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  1. Failed nclex, pls help me if you passed Nclex in 2015

    Stay encouraged and dont give up.I was a repeat test taker and finally passed and now have RN added to my name.I went the cheaper route and used the NCSBN review.It is only $50 for the 3 week review.This helped me a lot during my NCLEX and boosted my...
  2. NCSBN NCLEX course

    Kaplan never worked for me,I kept having to retake the NCLEX.Some questions on the NCLEX do not apply to the descision tree.I finally passed this month using the 3 week NCSBN review.I read the content and did the questions on NCSBN.I was getting 70-8...
  3. Failed Nclex..Again

    I know how it feels not to pass.Dont give up,you got through nursing school and so this will also be a test that you conquer in the end. I also kept using kaplan and failing so the last time I decided to prepare with something different.I used the nc...
  4. Congratulations!!!!
  5. Failed the NCLEX-RN and FINALLY PASSED!

    I just love how you said that" it is when you have no other choice but to pass that you will".This is how I am feeling right now as a repeat nclwx taker.Thank you for the inspiration!!!
  6. Pearson Vue Trick 2014

    Keep us updated once you get official results!!!Nothing is definite until you get your letter in the mail;)
  7. Pearson Vue Trick 2014

    Yes there have been several posts on people who got good pop up using old credit card with no funds and passed.Do you have quick results in your state? That is one sure way to find out if you passed or not before the official letter from the board of...
  8. Pearson Vue Trick 2014

    I hope your experience is different than mine.But if you get a fail result, please dont give up.In another 45 days (depending on your state), you can still tackle the test again.WHATEVER YOUR RESULTS, DONT GIVE UP!!!
  9. Pearson Vue Trick 2014

    The trick was accurate for me a week ago and proved that I failed.I used an old credit card which tried to take money out and said funds declined.I then did the quick results and found out I failed.If they take money out, it proves someone failed.Don...
  10. Pearson Trick

    I recently failed NCLEX.I used an old credit card to do the nww pvt trick,and it went through and told me that there were insufficient funds.48 hours later I got the results that I had failed.Meaning if they try and take money from your card, you fa...
  11. took NCLEX twice and failed, help

    I have taken NCLEX twice and failed.Both times I had 265 questions.However I refuse to give up.We got through nursing school and can definitely get through a computer randomized test!!! Dont loose hope. I say go for it.Take the exam again.I am prepar...
  12. New pvt trick works to prove i failed

    Thanks for the encouragement BellaRose4281!!!
  13. New pvt trick works to prove i failed

    Yes its back to the drawing board.I will succeed next time!!!
  14. New pvt trick works to prove i failed

    I took my nclex rn on September 16 and when I tried the new pvt trick using an old debit card it tried to take money out and told me that the card was declined.Today September 18 I just found out that I failed the NCLEX.I am not giving up, being an R...