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fruitloops1972's Latest Activity

  1. fruitloops1972

    NCLEX Help!! Failed for the second time!

    NCSBN is a good one. It's straightforward just like NCLEX…good luck!
  2. fruitloops1972

    Delegation? Help

    Do not delegate what you can EAT--> Evaluate, Assess, Teach. Got this from the study guide that was floating on this site. Good luck!
  3. fruitloops1972


    Personally, I think that the NCSBN is more similar to the actual NCLEX. I used Kaplan and NCSBN. I feel however, that the NCSBN helped me more than Kaplan. I passed in 75 questions. Good luck:)!
  4. fruitloops1972

    New PVT how accurate?

    Looks like congratulations are in order:up:
  5. fruitloops1972

    Advise on how to prepare

    I liked the NCSBN review. It's also cheaper. It helped me passed at 75 questions.
  6. fruitloops1972

    Average Review Scores Please

    Don't worry about your score. What's important is you understand the rationale on every question that you review whether you got the question right or wrong. I liked the NCSBN review, it's cheaper too and in my opinion resembles the actual NCLEX exam. It's straight forward, just like NCLEX. I took NCLEX-RN in September and I walked in there prepared to take 265 questions and stopped at 75 and passed.
  7. fruitloops1972

    What to focus on, Before Exam(HELP)

    It's not so bad. Don't let your anxiety get to you and remember to breathe:) Good luck, you will do great:)!
  8. fruitloops1972

    Just got home from the NCLEX...

    It looks like congratulations are in order…good luck:)!
  9. fruitloops1972

    The Pearson trick

    Looks like congratulations are in order:) I got that very same pop up. Good luck:)!
  10. fruitloops1972

    THIRD NCLEX ATTEMPT! Study/preparation suggestions?

    I like the NCSBN review. It helped me a lot. The questions are straight forward and in my opinion kinda resembles the actual NCLEX type of questions. I passed at 75 questions. Good luck:)!
  11. fruitloops1972

    Nclex round 2 tomorrow- the winning round

    Good luck:)!
  12. fruitloops1972

    ordered response

    Hi! I got one:up:.
  13. fruitloops1972

    1 week before NCLEX

    Hi! Don't be nervous. You will do fine. It's not as bad as everybody says, don't let your nerves get you. I took 75 questions and passed. It took me 2 hours because I read every question and answer selections word for word. Kaplan questions were more difficult. My advise to you, DO NOT RUSH and remember to BREATHE. If you do not know the answer, make an educated guess, do the process of elimination and always remember that the answer is in front of you, it's just a matter of figuring out which one it is. Goodluck!
  14. fruitloops1972

    2014 Pearson Vue Trick (PVT) Poll

    New PVT trick worked for me. Went all the way to the credit card page and after I hit "submit order" button, I got the good pop up.
  15. fruitloops1972

    Pearsonvue trick changed

    I found out this morning that I passed:)! My name and license number was posted at Ca. BON this morning, yay:)!
  16. fruitloops1972

    Pearsonvue trick changed

    Hi mishidipiRN! I hope so…and I will post as soon as I get my result:)! Thank you for the words of hope:)!

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