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mommy2boysaz has 10 years experience and specializes in OB.

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  1. mommy2boysaz

    CNO vs. Dept. Manager

    Thank you all very much for clarifying the difference in positions among smaller vs. larger facilities. Gave me much to consider!
  2. mommy2boysaz

    Contracted work with Medicaid

    I would also be interested in learning more about this. I would love such a position! (At least I think I would!) How's it going?
  3. mommy2boysaz

    7 months and I can't do this anymore.

    I totally agree with all the other posters who have said there are SO many options for RNs! Find something that fits you. Such as school nurse, industrial nurse, outpatient clinic, nursing home, assisted living, rehab, psych, public health, WIC, ho...
  4. mommy2boysaz

    OB RN wants a job outside of the hospital!

    How does the OB phone triage pay compared to floor nursing? Does anyone know anything about pursuing a job with a drug company or medical device company, doing sales or clinical education/inservicing? That is something I've considered...
  5. mommy2boysaz

    CNO vs. Dept. Manager

    I've been a nurse manager now for 3 years. Some of it I like, some of it I don't - Specifically, staffing and scheduling, as well as disciplining. And, of course when staffing isn't what it needs to be, I'm the one working the floor on the holiday we...
  6. mommy2boysaz

    Clinical Field Specialist or Medical Product Sales

    I have always been interested in this, too. Wish Allnurses had a separate specialty category for this! I love to travel, but am not quite ready to travel as much as is necessary for most of these jobs. In a few years, when my kids are grown, YES! ...
  7. mommy2boysaz

    So 39 weeks is the full term cut off now?

    Ideally, elective inductions at ANY gestation should be avoided. Evidence shows induction is not beneficial (if no medical reason) until after 41 weeks. I realize we are all patting ourselves on the backs for avoiding elective deliveries prior to 3...
  8. mommy2boysaz

    Preeclampsia Protocol?

    I was just wondering how many of you have a preeclampsia protocol that you use? Something that includes an algorithm and automatic order set that you implement when a woman in your dept has a high blood pressure... If so, would you be willing to sh...
  9. mommy2boysaz

    How old were you/how long did it take?

    I did Frontier's ASN-MSN Bridge program (took 3 years) and officially became a CNM on my 39th birthday. :) Good Luck!
  10. mommy2boysaz

    Nurse-Family Partnership?

    I am just interested in how this agency is to work with/for? Real life experiences? Do you feel like you are making a difference? Thanks!
  11. mommy2boysaz

    From floor RN to Nurse Manager .. help.

    I am in a very similar boat. I have been in my "new" management position for just over a year now. Ours is a small unit in a small hospital, so we are all fairly close. (Even with other departments within the hospital.) I still feel in general li...
  12. mommy2boysaz

    Question from a NICU nurse about WHNP

    My advice would be to do a little searching in your geographical area to see if there is a demand for WHNPs. They definitely have less liability than CNMs, since they don't deliver. I am a CNM, but would prefer at this point to practice more as a W...
  13. mommy2boysaz

    Monster Created by Previous Manager...

    Still working out these issues... Staff have been appreciative, leadership supportive. It is definitely a process! I am keeping my focus on what is best for the unit and the patients and not on specific individuals necessarily. It is hard, but I ...
  14. mommy2boysaz

    New Nurse Manager - advice needed!

    I agree with the last poster! I've been doing nurse management for a year and a half and still definitely feel like a newbie, but I rarely put in more than 40 hours per week. And if I have a week that requires 50+ hours, I try to take a day off to ...
  15. mommy2boysaz

    RN IBCLC advice

    I am a nurse, looking at possibly Pathway 1. Any suggestions for reputable programs to use (preferably online) to get the 90 hours of lactation specific education?
  16. mommy2boysaz

    LPNs in OB?

    Just wondering if any OB units are using LPNs in their staffing mix? If so, what is their scope? Can they be the second nurse in for deliveries? What about attending sections as the "baby nurse"? I am in Indiana, so if anyone knows specifically w...