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  1. After passing NCLEX

    Hello, Firstly, it depends on your agency/ employer really. I would say, MOST REQUIRES VISA SCREEN TO PETITION YOU as they need it ofr the immigration form filing. But, it is POSSIBLE also for an employer to just get you a priority date and your vi...
  2. After passing NCLEX

    Hi, I'm not that familiar with TEXAS BON requirement. However, you can double check their requirements. I strongly believe that in your case, it is easier if you just use your PHILIPPINE RN to apply for NCLEX since your saudi arabian license has been...
  3. After passing NCLEX

    your welcome
  4. FILIPINO: Becoming an RN in AMERICA

    Hi everyone, It has been a year now since I passed my NCLEX examination and I could not be grateful with the experience and privilege. I'm writing this article as a guide for those nurses who obtained their nursing education in the Philippines and ar...
  5. After passing NCLEX

    Hi Everyone. I'm writing this follow up article so my fellow kababayan would know their pathway after passing NCLEX. For those who are Filipino our pathway is wait for our PD ( priority date) and right now , VISA BULLETIN PD is May 2014 which is a bi...
  6. NCLEX RN Passed

    Thank you
  7. NCLEX RN Passed

    Hi colleagues. Today is the official confirmation that I passed NCLEX RN. As promised to myself, I will share my experience to all of you who aspire to become a USRN. FirstI applied for Northern Mariana Island Board of nursing last year and I got my ...

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