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RUmedic has 3 years experience and specializes in cardiac ICU.

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  1. RUmedic

    How old is too old to become a new RN?

    If you feel that nursing is what you really want to do, it would then make sense to go back in to hospital and start again as CNA, so that hospital would help cover nursing school tuition when you enroll. This way you would emerge as an RN and practically debt free. Having piles of educational loan debt at mid-age is not something I would want to bear. There's a surplus of nurses nationwide and finding employment is far from easy.
  2. RUmedic

    We'd like to offer you the position but............

    I would approach this from a different angle and speak with nurse recruiter before coming in for an interview. Often than not, department managers would have a set of certain requirements in mind well before they begin interviewing candidates. A nurse recruiter would be well informed about this and would tell you ahead of time if you'd be a good fit or not. That would save you time and frustration.
  3. RUmedic

    Can a hospital retract their job offer

    A while ago I had found myself in a similar situation with a job offer retraction. In my case the nurse recruiter did not even offer to send my info to other departments for consideration. She simply stated that the offer was rescinded and I'd be better off looking for an opportunity at another hospital. End of story. A paperwork, background check and physical were not even initiated and no reason for retraction was ever given. As others commented, even a signed job offer can be vacated by the facility unless there's a clause and contractual obligations expressly written. Accept it as a loss on their part and not yours. A better opportunity will present itself if you just keep looking. A uniform can be returned unless it was worn or had embroidery.
  4. Have you decided between the units? I am curious because I was offered a trauma PCU position and it is a night shift as well.
  5. It is not easy to find a hospital based employment in Central Florida either. Miami is likely worse. My advice would be to look out for opportunities at Regional community hospitals that are NOT corporate based. There are not too many, but they are out there. Corporations are scourge and they employ armies of recruiter grunts to turn applicants away. Once you trained your sights on a hospital, call their number and ask to speak with a nurse recruiter. Do not apply before you speak with the nurse recruiter, who can be a wealth of information and a great guide to steer you around some proverbial underwater rocks. After you spoke to a nurse recruiter, apply for 1-2 positions only! Do not apply to multiple ones as that would throw up a red flag to HR and they would make assumption you don't care which specialty it is you want to be in and turn you down before you even have your chance to sit down with a nurse manager. Good luck!
  6. RUmedic

    Orlando Tragedy - "Why Does It Bother You So Much?"

    To address your above statement in regards to "my safety as a lesbian citizen and the Orlando crime": 1. The Orlando club was and is a "gun free zone". I read a report that there was one off-duty cop that was shot at the door. Not sure if that was factual info, but there were NO ARMED security personnel on site. Florida statue on concealed carry says that a CCW holder cannot carry firearm in the place that serves alcohol. This means patrons would not be legally allowed to carry concealed even if they wanted to. By the same token, the club did not have any armed personnel to protect patrons. Why? No funds for trained and armed security? This question really begs to be answered. 2. Average response time for LEO's is 10 minutes. A lot of people can die in 10 minutes. The SWAT team that was at the scene had standing orders to not enter for more than an hour. Imagine being there and doing just the stand-by. Sounds like Benhgazi to me. In reference to your statement about "relatively untrammeled access to guns": I beg to differ. Did you ever purchase a firearm? There is no such thing as easy access to guns. Every legal purchaser undergoes FBI's NIC background check at the dealer and then undergoes a 3-day wait before they pick up unless they are CCW holder. CCW holders send in fingerprints and other paperwork to obtain carry permit by application. Not all states are "Shall issue", which means in some locales you might have to beg local Sheriff's office for permission to legal self-defense Once again, it's either armed security personnel or the armed citizen defenders, who would put a stop to it. First responders are always late.
  7. RUmedic

    Orlando Tragedy - "Why Does It Bother You So Much?"

    It is not okay with me, however I will not trade my liberty in for a false sense of safety. The right to self-defense is not a privilege, it is an inalienable right that cannot be taken away by the government. As poster rzyzzy said previously, "you cannot legislate evil away". No amount of legislation will keep terrorists in check. It would however create more sitting ducks, ready for the slaughter. Your personal safety is a prerogative and responsibility that is yours alone, so take it seriously.
  8. RUmedic

    Orlando Tragedy - "Why Does It Bother You So Much?"

    Who did you actually ask, all of us or just one in particular? Your question already has an answer, just look for a validation of this: - FBI's botched "Fast and Furious" plan has killed hundreds of Mexicans south of the border because the guns ended up in Cartel's hands. - The FSA (Free Syrian Army) armed by CIA to depose Assad killed thousands and destroyed the country. - The Afganistan's Mujahideen fighters armed by CIA killed thousands - The Libya's rebels armed by MI6 and CIA killed thousands in the Arab Spring So, who is arming who? And you are asking if we want to sell arms to terrorists. We already do!
  9. RUmedic

    Orlando Tragedy - "Why Does It Bother You So Much?"

    I know where this is going. Having no license never stopped anyone from operating a vehicle. If you are on your own land, you don't even need a license to operate a vehicle - that's a known fact. Over the road - yes. Lack of demonstrable competence to operate a motor vehicle never stopped anyone from driving and hurting someone either. You may want to check California's law on issuing licenses to illegal immigrants. That'll tell you. Lastly, in reference to this thread, Orlando shooter was a licensed security contractor and passed all background checks and yet that did not stop him in carrying out his horrific crime. He was intent on doing it. Conversely, criminals or potential evil-doers would never come in to the public office and demand that they be licensed and certified in operating their chosen tool of destruction.
  10. RUmedic

    Orlando Tragedy - "Why Does It Bother You So Much?"

    Liberal progressives usually don't keep an open mind. I do agree with your opinion though: One can't blame an inanimate object and not its operator. It's like trying to blame a car and not the driver if I drove it into a supermarket. There is no logic in it.
  11. RUmedic

    Orlando Tragedy - "Why Does It Bother You So Much?"

    The answer is simple: A citizen defender needs a semi-automatic rifle with a fast rate of fire to put out the threat quickly and efficiently. We do not live in the era of muskets and one-shot loaders and thus we the people need modern means and adequate tools for self-defense. If you never fired a weapon or understand why there is need for it, perhaps you should look at Paris, France and their recent terrorist attacks. In France there's a ban on most gun ownership and yet this did not stop the terrorists from using black market weapons to commit heinous crime against unarmed sitting ducks. If there was at least one person present with a semi-auto rifle (not a military grade BTW) and a couple of mags, the odds would not have been in a favor of attackers If you look at Israel, you would see that both genders of populace, without regard to sexual orientation serve in the military and know how to use a gun. This is vital to their survival and self-defense against Islamic radical extremists.
  12. RUmedic

    NCLEX RN Passed

    Congratulations on passing the boards and best of luck to you in finding a good residency position!
  13. RUmedic

    Tampa pay rates

    I have a neighbor who works as an IT Admin at Moffitt. He says it is a good place for oncology nurses, although I had a hard time even pushing my applications through their HR department. Being that they are a Magnet hospital, they only want the best of the best, i.e. BSN, Oncology certification, tons of experience, good credit, etc. I detested their application process and after a few attempts simply gave up on them. Your mileage might vary. If I were to choose between TGH and Moffitt, I'd go to Tampa General. Their pay and culture are better and they have less arrogance and such. There's a couple of positions that I saw which call for Infusion nurse w/Chemotherapy certification. That pays nicely. If you have chemotherapy cert, look into Florida Medical Clinic's listings. Lastly, whatever you earn in Va is going to be invariably more than what most Tampa hospitals pay. You trade dollars in for sunshine, humidity and no state income tax :) Good luck!
  14. RUmedic

    Is there Hope for me after 21 yrs???

    Are you still in AZ? If so their BON accepts transcript evaluations from ERES, which is a FAR better organization as opposed to CGFNS. ERES is in California and would get your transcripts evaluations done right and quickly for the board. I am not sure why they'd request 6 months for the refresher course but as far as shadowing is concerned, you can make an arrangement with an educator at a local hospital and they'll let you do it. You would observe but would not touch a patient. A refresher course in FLA is 90 days by comparison. I have done one since my graduation was in the 90-s. It may not be as bad as you project it to be. You are not too old to go back to nursing!
  15. RUmedic

    Tampa pay rates

    I hear you... It would then be my recommendation to look at Baycare and Tampa General Hospital. These two pay the most in the entire Tampa Bay area. Remarkably, neither one offers start bonuses. Both have great ED positions available (I assume you are an ER nurse). TGH is level I Trauma hospital and the only one level I trauma in Central FLA. Baycare is a great place to work at - I worked there.
  16. I second that opinion about the Baycare being of of the best places to work at. If you are to apply at Baycare, I'd also recommend Morton Plant in Clearwater. It has a strong L&D and CV base. They do pay generously for certifications and CE. Stay away from Mease Countryside though - they have some management and organizational issues. I would not recommend Florida Hospital in North Pinellas (Tarpon Springs). It used to be called Hellen Ellis before it was bought by Adventist. It was plagued by problems upon problems and poor delivery of care. Not much changed after it was bought out. I did my clinical rotation at St. Joseph Hospital North and it is a part of Baycare. I would strongly recommend this hospital for all the reasons stated above.

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