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  1. Who's in-charge in handling toilet accidents in your school? I'm referring to students who not yet potty trained. Do you have a procedure/policy in place for such cases?Thanks!:heartbeat
  2. Should teachers have first aid training?

    We have Individual Health Plan for students who are known to have certain health conditions such as asthma, seizures, allergies, etc. Teachers and staffs who handle these students undergo first aid training with regards to the health needs of the stu...
  3. was I too harsh

    funny! And nope you're not harsh.
  4. VENT!!!! (you've been warned)

    Sending you a hug! :hug:
  5. Should I talk to principal about this? (long note)

    "The counselor told me that the student states "my teacher told me I have to use RR at home not at school". And she still yells at him." What is the counselor doing about this? Was he just passing the message and didn't bother to intervene? I t...
  6. Critique my resume please!

    Hi i'm not a recruiter but I've recently helped in recruiting a school nurse. Here are some points in writing a resume. 1. Keep it not more than 2 pages. More than 2 is not readable. I remember getting a resume with 8 pages and I couldn't help but sa...
  7. how can you tell a drama queen?

    Hmmm.. try to put yourself in her position. You don't have your family with you, you have three history of stroke, your in pain, and no one seems to care. How would you react? Trust should have been established. I would be anxious and paranoid too i...
  8. Why do we call it common sense when in fact it's not so common??

    Unfortunately I'm not in the position to assign who will accompany the students during field trips. We have a head nurse and she's just as doofus as he is. I'm certain that it wouldn't back fire because I'm not incharge of assigning nurses plus every...
  9. Sigh..... So i just spoke with the other school nurse and endorsed everything he needs for the grade 2 field trip. Here is our conversation: Me: Here's the copy of the field trip health forms, contact numbers, allergy forms, and summarized health pro...
  10. why would you let nationality be a hindrance to take the rn program? if you really love nursing, regardless of what nationality and circumstances you'll take, you wouldn't take it as a hindrance but rather an opportunity to grow. i'm currently a scho...
  11. Should men be school nurses? Have you ever heard of any?

    We have a male school nurse and he fits the job just fine. :) And yes they can be a bit over the top at times but in general he's okay especially during sports activities.
  12. This kid is driving me CrAzY!

    Yep just like what purple scrubs said, sometimes they just need your attention.:hpygrp: I once had a kinder student who still had tons of energy despite having a temp of 102 and none of my regular tricks worked. The only thing that made him stay put...
  13. Failed Drug Test???

    They do counseling with school nurses? No offense but don't you think they need an expert for that and not just a video? We are a strict drug-free school and anyone who is tested positive are dismissed from school. Anyway.. here are videos about drug...
  14. How do you feel about the pay?

    Wow! Reading this thread makes me want to leave the country FAST. I work 8 hours a day/10 months and 6 hours a day/2 months (summer). My weekends are tied for school activities, weekday hours are sometimes extended, and my holiday is not guaranteed...
  15. School Nursing- First job as RN

    You'll be fine. Just like any area in nursing there will be a getting the grip phase. :) I was 21 and a newly grad when I first got my job as a school nurse. And yes, parents tend to size you up during first encounter especially when you look young a...