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jagalu100305 has 7 years experience and specializes in School Nurse, NICU.

I am very proud to be a nurse-- but still trying to find what I want out of my career. I have 3 kids--jack, gabby, luke--and an awesome hubby Mark who mean the world to me. I am also a Christian who desires to live out my faith everday in everyway.

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  1. jagalu100305

    Questioning myself

    I agree with all that was said---i feel I have a GREAT relationship with the students---i am very nice to all of them but do not coddle and am very firm about who I send home--you have to be that way or you WILL get walked all over!! esp in junior/high school they may not realize a student NEVER asks to go the nurse in their class but may do it in every other class!! :yeah::yeah:--dont get discouraged!! keep up the good work
  2. jagalu100305


    that' not very nice---they aren't losers they just have a different job with different benefits to them...sounds like to me you are looking down on them for choosing a job with shift work as well.......we should as nurses and people respect eachother and not place judgement......
  3. jagalu100305

    Question about breaking contracts.......

    yeah i am not sure what the point of the contract is....i have seen nurses teachers and para's quit mid year,quit mid semester, quit at beginning of school year!! No penalty was ever mentioned!
  4. jagalu100305

    Grandparents avoiding us....and the problem!

    Problem is you can't force them to medicate her........so do what you can........
  5. jagalu100305

    Do you enjoy being a school nurse?

    I subbed for a year before I became a school nurse and I think you get a very good picture of what life as a school nurse is like. (try it more than one day though.....you may have subbed on a busy day) That being said I am leaving this year because I am bored. When I subbed I knew in the back of my mind I would not like school nursing. I pushed that aside and went ahead and became a school nurse because of the hours. I am very glad I did. I would have always wondered what it was like if I hadn't. I gave it 3 years and it is not for me....and I know that now so I have peace about it.....but you may find it is for you so you should definitely give it a shot. And the hours are really great for your family!!! Good luck you can always get back into the hospital if you find you don't like it--i got offered a job at the best hospital in the area in spite of being a school nurse for 3 years.
  6. jagalu100305

    What's your fav school nurse day gift

    i got a really cute crystal heart key chain from hallmark store that you could put little charms in and she put nurse's charms--that was probably my favorite sentimental gift--i also call my self a "soap snob" so I just loooove to get antibacterial soaps from bath and body for my office--lotions and pens are nice as well but really and truly as stated above anything that says thank you is sooo apreciated--we don't hear it near enough!! i have saved all my cards given to me--i had a parent of a type 1 diabetic write some really nice things to me!!
  7. jagalu100305

    Nurses Day...are you forgotten ?

    I have gotten a small token each year from my principal/or staff--not big kudos but enough--I will tell you though my children's school nurses are remembered by me!! :)
  8. jagalu100305


    Got a job offer this week!! Woohoo!! pulmonary/endocrine floor at awesome children's hospital. I have to work nights for the first time ever!!--i have 4 years of NICU experience (days) and have been a school nurse for the past 3 years. In theory i feel nights will be better for my family but in practice--i am nervous! any advice suggestions or encouragement out there!!??
  9. jagalu100305


    I feel your pain--i had a previous thread with your same issues. This is my third year--2nd school--from elementary to junior high. i have 700 students i see 20-30 a day--I have one diabetic and 7 students with medication--i am up to date on ALL my paperwork--i even precept student nurses and i am still bored. I am grateful for transitioning to junior high because i too discovered it is not my cup of tea. I loooove the hospital. I tried and wanted so bad to love school nursing because of the hours but have decided to go back to the hospital.--even though LOTS of people think i am crazy leaving-- I have felt really guilty on one hand because of my children but on the other hand I can't stare at the clock any longer and waste each day just waiting for the weekend. I got a job at a Children's Hospital and am getting a 20,000/year raise (way more than i thought it would be) you'll know what's best for you. good luck and just know there are others out there who understand!
  10. jagalu100305


    Curious what different specialties are on this forum? I applied at the biggest/best Children's Hospital in my city (maybe even state)--it can be difficult to get your foot in the door. I got an interview for a renal unit and pulmonary unit--both sound very interesting but I think eventually I would love to transfer to PICU or pedi oncology. Any thoughts on any of these specialties?? I am coming from a NICU and school nursing background.
  11. jagalu100305

    Pet Peeve

    i love wearing scrubs!! I am a jeans and t-shirts kinda gal so the more comfy i can be at work the better!! :)
  12. jagalu100305

    Topics for teenagers?

    concussions anti smoking
  13. jagalu100305

    funny office visit

    My funniest visit of today was "burning nostrils" any one else have a visit that has made them smile??
  14. jagalu100305


    we have an electronic system that is great but before this I used excel log sheet to file visits--much faster than paper and if you need all of one students visits you can sort by alpha and there you go!!
  15. jagalu100305

    First work related dream since being a school nurse

    I think it's because we are caring by nature and want to make sure we do the best we can as nurses. If you step back and think about it our jobs are crucial to peoples lives and that can be overwhelming. Not only have I had dreams but I also have woke up in the middle of the night worried i have forgotten to do something!! I mentally go through my day to make sure I had not forgotten anything!! That has not changed for me since school nursing I still have dreams, wake in middle of the night etc. It's because we care!!:redbeathe
  16. jagalu100305

    school nurse salary in fort worth/have BSN

    most districts post salaries on their websites--and most districts the nurse is on same salary schedule as teacher--i make 48000 a year and i am in texas