Pearson Vue Trick 2014

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OK, so I am a mess right now. I took my RN NCLEX this morning at 8:30-10:30. I had 75 questions and A LOT of select all that apply. I'm confused about the so called "Pearson vue trick." I just tried to re register it asked me to enter my credit card info and I got the following message" our records indicate you have recently scheduled this exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time." It had a red triangle with an ! In it. I'm confused bc I thought that was the "good pop up" but I also read if it takes you to the cc info page that meant you failed. HELP!!!!

I took it in Texas!

Hi! Did you enter your credit card number and clicked "submit order" button? Because I did and then it said in red "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time" I did it three times and got the same thing. I took the NCLEX-RN exam this morning and stopped at 75 questions. My last question was SATA so I am in a panic mode. I hope we passed:)!

1 - before panicking, please read through the other threads (like, HUNDREDS of them recently) all talking about how the PVT has changed since August 23.

2 - PLEASE stop entering your CC number over and over again; each time you do that, you are authorizing a CHARGE on your account! Regardless of whether one or more goes through, it's already been found to be a problem: your bank can cancel your card for apparently fraudulent activity. That's right, several $200 charges in a row might just be the death of your credit card (or at least leave it in Fraud Dept Limbo).

Yes I put my cc info in then hit submit! After that it gave me that message.

I took my NCLEX yesterday at 10am, took me 6 hours to finish all 265 questions. As soon as I walked out I was dumb founded, and knew I failed. It was nothing like any of the prep courses I did, and I am very upset that i was un- prepared for the test.

I came home and tried to re-register through Pearson Vue, and of course it took my payment. Is the trick still accurate, or is there a chance I still PASSED? Please advise.

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The trick is not as accurate since the upgrade.

The trick was accurate for me a week ago and proved that I failed.I used an old credit card which tried to take money out and said funds declined.I then did the quick results and found out I failed.If they take money out, it proves someone failed.Dont give up though on the NCLEX either way, if it is true that you failed just retest again!

Hi faithinjesus.. I recieved the same pop up.. I used unactivated cc..

I havnt received the official reult but Knowing your experience is obviouly i failed...

I hope your experience is different than mine.But if you get a fail result, please dont give up.In another 45 days (depending on your state), you can still tackle the test again.WHATEVER YOUR RESULTS, DONT GIVE UP!!!

Thank you! But heres my question.. Did you know somebody who used an unactivated cc and got a good pop up??

Yes there have been several posts on people who got good pop up using old credit card with no funds and passed.Do you have quick results in your state? That is one sure way to find out if you passed or not before the official letter from the board of nursing.