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MrChicagoRN has 30 years experience as a RN and specializes in Leadership, Psych, HomeCare, Amb. Care.

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  1. MrChicagoRN

    Experience before PMHNP

    My person opinion is that you are limiting your opportunities by not working as an RN 1st.
  2. MrChicagoRN

    Nurse sent pics from pts phone to his

    Despicable behavior for anyone, even moreso for a nurse
  3. MrChicagoRN


    It's all on the IDPR website. You apply for license by endorsement, so no NCLEX ever again.
  4. MrChicagoRN

    IL reciprocity status

    Google Illinois RN license lookup, but that will show only actual licensure. I don't know if there is anywhere to check where you are in the process. Illinois has always been slow, and the state hasn't had a budget in 2 years, so patience is required.
  5. MrChicagoRN

    BSN or ADN in The Chicagoland area

    IOM recommends 80% BSN nurses by 2020 so BSN prepared new grads move to the top of the interview pile over ADN. You most likely WILL be expected to have a BSN at some point, so best to get it now if you can. BSN, ABSN, or even a general entry masters. Usually very intensive, but sometimes only a year or two in length.
  6. MrChicagoRN

    Enough is Enough...

    Ever since sometime in the mid ninety's I've been in leadership roles, from supervisor up through manager with as many as 50 something reports. Last 5 years have been as Clinical Nurse Manager. This involves scheduling, discipline, hiring, mentoring, practice improvement, customer recovery, patient deescalation, regulatory compliance, and even direct care shifts if I couldn't find the staff. Lately, they had added multiple paper audits that killed many trees. Mix in 50 hour weeks, family needs, a very elderly (and needy) mom and her many pets needing my attention, along with an attempt to complete a PMHNP. I'm an excellent leader, but the manager part was killing me. Being a clinical manager was great, but its good to recognize one's limits and needs. Currently working towards establishing a better work life balance. Too much stress, for too long: have stepped down, and taking a break from work. If I don't take care of myself, no one else will.
  7. MrChicagoRN

    The test doesn't lie

    I 2nd you consulting an attorney as your ex-employer may be more responsive to him/her. I also wonder if you have a case for wrongful termination as it appears that they refused to confirm the test, and there are few tests that don't have the potential for false positives. Good Luck
  8. MrChicagoRN

    "So we're doing a peanut butter tasting...

    You are such a dreamer...
  9. MrChicagoRN

    Graduation Vacation?!

    Jumping off point for many Alaskan Cruises is Vancouver BC, an awesome town. Costa Rica is supposed to be really nice too.
  10. MrChicagoRN

    "So we're doing a peanut butter tasting...

    They're using latex condoms as balloons so all the kids can also learn how to open the package and slide it onto bananas.
  11. MrChicagoRN

    I almost got into a FIGHT!! Please HELP!!!

    Take a course in deescalation. There a lot of other ways to deal with the situation besides "calling him out." Do you know for a fact that was the guy? "Did you throw the cigarette at her," is going to get a response when you want your attention focused on the patient. And deescalation skills? You'll always use them: with patients, visitors, family members, coworkers, relatives, neighbors, stander-bys, etc.
  12. MrChicagoRN

    Asking me to go against policy

    The OP should not have to be fighting with this teacher or the teacher's boss. I think the OP needs to escalate this to HER own boss, and get some communication going. Perhaps everyone needs to sit down and talk it out. The nurse is responsible for the clinical wellbeing of the student, the teacher is in charge of the teaching. Perhaps the teachers need an education in what is or isn't significant, and need their anxiety levels decreased. But their needs to be some talking done.
  13. MrChicagoRN

    Psych RN certification

    I let mine lapse over 10 years ago. Would like to do it again, but a lot of hoops to jump through & focused instead on my application to PMHNP program. Not being certified was never an issue.
  14. MrChicagoRN

    Managerial Skills of a Nurse in Running Health Facility

    what is listed in the article as Leadership skills are actually more management oriented. Though often used interchangeably, leadership and management are two entirely different skill sets.
  15. It has some positive and rewarding aspects to it, but it can get old after a few years, and I think the burnout rate is much higher compared to staff nurse. I think some of us just play musical chairs, moving from position to position.
  16. MrChicagoRN

    Nurse Bully, please protect your young: "Don't eat them"

    Freud used an iceberg analogy to describe the three levels of consciousness: Conscious preconscious....easily brought to surface ...unconscious mind...what drives us and lays far below the surface. Unconscious Mind | Simply Psychology The anger iceberg is courtesy of the Gottman Institute The Anger Iceberg