meds in the dining room and you passed them? Big no no if so. How did they "find" narc sign out sheets in the shredder? Is that not the purpose of the shredder? There ...
  4. A really stupid incident

    Methadone is a controlled substance. Not sure what state you are in but in CT controlled substances must be wasted with two registered nurses. So now you have a "missing" dose of a controlled substance. This is very much frowned upon. No, your patien...
  5. withholding medications ethical dilemma

    Because you were assigned as a sitter, so you did "not need to know". You did not have any medical reason to be in her chart as you were not assigned to care for any of her medical needs. If you truly are in nursing school the fact that you do not kn...
  6. Tattoos in the workplace

    All of my tattoos can be covered by short sleeved scrubs. I did that for a reason and your current issue is the reason! Find out your official hospital policy and go with that. I do not think she can override that, can she?
  7. Vivitrol Injection Site

    Upper outer glut. The med comes with very specific guidelines in the box.
  8. Residential camp in CT needs RN

    This is an overnight camp for females only. Eight weeks. If interested please PM and I will give you the contact number.
  9. Commute time to hospital job

    One hour or more back and forth, M-F. Yes, it is worth it to me.
  10. Vivitrol shots: Troubleshooting

    Yes, I have had this issue.This med is very very thick. Make sure it is well mixed before you draw it up, then you have to inject very slowly.
  11. Am I overthinking this?

    I was orienting there. Red flags all over. I agonized over it for 2 days and realized there was NO WAY I wanted to work under those conditions, so I let them know that. Feel so much better. : )
  12. Am I overthinking this?

    That is what the DON told me today when I brought up some concerns via TC. Some background: RN 7 years, 5 in school nsg, 2 temping. No med surg background Position available to me: SNF 30 pts, all of them have a certain disease in common, plus a lot ...
  13. Inovalon

    Hello Does anyone work here? Does anyone have any info regarding this job such as length of contracts, the job itself, and the training exit exam...... Any info would be appreciated. TIA
  14. What would you have done?

    So, this is the scenario: staff at camp was warming up for dance class, said he stretched his arms up too far, and heard a crack in his back, then suffering horrible back pain. When I got to him, he was laying on the floor on his stomach, an ice pack...
  15. school nurse resources

    usda dot gov- They will send you free boxes and boxes of health/food/gardening related items. Books, posters, charts etc. It was like Christmas!