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    NEW Pearson Vue Trick (PVT) After August 23 Poll

    Thanks _LVNtobe. I received my letter earlier today. I have passed! So the PVT trick worked for me.
  2. Since there is an 2014 poll, but that includes the OLD pearson vue website and the new. Why not have just results from the new pearson vue website. The process is a little different but it seems like the results are still the same. EVERYONE IS TAKEN TO CREDIT CARD SCREEN Steps. 1.Log into pearson vue. 2. Start registration process 3. Pick NCLEX RN/PN 4. Enter school information 5.You'll be prompt with "My order" page with all your information. Hit NEXT 6. ENTER credit card information. Hit SUBMIT It will either charge your card $200 thus meaning you failed. Test on hold? Has nothing to do with pass or fail, try again in a few hours. Or give you the original "good popup" That states " Our records indicate that you have recently schedule this exam. Another registration cannot be made." With a red triangle and inside there is a ! Want to get the results but without risking $200? Use an old gift/credit/debit card that has insufficient funds. *5 of my friends who have taken the NCLEX did the NEW PVT trick and they all receive the good pop up and have PASSED.*
  3. Some people don't have the money to spend currently. But I agree with you, your going to be paying for it anyways
  4. Has anyone tried with a prepaid card with insufficient funds? and still got the good popup?