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Hi, I was wondering about some of those weird names that you've probably encountered in L&D and PP. I remember when I had my maternity rotation a couple of weeks ago, one of the nurses said she... Read More

  1. by   momofstudent
    Quote from 33-weeker
    We have a boy named by his 4-year-old brother, 'Davian'. (Not Damian, 'Davian'. Hmmmm)

    We also have twin girls of a young teenage mom: 'Angela' & 'Angelina'.
    Guess the twins will have to fight over who gets to use the nickname 'Angie'.

    I wish I could be a fly on the wall when the twin are preschoolers and the mom is calling out to them when they both are acting up. Heck, I say the wrong name enough with my twins as it is, and they are 'Caleb' & 'Cameron'.
    i remember twin girls in California, Gwendolyn and Gwenevere. I think they also will have a tough day deciding who get the nickname "Gwen"
  2. by   momofstudent
    Quote from Booty Nurse
    A friend of mine works with children in a social service agency and has come across some weird names. One family had four boys: John Jr., Jonathan, Johnny, and John-John. These were the actual names on the birth certificates. Guess what dad's name was? Guess how big dad's ego was?

    Another one: Bayarea, perhaps not so bad except that they lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, locally referred to as the Bay Area.
    Remember what George Foreman the boxer named his sons? All of them are named George. Why, he knew his name was big and wanted all of his sons a chance to use it.
  3. by   tvccrn
    REcently had a female patient named Cornilius.
  4. by   tbell2
    Quote from midwife violet
    I have just remembered another, a sweet little baby girl called Holly. Mothers last name - Wood. (Mum explained that Holly was going to be known by dad's last name

    The nursing program I am currently in has not one, but TWO women named Holly Wood. Maybe it is not so uncommon!
  5. by   adc3797
    Justin Case (Just in case!!!!)
  6. by   Jaybird310
    I'm being an insomniac and since I'm anxiously awaiting the birth of my first child, I've been reading the L&D threads for a while. This thread should be entitled what NOT to name your baby. I'm going to refer people here when they look at me funny for telling them we're naming our baby boy Nash.
  7. by   Mrs Doolittle
    Only 2 stand out in my mind.

    Halloween and Cliti, which I thought sounded just way too close to clitoris.
  8. by   Jamesdotter
    Quote from adc3797
    Justin Case (Just in case!!!!)
    That reminds me of another one we had--Justin Thyme. I'm not sure whether he WAS just in time, or if the parents just thought it was cute.
  9. by   nrsang97
    We had a woman on our floor and her first name was Patience. She sucked your patience dry.
  10. by   mayoUNO
    don't you think BABY name is weird?just imagine when she grow old..her grandchildren will call her grandma Baby.. or even just friends when they're in 60's and they still call her baby
  11. by   33-weeker
    I finally remembered that boy name we had. I walked into NICU one day and there was a nametag "Ishaquiel" (spelling is to the best of my memory - I might be one letter off). Anyhow, I stood there running over the pronunciation mumbling it to myself... I finally thought "EYE-sha-keel"... that's odd... this child is caucasian/hispanic. Oh well.

    When I commented about it to a fellow nurse (we were alone), I was informed that I was wrong, it was a spelling variation of "ee-ZEEK-ee-ul". (In whose universe?!) Poor child. He'll be correcting people mispronouncing his name for the rest of his life. Where do parents come up with this stuff?!
  12. by   RJ---RN
    When I was doing my student rotation in L&D, this lady told me she heard the nurses talking about the MOST BEAUTIFUL baby name she had ever heard..................are you ready.............MECONIUM! Yep. Well I took the opportunity to do a little "student" teaching stat! When I told her what it was, she changed the kid's name to Shirley! Tee Hee.

    Also here is another. Last name was LEER, She named the baby Chrystal Shanda. GAG ME.
  13. by   ERjodiRN
    first: LUKE
    middle: SKY
    last: WALKER

    no.joke. and the parents were completely normal...and by that i mean not star wars freak or trekkis. they thought it would be "cute".