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  1. I sat for my NCLEX yesterday, and my test shut off at the minimum. I broke down into tears when this happened, not because I thought I failed, but because of the relief of the test being over, mixed with the terror that I could do nothing else but wait. If you would have asked me how I felt leaving the test center, I would have said I felt worried but almost positive that I passed. Knowing me- knowing where I graduated from and the amount of preparation I did, I would have been floored if I had been failed in 60 questions. Now this is where I made a series of mistakes. I began googling things I wasn't sure about, looking on forums and blogs to see if anyone could give me comfort regarding the NCLEX. The more I searched, the more I doubted myself. Then came the dreaded (or beloved) PVT. I followed the directions perfectly, and got a bad popup. I slammed my computer shut and became overcome with anxiety and dread. I started overthinking everything, trying to figure out how I could have been failed in 60 question. To me, it didn't make any sense. But to everyone else on the internet, it was the gold standard of finding out if you passed or failed the test. The remainder of the day was the worst, most anxiety ridden day of my life. I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, and even now I still feel sick to my stomach. I woke up this morning and checked my state's BON. And sure enough, my name was there. I PASSED. I know people swear by the PVT, but it is not 100% accurate, I am a testament to that. Please save yourself the anxiety and refrain from doing it. I wish I never had. That 'trick' led me to doubt myself and my abilities, when otherwise I would have still been nervous but I would have been confident that I did well. If you do get the bad pop-up, don't let it define how you view your NCLEX. Logically think through everything you had done in school, how you prepared and answered practice questions. If you are confident in your abilities, then a glitch in a website should not determine how you did on your NCLEX.
  2. I took my exam 3 days ago in Colorado and it stopped me at the 75th question. After couple hours, it shows result pending. So I had to give it more time. I tried again and I have my license number showing active. I was very happy seeing that but unfortunately, I checked this morning by paying for the unofficial result and it said fail but my license is still saying active. I am wondering if this have ever happened to anyone because I am about to loose my mind.
  3. Hey everyone, I want to share my story because some of you may be in the same situation. I took the NCLEX with the new COVID rules: 60 questions min, 130 max. After 60 questions, the test kept going. It went all the way to 130 questions. When I got home, I received the email from Pearson, waited an hour, and tried the Pearson Vue Trick. I got the bad pop up message in which the site allowed me to register for another exam. I tried the trick several hours later and got the bad pop up again. I was devastated. Two days later, I got the Quick Results and found out that I had actually passed. Apparently, there is a gray area for the Pearson Vue Trick: if you take the exam and make it all the way to the end, the trick may not be accurate. It wasn’t accurate for me. If you’re in the same situation, keep your head up. All is not lost. Also, my state board did not post my license number before my quick results were available. I understand it’s cheaper, quicker, and more accurate to check your license status on the state board, but this is why I did not do so. Good luck everyone!
  4. SarahC_RN_BSN

    Pearson Vue Trick 2020 - Good pop-up?

    I took my NCLEX-RN yesterday morning 5/30. At first I was relieved when I was stopped at 60 questions, but then once I got to my car I was filled with dread and doubt. I felt like I had guessed on all but 3-4 questions. I wasn’t sure if I was in the higher level difficulty or if I just truly knew nothing. I used the Hurst review to study and found that it helped mostly for the prioritization and delegation questions (which there were a LOT of). I had probably 10-15 SATA. No other alternate formats. I graduated at the top of my class with a 3.92 GPA, and to think that I potentially failed the NCLEX was devastating. My friend took the NCLEX the day before me and had received an email saying “you’ve taken the NCLEX” almost immediately after her exam. I did not, and I was panicking! I walked out of the exam at 9:30 AM, and did not receive this email until around 4:30 PM. When I got home around 1:30, I tried the PVT and got the message saying that I currently have an open registration and I cannot register for another NCLEX — indicating that I tried too early to do this trick. I tried again once I received the email at 4:30... and I got the good pop-up (our records indicate blah blah)!! It was a huge anxiety-reliever for me, but I’m just paranoid that it’s going to turn out wrong. I’ve always done well on my practice exams via the Exit HESI, ATI, PassPoint, and Hurst. To think that after all of that I could have failed the NCLEX breaks my heart. I’m just holding onto the fact that this PVT has worked for nearly everyone... Has anyone gotten got the good pop-up and then ended up failing?
  5. Hi everyone, yesterday 4-12-20 I took my NCLEX in NY (only place that had availability) I live in Pennsylvania. I walked out of Pearson feeling confident due to finding the questions easy & were pretty much self explanatory..I was confident, UNTIL I walked to my car and first thing I did was wip out an old expired card and do the Pearson Vue trick. I got the BAD POP UP. Almost 24 hours laters and still getting the bad pop up.. I am destroyed and so saddened. I haven’t gotten out of bed since I got home yesterday. Now that I think about it I knew it was too easy to be true I literally only had about 4 SATA and my test cut off at 68 questions.. I’m trying to stay positive but it’s so hard. Any ideas if PVT is actually 100% accurate did I do it too soon?
  6. vangoghfan77

    Pearson Vue Trick was WRONG

    Hi everyone, I felt I had to post this!! I took my NCLEX on Tuesday and left feeling super down, I literally felt confident about maybe 20 questions. I cried A LOT and was pretty sure I failed. I did the Pearson Vue trick no less than 1000 times and got the “bad pop up” every time. I read post after post about how the trick is supposedly 99.9% accurate which made me even more depressed. I was already looking into which cities I could travel to to attend an in-person NCLEX review! Checked my state’s BON website this morning and low and behold my name popped up under RN license verification! So the Pearson Vue trick was wrong! I followed all of the specific instructions and never once got the good pop up. If the trick works for you and you get a good pop up CONGRATS! I don’t think I’ve ever read about anyone getting a false positive so the good pop seems to be pretty accurate. If you get the bad pop up though don’t worry, the trick is not guaranteed. Pearson Vue should honestly look into the little trick because it just adds to everyone’s anxiety and is really just a weird site error that should not be used to check NCLEX results. Good luck y’all and feel free to ask me anything! 🙂
  7. Cindy Aguilar

    NCLEX-PN, PVT “Results on hold”

    Hello everyone, I hope someone can answer my questions and give some peace of mind. I took my NCLEX-PN on Friday, 4/3/2020, got cutoff at 60 questions. With the whole coronavirus pandemic, they made some changes to the minimum and max cutoff numbers with 60 minimum and max 130. So I got the minimum cutoff. When I did the PVT about 2 hrs later and after receiving the email, it told me my results where on hold. So no answers there. I waited til today, Sunday, to try and do the quick results since they now offer it in California. Still says they have not received my results. I’m so anxious and I need to know my results! It’s a horrible feeling having to wait. Can I not access my results because it’s Sunday? I read on other forums that people are able to see their quick results on Sundays. Is it because of my hold? And how long can the hold last? I didn’t have any complications with my palm scan, that I know of, and I don’t think I finished too quick. I did the 60 questions in a little over an hour. I just need some peace of mind and some rest. Thank you to anyone who can give some answers and sorry for it being so long.
  8. soontobenewgrad2020

    When to do Pearson VUE Trick?

    So I just took my NCLEX today at 12pm and finished around 1pm. I got the standard email saying “Now that’s you’ve taken NCLEX” about an hour later. I was wondering when I can do the Pearson VUE trick? Also can someone please explain how to the trick? Thank you in advance!
  9. Prosperity

    PVT changes

    Hello everyone, So I finally sat for my exam on Friday at 4PM. Testing all 130 questions and had 2 minutes left when I finished. And so my story begins... I received an email from Pearson saying the usual “now that you’ve taken the test...” I tried to do the PVT trick using an accurate card number but incorrect expiration/cvc entries. My card got declined. I decided to leave it alone and read blogs and posts about the PVT. Fast forward to last night, 26 hours after my test ended, I did the trick again. I got so excited to see the good pop up! It gave me some relief. Now today, I woke up early and anxious. I told myself to do the PVT trick again and so I succumbed to it. Now, the screen totally changed. I no longer see the “our records indicate...” pop up but actually allowing me to reregister even with incorrect credit card information. At this point, my anxiety is through the roof. I don’t know what to make of this. I will just wait and see when I pay for my quick results tonight. Anyway, I have read a lot of entries in blogs and forums about the “good pop up” but haven’t really ran across something like mine. Hopefully I still passed and this is just a glitch. I took screenshots. See below. Sending out good vibes to everyone. Happy Sunday!
  10. Jennifer Koval-Dienst

    Pearson vue trick results on hold 😳

    I got my att yesterday (Friday June 19th) and scheduled for today (June 20th) at 4pm. Took my exam in about 40 minutes. Shut off at 60 questions. I got the result on hold pop up. Anyone else? I need some emotional support here. I’m freaking out LOL. I took no breaks, didn’t even have a phone in the testing center, didn’t use my white board, No issue with palm scan, and no computer issues. Is this because I am a fast test taker? I’m so stressed out.
  11. Hi all! Just a quick question since I cannot find any posts relating to this. If I type in the INCORRECT expiration/CVC (but correct card #) to do the PVP Trick, will it still process my payment/charge my card if I failed? Thanks in advance! Ed.
  12. mmdrbm

    Pearson Vue Trick 2020

    So if you are wondering if the Pearson Vue trick works? IT DOES! I left the testing center thinking OMG I got questions that were way harder than I expected and thinking what is it asking me exactly, and oh the select all that apply questions that came up! I was panicking, I also found myself answering questions way to fast and thinking, "Am I answering these correctly because I was flying through" only a few I had to read a time or two over. Anyways, I was cut of at 85 and finished the exam in an hour and fifteen minutes. I left there sick! I waited about an hour after I got the email saying my test has been received before deciding to check the "Pearson Vue Trick" and I got the "good pop up" and it said that I was not allowed to schedule this exam because one was previously taken. In about 48 hours, I checked the state site and found that I had passed. Everyone that I went to school with that had tried the trick, and when they got their results in about 48 hours saying they passed. Now, I don't know about false negatives, but I can say that this worked for all of us and turned up to be legit.
  13. love.elle

    Pearson Vue Trick NOT accurate

    Hello all! Those of you who are about to take your NCLEX or just finished and want to try the PEARSON VUE TRICK, just don't and wait that 48 hours for quick results or how ever long your state requires. I just took my NCLEX last week and was shut off at 75. I was antsy and went home and tried to sleep and waited. I read hundreds of testimonies and there was even a website that is dedicated to the Pearson Vue trick and walks you step by step! My friends all did it and it worked for them, showed them the "good pop up" which said they were already registered for an exam and cannot register at this time, etc. Some used a fake CC, most used a valid, and some used valid with wrong exp date. So I'm thinking if it works for 12 of my close friends it should work for me? No. Anyways so they tell you to wait about 6-8 hours to check. Which I did wait 12 hours, and I went through and filled it all out with a valid CC and only changed the exp date and it got declined! The message that popped up was that my credit card was invalid and declined! Which means they tried to take my payment ... So I was devastated! 48 hours later I checked my quick results thinking I was going to fail, and I didn't, I passed! I took it April 26th, found out I passed the 28th, and was officially on the BON website the 30th! Honestly, just wait! The Pearson Trick doesn't work for everyone! Nothing is for certain until you see the actual results!
  14. Hi everyone! So I’m new to this and I just need to vent because I am going CRAZY! Due to COVID19 the amount of questions on the NCLEX has been changed. I took my test this morning at 1100. This is my third time taking it. I did all 130 questions which is the max. Amount of questions at the moment. My last question was a SATA. most of the questions were SATA and prioritization!! I left the testing site not knowing what to feel 🥺 Of course I tried the PVT trick with the wrong exp date and security number .... and got the bad pop up 😭💔 I don’t know what to think... but this sure is heartbreaking. Does this mean I for sure failed or I just need to put the correct cc info and try again ? 😞
  15. secretRN

    NCLEX 2020/PVT etc

    When I was studying for NCLEX, I read MULTIPLE forums on here, so I said I would come back to share my experience... Studying: I used only Kaplan to prepare for the NCLEX-I did at least 1700 qbank questions-over 100 questions a day and I passed in 75 questions the first time. I studied for about 3 weeks total. I got a 65 on the readiness test, 90 on who do you see first, and 30 on the alternative format test😐. My question trainers ranged from high 40's to mid-high 60's. I actually rescheduled my test for the following week because I didn't feel completely ready, and I'm glad I decided to do that! I wouldn't recommend waiting too long, though--I took mine about 33 days after graduating. NCLEX: hmm I think the best advice I have is to calm down. When I walked into the testing site, I was very anxious, but I prayed that I would be calm while taking the test and I was! I did not feel confident throughout the test, but I was calm and took my time when selecting the answers. Take the questions one at a time and pick the safest answer if nothing else. PVT: I did the trick quite a few times and kept getting the "good pop-up", but that still wasn't convincing enough for me! I received my results within 50 hours of taking the test-the waiting period was the worsttt! You can do it!😁
  16. I took the NCLEX on a Friday at 2pm. My computer shut off after 76 questions and my mouth literally dropped open. It had been 8 months since I graduated & I hadn't opened a book until the week before my boards were scheduled. I was DESPERATE to find out my fate and felt so much regret that I hadn't properly prepared for this ridiculous test. Of course after the test I resorted to Google and started reading people's experiences with the NCLEX. That's when I discovered the PVT. I tried it at least a dozen times over the weekend, & finally on Monday my quick results were available..... I passed the NCLEX! I just want to hear other people's NCLEX experiences and what you all think of the PVT.
  17. HopefulGradNurse

    Pearson Vue Trick "Facts"

    After you test you should receive an email stating something along the lines of "Now that you've completed your NCLEX blah blah blah". It is at this point that you can try the PVT to get an IDEA where you stand. However, your test is graded twice. Once automatically and once by Pearson Vue staff just to be sure the computer got it right. This usually happens within the first 24 hours and is why many say the results are only accurate post 24 hours. In which case you really could be failing at first and then when the 15 research questions are removed you could be passing and vice versa. When you try the PVT you can use a prepaid card that has very little money on it, or put in your correct CC number and incorrect CVC (security code), whether or not you put in the correct expiration date is up to you, but I would change it to be safe. Once you officially submit the payment you will get one of four pop ups-- Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time.~~~ GOOD POPUP The candidate currently has an open registration for this exam. A new registration cannot be made at this time.~~~ GOOD POPUP Card declined (for whatever reason)~~~ BAD POPUP The candidate currently has test results that are on hold. Another registration cannot be made at this time.~~~Means NOTHING, they are simply taking another look at your exam to be sure you didn't cheat. This could be from odd movements during your test that caught their eye, difficult palm vein scans, finishing quickly, something that happened with the computer system that you had no idea about, your computer cut off in the middle of your test, literally anything they deemed as suspicious or the computer flagged. Once the hold is lifted you will either get the good or the bad popup. Please note that if your pop up isn't worded EXACTLY like this or is SLIGHTLY different it still means the SAME THING. Therefore, do not freak out thinking you did/didn't pass because of that. Are there people who do everything exactly right and the PVT doesn't work for them? YES. However, that number is VERY small and most of the time the people it "doesn't work" for did not do it correctly. If done correctly it will work and will be rather accurate as it is with the OVERWHELMING majority of testers. Is it possible to be charged and still pass? Yes, it is. If you do then you are one of those people that I talked about when I said some didn't do the trick correctly. The PVT is simply an exploitation of the company's billing software in a way that wasn't meant to be. Therefore, if you punch in all of the credit card info and it takes your money..... oh well, it's doing what it is designed to do. The PVT isn't definite because it wasn't designed to be. However, overwhelming majority proves that it is rather accurate, but should only be used as an idea of where you stand until you either get your quick results, or see your name on your BON. I believe I have covered most of the topics that I see regularly asked. If you get a good pop up, take it as a good chance that you passed and relax until you get your results. If you get the bad one recognize that it means you probably failed, but you will not know until you get your results. I failed my first time taking the NCLEX and got the bad pop up, passed the second time with the good pop up. The most important thing is to not drive yourself CRAZY scouring the internet trying to find situations just like yours or asking a million times whether or not we all believe you passed because it'll only stress you out more. TRUST ME I KNOW. Good luck to you all! The NCLEX will really mess with your mind, but we all made it through nursing school and assuming you put your best foot forward while there, you CAN and WILL PASS the NCLEX!!
  18. mestiza83

    Pearson Vue Trick 2014 New Interface

    I just took my NCLEX PN in the state of California. I attempted the Pearson Vue "Trick" and entered all my info: if I've taken the NCLEX before, what school, date graduated. I did not get the "good pop up" when I hit the submit button. I was directed to enter my CC info and once I hit submit I got the message in red as follows: I've seen on a couple of websites that this is the new Pearson Vue Interface effective Aug 27, 2014. I was wondering if anyone else had this same thing happen and if they passed the NCLEX PN?
  19. Mandy,GN

    Pearson Vue Trick 2014

    OK, so I am a mess right now. I took my RN NCLEX this morning at 8:30-10:30. I had 75 questions and A LOT of select all that apply. I'm confused about the so called "Pearson vue trick." I just tried to re register it asked me to enter my credit card info and I got the following message" our records indicate you have recently scheduled this exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time." It had a red triangle with an ! In it. I'm confused bc I thought that was the "good pop up" but I also read if it takes you to the cc info page that meant you failed. HELP!!!! I took it in Texas!
  20. n_cole12

    Pearson Vue trick April 2019????

    So I just took the NCLEX pn today Saturday 4/13/19 and the test cut off after 85! I walked out not feeling so confident... So I did the PVT like maybe 1hour after the test and it let me go all the way through to purchase the test again but when I put in my credit card info (different exp date) it had the popup that said "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time" so I was assuming that this was a good thing bc I tried it again like maybe 3hours after the exam. I keep.seeing people say that if it lets you go to the credit card page then u failed...then also something where people are saying selivery was sucessful then they put in credit card info.. So im not sure what to think at this point!! It is just killing me bc I just don't know... Cutring off at 85 could mean pass or fail!! This is driving me crazyyyy.. Can anyone give me some advise on what to think about the PVT? Like does it work on the weekend etc...
  21. Last week ( 07/11/2019) took my NCLEX-RN and two days later got my result ( PASS ). This site has been very helpful in clarifying a lot of my doubts about Nursing school/work and what not. So I came back to post my own experience and in hopes of helping some people find answers to their question. I graduated ADN program ( LPN/LVN - RN bridge - Helene Fuld college of nursing.NY) back in MAY 2019. Took a month off which I regret. but you know yourself better so if you need to take a break go for it but if you ask for my advice - take no more than a week following graduation. As a student, I was an average student. I never memorize anything other than lab values and I try to study the concept behind any disease and stuff. I suck at pharmacology. so wanted to share that before anything. I strictly used UWorld ( bought a one-month subscription), did 100 + question in a day, completed 2150 plus question in 23/24 days. 100 question in a day, did study mode and went with the system to system. Read all the rationale wrong or right. Saved rationales and created a flash card to review later and to review everything a day before NCLEX. you can review saved flash card - system-wise as well. To create flash card either click on the diagram or just select rationales and save in flash card pops out. On all my Study/exam mode. My lowest grade has been 48% and highest 65%. at the end of completion ( 2150 question ), my average was 58% on UWorld. Didn't do their evaluation etc. So took the NCLEX on July 11th and stop at 80 something. NCLEX set up ( color wise) is very similar to UWorld which helps. I was just answering with the best of my understanding. Never felt confident enough about any of my answer. So after 80 something, it stopped and I walk out of the test in confusion and lack of confidence. Did Pearson VUE trick right after using my real credit card,( you can do it by changing the expiration date ) had a good POP out. ( says I can't register at this time. ). Did after 2 hours and same good pop up, did after 8 hours same good pop up and did one more time after 24 hours and same good pop up. after 48 hours I purchase my quick result and it says I pass. I thank everyone who has shared their opinion on this site. I will be happy to share my exp if anyone has any question. I started this writing suggesting it will be short and to the point. I think this is as short as it could be. Best wishes. Tsering RN
  22. jessnicolec

    NCLEX Pearson Vue Trick Ever Wrong??

    Hey everyone! So I just took the NCLEX RN for the first time on 8/22/17 and started at 8am. The anticipation is killer... So I got all 265 questions on the exam and it took like five and a half hours. I left the test and pretty much bawled my eyes out because I felt so badly about how I did. I felt like the questions I were answering, especially at the end, weren't passing level questions. However, I tried the Pearson Vue Trick and got the "good" pop up. I entered all my cc info and hit submit and it said "our records indicate you've recently scheduled an exam.....bla bla bla". So that gives me some hope but still not too sure. Like, I just felt I did so poorly with ALL 265 qs. Has anyone ever gotten a false positive PVT?? Also, I'll get my results via the quick results tomorrow, does the 48 hours from the test mean from the time you started or ended? Any insight would be great..I'm not able to sleep. Thanks y'all!
  23. Hi All, Finished the NCLEX at 10 am this morning...did the pearson vue trick at 3 pm and 5pm. I got a pop-up that didn't allow me to re-register saying, "our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. another registration cannot be made at this time," but it doesn't have the red triangle with the exclamation point next to it. All the examples of the "good pop-up" on Google have this symbol, so did I get the right pop-up or not? Thanks, Mimium
  24. NurseJaz08

    Got the "good" pop up and failed. #PVT

    Sooooo.... I tested on the 18th of March and walked out feeling terrible. This was the second time I've tested btw... So I tried the "PVT" and on the site it said "delivery successful". I tried to reregister and got the "good" pop up. Something like,"you can not register at this time, our records indicate you have previously taken this exam. Please contact you BON..." I'm freaking out. When I tested the first time and failed, it took me straight to the cc screen. So this time when I tried the trick and got the pop up I was for sure that I passed, got my quick results today and found out that I failed. I've never heard of this. What do I do!?
  25. Hi Guys, So I decided I would post this to clear up some of the questions I had a hard time finding answers to while I was waiting for my NCLEX results. California does not participate in the 2 day Unofficial Results, so I was staring down a possible 6 weeks of worry. I spent a crazy amount of time trying to make myself feel better by reading posts like these, but while doing so I also came across some bad information that made me freak out. My stats: I was an A-B student in a post-bach 1 year BSN nursing program. I used Uworld to study for 3-4 weeks (YOU SHOULD USE UWORLD!!!!!) On average I was scoring between 50-75 on my quizzes (mostly in the 50's low 60's, which is, FYI, in the 78th percentile). You MUST read the rationales if you get things wrong! This is key. It also helps to read the rationales if you get things right because it'll provide additional information you may not have known. I walked into the NCLEX feeling tentatively confident since I scored in the 92nd percentile on the final two Uworld NCLEX Tests, but that changed about 10 questions into the exam. I walked out feeling like I failed and shitting so many bricks that I could have easily supplied the material to rebuild Pompeii. My test ended on 105. I started to really freak when it didn't shut off at 75 like everyone else in my class told me theirs did. I did NOT get a lot of SATA (maybe 1/5th?), so I was sure I failed since I thought those were the gold standard of hard questions to pass. On the drive home (aside from hyperventilating), I searched my email and got the "Now that you’ve completed the NCLEX Examination..." email that EVERYONE gets. This is not a good or bad email. Everyone gets it. Then I tried the Pearson Vue Trick when I got home about an hr after testing and I got the "good popup" that read "Another registration cannot be made at this time..". Please note: I put in ALL of my correct credit card information except for the expiration date. It will not take fake CC information besides the change in expiration (I tried). I did the Pearson Vue Trick multiple times a day, always getting the same popup. It never charged me, and it made me feel better. In my EXTENSIVE (anxiety-induced) research on the PVT, I did not come across anyone who put in their information correctly (key word is correctly) and got the good pop-up and failed. So no, there are NO FALSE POSITIVES! I DID come across some people who did it correctly and got a "bad popup" and actually found out later they passed, so if you get a bad popup..there is still hope. Ok next, for BREEZE (California) people. Breeze is the FIRST PLACE that will tell you if you passed or not. Not Pearson, and not the BON. Up at the top right corner when you are in your Breeze account it has "License/Registration Information". Your Nursing license number will populate here first and will say "License/Registration Number: #######" and "License/Registration Type - Registered Nurse", once your results have been entered officially. Under the "Manage your license information tab", if you click on the dropdown menu it MAY have populated with an option that says "RN Exam Repeat/Reapply Examination". THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU FAILED!!! I read a few posts on allnurses that said if this comes up and you don't have an option to pay for your license then its a bad sign and you failed. THIS IS FALSE. I GOT THIS POPUP AND I PASSED. From what I understand, this auto-populates when you finish your exam. Some people don't notice it because they didn't check before their results were entered. If your application still says "Pending" on Breeze, then they have not gotten to your account yet. "Pending" will disappear once they enter your scores in. Don't panic. One more thing - it will do you no good to check your Breeze account a million times a day. From my understanding they input all the scores during the day, and at midnight it goes live. I read this and it was true for me. I checked it last night at 12:15 and my license number appeared in the upper right corner. My number was not there at 11PM. It was also not on the BON. This morning I checked the BON again and my name appears with my license number now. FYI my name never appeared saying "Pending" on the BON. It was not there at all and then suddenly there. I took my test on Friday afternoon 2/1/19 and got my results at midnight the following Monday 2/4/19 (technically Tuesday morning). Takeaway: Pearson Vue Trick Works in 2019!!! "RN Exam Repeat/Reapply Examination" on your Breeze account DOENS'T MEAN YOU FAILED! Hope this clears some things up for someone else in a panic like I was!