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  1. NirvanaUSRN

    After passing NCLEX

    Hello, Firstly, it depends on your agency/ employer really. I would say, MOST REQUIRES VISA SCREEN TO PETITION YOU as they need it ofr the immigration form filing. But, it is POSSIBLE also for an employer to just get you a priority date and your visa screen will be "to follow". Sexondly, YES, as your license will be your ticket t pass to this petition
  2. NirvanaUSRN

    After passing NCLEX

    Hi, I'm not that familiar with TEXAS BON requirement. However, you can double check their requirements. I strongly believe that in your case, it is easier if you just use your PHILIPPINE RN to apply for NCLEX since your saudi arabian license has been revoked.
  3. NirvanaUSRN

    After passing NCLEX

    your welcome
  4. NirvanaUSRN

    FILIPINO: Becoming an RN in AMERICA

    Hi everyone, It has been a year now since I passed my NCLEX examination and I could not be grateful with the experience and privilege. I'm writing this article as a guide for those nurses who obtained their nursing education in the Philippines and are confused on what are they going to do and so on. First, if you have been considering of having a good career in USA the first thing you need to do is to set your mindset. You need to have that motivation so you can in vision yourself for long term , asking yourself, "Why you need to do it?" is important. I always believe that having a SENSE of PURPOSE is very important in every decisions or choices you will have. Second, You need to CHOOSE the STATE which you plan to be Licensed. If you do not have an SSN, go with the easier states that does not require SSN ( Social Security Number) for you to sit the exam. In my experience, I chose NMI ( Northern Marianas Island) it is practical and with less requirements. After all, you can just reciprocate your license or endorse it to other states. Other states if you do not like Marianas are, ILLINOIS, NEW MEXICO, NEW YORk, TEXAS . But again, each state has its own set of requirements so IT IS BEST TO GO to their STATE WEBSITE to get detailed information. T Third, after you have chosen your STATE comply with the requirements, BOOK for the TEST. ( It will give you the motivation and would challenge your deadlines) Fourth, know your learning strategies if you can learn more on your own or going to a review centre. I did not go to a review centre and just do a self review of my own for 2 months, and that worked for me. I did hundreds of Question and Answer everyday to gauge myself and my knowledge which is VERY essential in NCLEX. Fifth, Take the exam and claim it . The Computer is random and it would analyse your knowledge accurately by throwing you more questions on your weak points. S Sixth, once you are done with the exam DO THE PEARSON VUE TRICK AFTER 24hrs. (This is 100% RELIABLE). CONGRATULATIONS for PASSING, USRN. Now, what happens after you pass? I would say, take your IELTS, get a good score although for US they ONLY require you to get 7 in SPEAKING but i would suggest for your future reference it would not hurt if you get a OUTSTANDING REMARKS in IELTS and who knows you might want to apply in UK whilst waiting of your AMERICAN DREAM. After you pass your IELTS, find an agency to sponsor your VISA SCREEN or sometimes they sponsor IELTS fee too. Some agencies are, Health carousel, COX health ( just google it). Once they start accepting your CV they will work hand on hand with you PROVIDED that you have Bedside experience. Once you received your PD ( Priority date) your up to go and just wait for your visa screen to be released and you are up to go. Be PATIENT. It is better to wait for something that is for long term than waiting for NOTHING AT ALL. You can work in HEALTH INSURANCE company that employs USRN for you to save money for your requirements and license renewal or get a good IELTS score and be a Nurse in UK or Ireland for a while whilst waiting for your PD to be current. Nevertheless, whichever option you will pursue just bear in mind that your purpose is to settle in USA for greener pasture. GOOD LUCK!
  5. NirvanaUSRN

    After passing NCLEX

    Hi Everyone. I'm writing this follow up article so my fellow kababayan would know their pathway after passing NCLEX. For those who are Filipino our pathway is wait for our PD ( priority date) and right now , VISA BULLETIN PD is May 2014 which is a big leap from the slow movement. Moreover, I will give you a step by step guide on what you are going to do after accomplishing NCLEX. First, while waiting for your NCLEX state passing letter or ID which will be mailed to you by the BON ( Board of Nursing ) which you chose to be registered do not waste your TIME, schedule for IELTS. For US skilled Immigration, nurses are ONLY required to get 7 in speaking and a total band score of 6.5 The sooner you do your IELTS the earlier you get an employer and the earlier you will get your VISA SCREEN ( which is a requirement for immigration purposes). Second, once you receive your certificate of license from your state. Keep it for future reference. Pass the IELTS and as much as possible aim for good scores not just 6.5. Because remember that you still need to wait for your PRIORITY date to be current so might as well get OPTION B while waiting for your American dream. You can try to work in UK, IRELAND or AUSTRALIA. It would help for your credentials in attracting employers. Third, once you pass your IELTS get an AGENCY or direct employer who can petition you so you will have a PRIORITY DATE. Why I say so, having the priority date is very important because this will serve as your ticket to USA. Some of my friends are lucky enough to have their PD even without IELTS yet. How so? They found a direct employer who filed a petition for them. As for me, I'm lucky to be part of it. My IELTS fee was reimbursed and my VISA SCREEN was paid by my employer too. Hence, I have saved a lot. For the IELTS it is $200, VISA SCREEN thru CGFNS is $540. Fourth, once your agency or employer filed your petition they will be responsible for paying your petition fee which is 700$. Then all you need to do is to comply with their set of requirements. Agencies have their own scheme so I cannot disclose what set of requirements were asked to me because it differs from one to other. After that, wait for your vISA screen certificate and PD to be current. Then, you are ready to go to America after you successfully do your Embassy Interview and pass the set of requirements. Fifth, most of the agency/ employer would ask you to go back to bedside once your PD is close to the current date so you will be oriented to the clinical setting. Then, just adhere to what your agency would ask you to submit so there are no delays. Lastly, do not forget that everything happens for a reason so it needs patience for you to succeed. Nonetheless, IELTS , VS, or your state licenses and PRC have expirations. For: IELTS (2 years) VISA SCREEN ( 5 years) STATE licenses ( depends on which state you are licensed) PRC ( 3 years ) Renew your licenses. Have your ALL your black and white READY. We all know that MONEY IS an ISSUE but there are ALWAYS means if you have the WILL. GOD BLESS!
  6. NirvanaUSRN

    NCLEX RN Passed

    Thank you
  7. NirvanaUSRN

    NCLEX RN Passed

    Hi colleagues. Today is the official confirmation that I passed NCLEX RN. As promised to myself, I will share my experience to all of you who aspire to become a USRN. First I applied for Northern Mariana Island Board of nursing last year and I got my eligibility last November. The BON in NMI requires less requirements if you are up to less complicated process but the only down side of it is communication in the said island. I'm just thankful that I have American friends who helped me call to follow up my eligibility in the said island. Their number is quite confusing so you must really need to contact Carol Fleming as she is in charge to it. Second I started to register in Pearson Vue NCLEX in January 2016 and waited for my ATT and that is 200$. it took 1month for me to get a confirmation that I'm okay to schedule an exam so you just need to wait. I scheduled an exam for May 26 and it costs me 150$ since I'm based in Manila Philippines. So while waiting for my ATT, I made a calendar of what I need to read and do (basically a checklist) Third I read Saunders religiously. I did not go to a review center. I did self review for 2months even though it has been 3years already that i did not practice nursing because i work in a different field but saved to save for this exam and career as a nurse. Honestly, my nursing concepts are quite rusty but when i started reading Saunders i got the credits from it as it is basically basic and NCLEX is really theory and book based per se. I also take credits to my knowledge in college most especially to my review center before when I'm doing my NLE because i still can recall the foundation when it comes to diseases. Fourth I read the whole chapters of Saunders book and took Kaplan question bank, Lippincott, Huttel, La Charity for me to gauge my scores. My scores are quite good in Saunders and Lippincott and Huttel. Kaplan really has good input I should say on question strategy. It is really hard just like NCLEX RN. Lastly I took my exam last May 26, 2016 at trident tower. I was really doing a mantra 1 week before my exam that i should not be discourage to my score and that whatever happens I just need to feel confident on my answers and stick to it and will not change it no matter what. I prayed a lot that God will send me his Holy Spirit and give me wisdom so I may be able to correctly answer the questions asked. So, I arrived at the testing center 7:40am and I started at 8:45am and I finished the exam at 10:50am. My pc prompt for a mandatory break at question 79 and I utilized it. I thought I would stop at 75 but I did not. I stop at 115 and right from there I claim it to the Lord that I will pass. My questions are more of SATA, saftey and precautions and delegations. I have no computations, no drag and drop.I listed all my topics and questions after i took my exam but I will not share it since it's case nu case experience and before you take the exam you have to consent yourself not yo divulge any information or replicate the said questions. (We must adhere with that). I would say that NCLEX is hard but it is a fair examination. It is more on analysis and I can say that NLE is more difficult for me maybe because I have lots of knowledge that I was so drained with it not thinking of how i can attack the questions. When I took my NCLEX it seems that i can feel that the questions are the things that I expect to see (the flow itself on how it should be asked)so i just let my subconscious work during the exam and it is just like I'm answering my practice questions everyday. Pearson Vue trick--Trust me, this is really logical to say that it is reliable. Please do it after 24hours . You must enter a valid cc I was hysterical when I first tried it because a friend gave me a wrong cc and it prompted me an invalid cc which made me really really sad without thinking that I'm still on page 1 so TIP: use a valid cc and so the trick after 24 hours. We tried it again after 48 hours and in step 2 it will prompt you to SUMBIT--take the risk on this part or wait for quick results if your state participate to it. You passed if you cannot schedule an exam - "our records indicate that you are..." This really make sense now take it from me. My suggestions/advice Know your learning curves( if you are good in group or just yourself) Do pretest to gauge yourself before you start Saunders If you intend to read Saunders read it as if you know nothing:) start from the basic Take practice exam everyday per system and review the system where you score low. Do Kaplan finish it i suggest get the bank question online for 50$ Do Lippincott exams Do Huttel questions. It is good for 265 everyday to prepare you mentally for the exam The key here is to BELIEVE in yourself - Do it now do not delay it just trust yourself that you prepared for this exam and put your heart on it I will give you more tips on do and don'ts in taking NCLEX Rn or if you have clarifications you can reach me here.

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