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Pay for parking?


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Okay, how many of you here on allnurses pay for parking? We do at my hospital, and I can't fathom charging employees...

RNperdiem, RN

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I pay for parking. When you work on a large college campus where students and employees all want parking and land is expensive, they can and will charge for parking.

If employees complain about parking, all you get is a shrug and "the university owns all the land and parking lots".

I must be really lucky. I do not pay for parking at my job but I do pay when I go to school. I'm doing an lpn to rn program at a local hospital and unfortunately due to high demand for parking spots, we have to pay or get our car towed.

Been there,done that, ASN, RN

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Your employer does not cover your costs to get to work, that includes parking your vehicle.In densely populated areas, free parking is considered a perk.

For example, in Honolulu... you will pay to park your vehicle at work ...space is at a premium.

blondy2061h, MSN, RN

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Yep, parking is a nightmare at the area I work at. I pay a discounted monthly rate for ramp parking. Not having to brush my car off after a 12 hour shift when it snowed all day makes it soooo worth it.

Nope I don't pay for parking. But no one here does. Benefits of a small town hospital :)

FlyingScot, RN

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$800 a year!

emtb2rn, BSN, RN, EMT-B

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One of our local car dealers has been underwriting parking at my hospital for years. Nobody has to pay, employees or visitors.

I work in a large, downtown academic medical center, and everybody pays for parking. I pay a little over $100/month. In the medical center/university area, parking is really at a premium, and what employees pay is a big discount over the "market rate" for parking in the area (the hospital garage in which I park charges $22 for eight hours of parking for members of the general public who want to park there. My rate works out to ~$5.50/day). There is also an option to park farther away from the hospital and the hospital provides shuttle buses than run back and forth from the more distant garages; that option is less expensive.

firstinfamily, RN

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The last hospital I worked had a parking garage across from it that charged a $1.00/day, that was the only time I paid for parking due to working in mostly small communities.

We pay for parking, although, we do not pay nearly as much as some of the PPs.

MrChicagoRN, RN

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I've paid at 3 out of 5 Chicago area hospitals where I've been. Not uncommon where parking is at a premium, and public transportation alternatives exist.

We don't, but those that work in the city rather than the suburbs get the joy of paying for parking. Strangely, I don't find that as bad as charging patients/visitors for parking. Which the bigger hospitals in even the suburban areas around here do. I guess I just feel like they already pay enough to be there to have to pay for parking too? But that's apparently how they pay for the parking decks. The company that builds them gets to charge for parking instead of the hospital having to pay to build them.

Here.I.Stand, BSN, RN

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The city I work in doesn't enforce their meters overnight. So I have been parking in a metered spot near the hospital's entrance; I'd arrive 10-15 min. early in case I had to circle the block a few times. (I won't park more than a block away at night. I don't work in the Hamptons.) But I parked basically for free during the past year of working 2300-0730, unless it was approaching 0800 and I wasn't finished charting. Then I'd go down/out and feed the meter. I was told when I started that the city begins ticketing at exactly 0801.

I just started working 1500-2330 though, so now have to pay for parking. It's $8 for 8 hrs in a metered spot; I don't recall exactly how much it is to park in one of our ramps, but seems like it's near the same price as street parking. The hospital has two parking ramps...neither one of which I really want to walk to by myself at midnight. Unless the alternative is walking through a foot of snow. :roflmao:

dream'n, BSN, RN

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Wow, I had no idea nurses had to pay for parking at work. I work in a huge city and I've never heard of such a thing. I must be sheltered or something :eek:

Esme12, ASN, BSN, RN

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Yup....I paid for parking that was OFF SITE for $35-40/week that included a shuttle that would pick up other employees for an aditional 30-45 mins added to your day at the beginning and end of everyday (day shift) I didn't stay at that job long


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I work in Cleveland, and we pay 35 bucks a pay so roughly 70 a month...ugh it's brutal!! :(

classicdame, MSN, EdD

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a lot of companies, outside of healthcare, charge for parking. Either that, or you are on your own to compete with hundreds of others. Have you considered public transportation, even if only for part of the journey. I used to drive to a shopping center, park and then catch a bus. The bus did not come in my neighborhood