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  1. luvmykidz

    Pet Peeve

    I'm seriously considering not wearing scrubs next year since I'll be at the same school all year. I love the convience and comfort of just throwing something on each morning and getting to wear my tennis shoes but I feel so unprofessional and sloppy. I think the kids could care less what I wear and since the cooks wear scrubs I don't stand out as the nurse as much as I thought. Also, I hate shopping in my scrubs so it will be nice to be able to stop somewhere on the way home from work and not feel like everyone is starring at me. I think it's just a personal preference because I know that most teachers I've talked to don't think nurse's look unprofessional for wearing scrubs and almost everyone in general I've talked to said if they could they would wear the scrubs and think I'm crazy for giving them up. I also don't look down on any of the other school nurses in our district that wear them at all and even tried it because I thought they looked fine and it would be comfortable but I just hate the way I personally feel in them.
  2. luvmykidz

    Frequent flyers

    That's very interesting and a good idea. I think there is an underlying reason why any kid is a frequent flyer and sometimes you can help fix it but not always. I had a girl that came in every day for a week with a stomachache after lunch that had never seen me before so I referred her to the dr and they found out she had diabetes. I had another student in all the time and it turns out she was being bullied by her teenage brother. A lot of the time I think it's that they just don't get enough attention or nuturing at home. Sometimes they are just spoiled. It's hard to find the time to investigate these things when you have so many students needing so many things all the time. Sometimes you just have a gut feeling whether it's something important or not. I was a frequent flyer when I was in grade school and grew up to work with the nurse that remembered me well. I think it was because I was facinated with her office, loved the attention, and I did have a lot of emotional upheavel in my life growing up (due to divorces, alcoholism, emotional abuse, and other things I'd rather not mention) that I seriously could've used a counselor for but just seeing this smiling, caring face that remained calm all the time made me feel instantly better. Maybe that's why I ended up as a school nurse! I think it's important to rule out anything serious before you tell teachers and parents their kids are in too much.
  3. luvmykidz

    Frequent flyers

    I think that 20 is definately a lot! Any more than 10 I would be questioning why they are in so much. In the first couple months of school if I start seeing a student quite a lot and think they are just wanting to get out of class I will send the parents a note that I'm concerned about their child since they've been into the nurse's office so much lately feeling bad that maybe they should be checked by their family doctor. Then I will stress the importance of not missing class time if there is nothing really wrong. That usually takes care of it. I also let the teachers know which ones are coming in all the time and there are always those that understand and will nip it but others will say I don't want to take the risk of there really being something wrong and send them anyway.
  4. luvmykidz


    Congratulations! I think it's so great you're following your heart and doing what makes you happy. As far as nights go, some people love them and some hate them. You won't know until you try. If you do find they aren't for you at least you'll have your foot in the door when something else opens up. I think it's a great schedule if you can handle it.
  5. luvmykidz

    A totally different career path please

    Your post reminded me so much of myself years ago when I was a new grad on med-surg. I thought the same exact thing and felt the same exact way. All of the newly hired nurses in my group felt the same way too and we talked how this was nothing like we thought it would be. I considered med-surg like a boot camp-if it didn't kill me it would make me stronger. I hated it though and after three months went part-time and tried home health. Didn't love home health either and once I had my required six months in I transferred to a different floor (OB) and loved it. Then I eventually went on to do school nursing which I'm still doing. Don't give up so soon. The great thing about nursing is the flexibility and wide range of areas in which to practice but sometimes to get there you have to pay your dues and get some experience. Schools are always looking for nurse subs so you could try that and see if you like it. Good luck but don't give up so quickly!
  6. luvmykidz


    I know several nurses, myself included, that struggled with the transition from hospital nursing to school nursing. It's not as face-paced but it's also less stress (most of the time or at least a different kind of stress). You don't have other nurses working directly with you giving you help and support but you also don't have dr's or supervisors breathing down your neck. You don't get as much pay but you have more time off. What was it about the hospital you didn't like that made you apply for the school nurse job? You now have been on both sides of the fence so you can decide what trade-offs you're willing to live with. The link above had great ideas on keeping busy. A school is just a much slower-paced environment all together than a hospital. If you really aren't sure, why don't you wait until summer and then go back to the hospital (part or full-time) when you're off from school nursing and see if it's as great as you remember. If it is, you have your answer and if it's not then you'll appreciate what you do have more. Good luck!
  7. luvmykidz

    Pet Peeve

    I wear scrubs because I sub at different schools and it's just easier for people to recognize me as the nurse, or so I thought, until yesterday when a staff member thought I was a school cook! Hello!!
  8. luvmykidz

    Anyone work at St. Joseph's Hospital in Parkersburg?

    No-I graduated from Marshall.
  9. luvmykidz

    School nurse and pregnancy

    I was a school nurse through two of my pregnancies and was exposed to Fifth Disease several times and never got it. I became a stay at home mom after my second baby was born and three years later when I became pregnant again I somehow contracted Fifth Disease and then passed it onto my other two young children. It was the first case of Fifth Disease during pregnancy my OB had ever seen. Everything turned out fine but my point is you can be exposed to stuff no matter where you work or are so you might as well take your precautions but not worry about it unless it happens. The school system was wonderful to me when I was pregnant. They never blinked when I had to leave a little early for dr appts, sick days, maternity leave, etc. You don't get that in a hospital! Congrats!
  10. luvmykidz

    Anyone work at St. Joseph's Hospital in Parkersburg?

    I applied at both St Joe and Camden Clark and didn't hear anything back from either one of them! I currently have another part-time job for the time being! I even made follow-up calls and left messages after never being able to reach a real person and still nothing. Still waiting...
  11. I was considering applying here but haven't heard much good or bad about it. I'm am hoping to go to either OB or surgery. Just wondering if anyone had any input on this hospital and what it's like to work here. Thanks for any help!
  12. I was considering applying to this hospital and I haven't really heard anything good or bad about it. I was just wondering if it was a good place to work or not. Any info would be helpful. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the replies! The hospitals around here will give me a three month orientation period/refresher course when I'm hired so I'm not worried about that part. I'm just concerned whether after being off work all these years how hard it will be to work on a floor all day and then come home and take care of the kids and home. I know women do it all the time but my husband isn't thrilled with me wanting to do this because he also works shift work and weekends so it will be harder for our family at times than it is now. I just don't want to go through all the trouble only to regret it. I do want to get back into nursing and it just seems all the positions posted around here for dr offices, etc want nurses with recent experience which I don't have but the hospitals will hire because I've already checked into it. The last time I worked at the hospital I didn't have kids to worry about and now I do so that's why I'm worried if I can handle it. Thanks for any advice!
  14. I have been a SAHM for the past 10 yrs. I'm seriously considering returning to the hospital part-time and was wondering if there was anyone else in my shoes. A part of me is very excited and a part of me is afraid I'll regret it because I'm so used to having my own freedom and not having to worry about childcare issues or just being worn out from working all day. I have three kids ages 14, 11, and 7. I'm not sure if I should just go for it or wait a couple more years. I'm 39 yrs old now and I don't want to wait until I much older. I was just wondering who has done it and if you were happy with your decision.
  15. luvmykidz

    Scheduled Closings and Lunchbreaks?

    Back when I used to be a school nurse I informed the staff that for the last hour of the day I would not see any kids unless in was an emergency because by then the kids would be going home soon and if they made it all day they could make it the last hour in most cases. That was my "planning period" in teacher talk and they were really good at respecting that. Lunch was trickier because that's when you have a lot of meds to pass out so I would pick the closest time around lunch that I didn't have any scheduled meds or other procedures and take a half hour. In some schools I had a nice principal or secretary who would cover for me while I ate lunch but I had to either go to the teacher's lounge or literally leave the building because if I was in my office then it was just assumed I was available. Other schools where I didn't have anyone to cover I would inform the staff when my lunch period was, put up a note, and hope for the best but no matter where I was in the building kids would find me because the "helpful" teachers would tell them where I was or the secretary would page me so most of the time I would just eat at my desk so I could just treat them without running back and forth. The hardest part about that was the kids wanting something I had in my lunch! Hope that helps-good luck!
  16. luvmykidz

    Should I return to nursing???

    I've been out of nursing and home full-time for 10 yrs and am thinking of returning now that all my kids are in school. My husband also works shift work as a police officer. I'm just wondering if it's worth the effort to go back to work now or if I should wait longer. I'm afraid of being physically exhausted after working on my feet all day and then have to come home and take care of the kids plus trying to arrange child care for late evenings. How do you do it if you have kids and a husband that works crazy hours too? Are the hospitals very flexible with schedules? Would you work if you didn't have too? I used to work as a school nurse (for 5 yrs) but I need something with a little more excitement and I don't want to work full-time. Thanks for any advice!