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MrChicagoRN has 30 years experience as a RN and specializes in Leadership, Psych, HomeCare, Amb. Care.

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  1. MrChicagoRN

    Need Psych Nurse perspective

    What you saw in your clinical isn't typical of the experience of the inpatient experience. More frequently it will be people from the community experiencing a mental health crisis. Maybe their first, maybe an exacerbation of a chronic illness. I...
  2. MrChicagoRN

    PRN and scheduled meds

    When looking at possibly overlapping times of medications, you need to first look at it's potential effect on the patient. You don't want to double up a dose by giving the PRN too close together. How can you say the PRN is needed if you haven't...
  3. MrChicagoRN

    Panic attacks and losing my mind

    It's been almost a year and a half since you posted, so I hope you have reached your goal and it's working out for you. For anyone just reading the original post right now, please realize that you are rarely ever locked into any job. It's OK to ...
  4. MrChicagoRN


    NO. OP should NOT provide us with any details. 1. It's none of our business. 2. If posted, details could possibly be linked back to the OP and used against them. Lawyer up and share details only with your attorney.
  5. MrChicagoRN

    Experience before PMHNP

    My person opinion is that you are limiting your opportunities by not working as an RN 1st.
  6. MrChicagoRN

    Question for nurses that are male...

    Don't go throwing your fancy pants book learning at us. Next you'll be telling us you even know how the civil war started. Nobody knows that.... (hey, where did the emoticon button go)...not even the president of the eunited states!
  7. you can always also just forward selected emails to yourself, including attachments. Just don't send yourself any sensitive emails that need to remain encrypted.
  8. MrChicagoRN

    Nurse sent pics from pts phone to his

    Despicable behavior for anyone, even moreso for a nurse
  9. MrChicagoRN

    Anyone w/ experience on out of pocket Humira cost?!

    Try this site: Patient Assistance & Copay Savings Card for HUMIRA® Cost
  10. MrChicagoRN

    Interviewing after Accepting Job Offer

    You can always quit a job to take another, unless you signed a contract with penalties for leaving. Just realize that you are probably burning a bridge behind you. Someone once said, you only do this once in your career, as if it becomes a habit, no ...
  11. MrChicagoRN

    Enough is Enough...

    ..And you'll probably get blamed for all the uncompleted tasks left behind. Glad that you are in a better environment now.
  12. MrChicagoRN

    Inform director of leaving beforehand?

    New employers are unlikely to contact a current employer before you interview, and both parties are interested. It could be 1-3 months till you actually get an offer. so it may be good to not tip your hand too early.
  13. MrChicagoRN

    BSN or ADN in The Chicagoland area

    IOM recommends 80% BSN nurses by 2020 so BSN prepared new grads move to the top of the interview pile over ADN. You most likely WILL be expected to have a BSN at some point, so best to get it now if you can. BSN, ABSN, or even a general entry masters...
  14. MrChicagoRN

    Enough is Enough...

    Ever since sometime in the mid ninety's I've been in leadership roles, from supervisor up through manager with as many as 50 something reports. Last 5 years have been as Clinical Nurse Manager. This involves scheduling, discipline, hiring, mentoring,...
  15. MrChicagoRN

    Condom catheter

    No, you will not lose your license because of this.

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