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Hi colleagues. Today is the official confirmation that I passed NCLEX RN. As promised to myself, I will share my experience to all of you who aspire to become a USRN.


I applied for Northern Mariana Island Board of nursing last year and I got my eligibility last November. The BON in NMI requires less requirements if you are up to less complicated process but the only down side of it is communication in the said island. I'm just thankful that I have American friends who helped me call to follow up my eligibility in the said island. Their number is quite confusing so you must really need to contact Carol Fleming as she is in charge to it.


I started to register in Pearson Vue NCLEX in January 2016 and waited for my ATT and that is 200$. it took 1month for me to get a confirmation that I'm okay to schedule an exam so you just need to wait. I scheduled an exam for May 26 and it costs me 150$ since I'm based in Manila Philippines. So while waiting for my ATT, I made a calendar of what I need to read and do (basically a checklist)


I read Saunders religiously. I did not go to a review center. I did self review for 2months even though it has been 3years already that i did not practice nursing because i work in a different field but saved to save for this exam and career as a nurse.

Honestly, my nursing concepts are quite rusty but when i started reading Saunders i got the credits from it as it is basically basic and NCLEX is really theory and book based per se. I also take credits to my knowledge in college most especially to my review center before when I'm doing my NLE because i still can recall the foundation when it comes to diseases.


I read the whole chapters of Saunders book and took Kaplan question bank, Lippincott, Huttel, La Charity for me to gauge my scores. My scores are quite good in Saunders and Lippincott and Huttel. Kaplan really has good input I should say on question strategy. It is really hard just like NCLEX RN.


I took my exam last May 26, 2016 at trident tower. I was really doing a mantra 1 week before my exam that i should not be discourage to my score and that whatever happens I just need to feel confident on my answers and stick to it and will not change it no matter what. I prayed a lot that God will send me his Holy Spirit and give me wisdom so I may be able to correctly answer the questions asked. So, I arrived at the testing center 7:40am and I started at 8:45am and I finished the exam at 10:50am. My pc prompt for a mandatory break at question 79 and I utilized it. I thought I would stop at 75 but I did not. I stop at 115 and right from there I claim it to the Lord that I will pass.

My questions are more of SATA, saftey and precautions and delegations. I have no computations, no drag and drop.I listed all my topics and questions after i took my exam but I will not share it since it's case nu case experience and before you take the exam you have to consent yourself not yo divulge any information or replicate the said questions. (We must adhere with that).

I would say that NCLEX is hard but it is a fair examination. It is more on analysis and I can say that NLE is more difficult for me maybe because I have lots of knowledge that I was so drained with it not thinking of how i can attack the questions. When I took my NCLEX it seems that i can feel that the questions are the things that I expect to see (the flow itself on how it should be asked)so i just let my subconscious work during the exam and it is just like I'm answering my practice questions everyday.

Pearson Vue trick--Trust me, this is really logical to say that it is reliable.

Please do it after 24hours . You must enter a valid cc I was hysterical when I first tried it because a friend gave me a wrong cc and it prompted me an invalid cc which made me really really sad without thinking that I'm still on page 1 so TIP: use a valid cc and so the trick after 24 hours. We tried it again after 48 hours and in step 2 it will prompt you to SUMBIT--take the risk on this part or wait for quick results if your state participate to it.

You passed if you cannot schedule an exam - "our records indicate that you are..." This really make sense now take it from me.

My suggestions/advice

  1. Know your learning curves( if you are good in group or just yourself)
  2. Do pretest to gauge yourself before you start Saunders
  3. If you intend to read Saunders read it as if you know nothing:) start from the basic
  4. Take practice exam everyday per system and review the system where you score low.
  5. Do Kaplan finish it i suggest get the bank question online for 50$
  6. Do Lippincott exams
  7. Do Huttel questions. It is good for 265 everyday to prepare you mentally for the exam
  8. The key here is to BELIEVE in yourself - Do it now do not delay it just trust yourself that you prepared for this exam and put your heart on it

I will give you more tips on do and don'ts in taking NCLEX Rn or if you have clarifications you can reach me here.


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Congratulations on passing the boards and best of luck to you in finding a good residency position!

Hi I'm a fresh graduate, can you help me and give me the steps on how can I apply for the NCLEX? I really don't know where to start. Btw, I'm an immigrant and I plan on taking the NCLEX for NYC. Thank you!

Congrats on passing! How long did you have to wait for the NMI BON and their eligibility letter to arrive at your house? Considering that it is through snail mail. TIA!