Pearson Vue Trick 2014

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Ok tnx for the obviously failed.. I live in cali.. We dont have quick result!


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Keep us updated once you get official results!!!Nothing is definite until you get your letter in the mail;)


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its been two weeks since I've taken the nclex. i've used two old cards and got the "good" pop up each time. not getting my hopes up, since the accuracy of the trick is not as it was before.


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Nanley138 do you live in cali??


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Do you know somebody who got a bad pop up but passed???


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yes, megian so unfortunately cannot check quick results :(


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But you dont need to worry coz u said uve got a good pop up..


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Since there is an 2014 poll, but that includes the OLD pearson vue website and the new. Why not have just results from the new pearson vue website.

The process is a little different but it seems like the results are still the same.



1.Log into pearson vue.

2. Start registration process


4. Enter school information

5.You'll be prompt with "My order" page with all your information. Hit NEXT

6. ENTER credit card information. Hit SUBMIT

It will either charge your card $200 thus meaning you failed.

Test on hold? Has nothing to do with pass or fail, try again in a few hours.

Or give you the original "good popup" That states " Our records indicate that you have recently schedule this exam. Another registration cannot be made." With a red triangle and inside there is a !


Want to get the results but without risking $200?

Use an old gift/credit/debit card that has insufficient funds.

*5 of my friends who have taken the NCLEX did the NEW PVT trick and they all receive the good pop up and have PASSED.*


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Hello All,

First off I want to say I graduated from the LVN program May 31,2014 this is only the first step to a very long process that would seem like a lifetime. I got my letter to test ATT early August 2014 and did not hesitate to schedule asap so AUG 16 was my test date.Of course like many of us, the common question is where to start studying. All I studied was my ATI review book which was a condenced version on all my books & took many ATI practice test questions. I focused on values, labs and subjects i wasnt very familiar with. The day of the test was nerve wrecking I arrived an hour prior, got a good nights rest, had a healthy bfast and waited nervously. I began my test and it took about 3 hours to stop at the minimum 85 questions. Words cannot explain the feeling when the computer shuts off:down:. It was quite difficult being it consisted of mainly SATA and MEDS...(our worst nightmare/weakness). I quickly went home (1hour) later and checked to see if THE TRICK REALLY WORKS...first off it has to say delivery successful, then i got the pop up "Our records indicate you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact the Board for further assistance you cannot reschedule at this time." (this is what you want to see:up:)BUT...coincidently the website was under construction so, i was not satisfied just yet. I checked throughout the week and the same pop up came up. UNTIL the 7th post NCLEX, I was able to enter my credit card info &pay for my exam (i thought shoot this is not a good sign)also the entire website was different. I literally wanted to run out of my class and puke everywhere. Not only was i completely convinced i failed, the wait killed me. I became obsessed with all these testimonials it was my way of coping. 2 of my friends took our NCLEX the same day and had the exact same experience. Unfortunatly CA does not participate in quick results so it would be 32 days until the arrival of that life changing letter. Once i got it, i couldnt even open it, i was shaky and almost in tears.... "SUCCESSFULLY PASSED". I was finally at ease and HAPPY HAPPY my heart resumed beating. My advice is take your time, be patient, and confident, you know more than you think! Good Luck future NURSES:nurse:


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Thank you so much for starting this poll and including the steps to the new pvt. Many people on here say they don't think that the pvt works because it went to the CC screen but they didn't hit SUBMIT which gives us inaccurate or incomplete information ... I took my exam on 9/4/14 and I'm still waiting on my results (CA), but I'll definitely vote once I get it. And yes, I've been doing the pvt since taking my exam and have been getting the Good pop up


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I just took my test on 9/29/14 at 2pm...walked out of there feeling defeated!!!! I stuudy so hard for this maybe too much. I finished the test in 5 hrs and shut off at 105 questions. Now it is 9:30 and I am trying to check my results. About an hour I left I tried to re-register and it took to credit card payment(my heart fell)! But i realized when I went to my quick results tat it says "Results not available". So my question is do the results have to be available before I know if the re-registration trick works?! PLEASE HELP


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Everyone goes to the credit card screen now. You have to enter a card with enough funds or low funds card ($200). The status of your exam will always say "results not available" until your quick results are avaliable (if your state participates in quick results that is). There's many threads on this topic ... Look it up :)

In my case, I got my official results and my status still says "results unavailable" and I tried the pvt since I finished my exam on 9/4/14 and got the good pop up ... Hope I helped!