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  1. sr20alex

    Los Angeles County School of Nursing Fall 2017

    There are two types of LVN-RN programs they offer. One where you get a degree and one you do not. The one you get your ADN is the same process as generic (maximum 94 points). You up are talking about the non degree which is a maximum of 33 points.
  2. sr20alex

    Los Angeles County School of Nursing Fall 2017

    Crossing fingers, but no it did not state I was accepted. They just mention how many points are the minimum which is 78 points.
  3. sr20alex

    Los Angeles County School of Nursing Fall 2017

    I got a email regarding LVN-RN bridge. They mentioned that we will hear back the week of April 24th.
  4. sr20alex

    Pasadena City College Fall 2017

    Congratulations! I got put as an alternate to PCC's LVN-RN bridge. Crossing fingers.
  5. Hey guys, I was wondering who else applied to the PCC program? I got an email today stating that I was an alternate. Decent news. Not an official no, but dreading and hoping another student got into another program or doesn't accept! Anyone else hear back from PCC yet?
  6. I graduated from Hacienda La Puente LVN program last year. Heck I loved/hated it. Tabe was a breeze, everyone panics about time and what not. Basic english/math/vocab etc. I studied the TEAs book for the test since i didn't want to buy the tabe book. It cost me $3000 with tuition, health clearance, and the nclex. Total amount for the program was $7,500 but I got financial aid for $5,500. It was tough but worth it. Say try for all to see which one you get into then decide from there. 6 months after I passed my boards (on the first try) and now i'm working at Kaiser.
  7. sr20alex


    From my own personal experience. I've lost 10lbs from working as a nurse (4 months into working as a LVN). My meal consist of chicken breast, broccoli, and sweet potato. Even though it sounds extremely healthy it taste pretty darn good and for the price its dirt cheap. According to my fitbit I do about 18k steps a day. Then after work I just eat whatever I want.
  8. sr20alex

    Depressed LVN

    HI there. I was in the same state you were. I was 6 months in after I gotten my license and still no job where as my classmates were all working already. BUT I was volunteering at an acute facility for a 2 years already. I've applied to multiple places and they all wanted a year experience. All of a sudden the boss at the place I was volunteering told me to apply for the job they just posted and got hired 2 days later. Volunteering is a great way to build connections and potentially get you that job you need.
  9. sr20alex

    Specialty Poll for male nurses

    About 3 months in Urgent Care and wouldn't trade it for anything else.
  10. sr20alex

    2015 Current LPN Pay

    New grad no experience $26 at urgent care in california. My co-workers are around the mid $30s
  11. sr20alex

    Waiting for results

    I waited about 3.5 weeks for my results from the boards. I took it before my friend and she received hers before mine. I did pass though so just hang out a bit longer!
  12. sr20alex

    Hurst. Pn review

    Content on saunders is overwhelming. I tried to do the study schedule that saunders gives when you take the assessment test. After day 2 I was tired of all content I was just taking notes not actually memorizing it.
  13. sr20alex

    Hurst. Pn review

    I managed to pass with only saunders and nclex3500 questions. Doing 200q + a day for about 3 weeks.
  14. sr20alex

    Hi all, please help for NCLEX pn pharmacology

    I used saunders and nclex 3500 questions ONLY. I was able to pass the test on 85q! I didn't study specifically what EACH DRUG does cause that is torture. So what I did is just get a general idea of all the endings mean. -Statin = lower cholesterol -prils = ace inhibitors - lol = beta blocker - cin = antibiotic etc etc.
  15. sr20alex

    Anxious-did I pass?

    I too am in California. I did the PVT and got the good pop up. 25 days later I receive my letter that I passed. Just do something that takes your mind off the exam. Some period of time I actually forgot about the nclex and only remember because the nurses kept asking me when I volunteered.
  16. sr20alex

    Got good pop up but still nervous

    If you get the good pop up thats good to hear. Wow a entire 2 days of waiting? Try waiting 25 days. Just go do something you enjoy and RELAX. Yes quick results will still post on weekends.