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mommy2boysaz has 10 years experience and specializes in OB.

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  1. mommy2boysaz

    Online Faculty with MSN?

    I am very interested in becoming an online nursing instructor, but have the following questions: Background first... I have 21 years of experience as a RN (mostly in OB, but also in Med Surg, ER, Rehab). Obtained my MSN and CNM (Certified Nurse Midwi...
  2. mommy2boysaz

    Contracted work with Medicaid

    I would also be interested in learning more about this. I would love such a position! (At least I think I would!) How's it going?
  3. mommy2boysaz

    7 months and I can't do this anymore.

    I totally agree with all the other posters who have said there are SO many options for RNs! Find something that fits you. Such as school nurse, industrial nurse, outpatient clinic, nursing home, assisted living, rehab, psych, public health, WIC, ho...
  4. mommy2boysaz

    OB RN wants a job outside of the hospital!

    How does the OB phone triage pay compared to floor nursing? Does anyone know anything about pursuing a job with a drug company or medical device company, doing sales or clinical education/inservicing? That is something I've considered...
  5. mommy2boysaz

    How old were you/how long did it take?

    I did Frontier's ASN-MSN Bridge program (took 3 years) and officially became a CNM on my 39th birthday. :) Good Luck!
  6. mommy2boysaz

    Nurse-Family Partnership?

    I am just interested in how this agency is to work with/for? Real life experiences? Do you feel like you are making a difference? Thanks!
  7. mommy2boysaz

    Debrief After Traumatic Events?

    Do any of you have any examples of good debriefing processes where you work, following staff involvement with traumatic events? What has been helpful and what hasn't? We don't currently have anything in place, but I'd like to change that. I think ...
  8. mommy2boysaz

    Chamberlain or De Vry?

    I have a full time job, so I don't think the isolation factor would be an issue, but I can understand how it would be if you only worked from home. How many hours per week did you need to devote to each class as an online instructor? Just wondering...
  9. mommy2boysaz

    Chamberlain or De Vry?

    I noticed some job openings for online adjunct instructors at these nursing schools... Anyone have any experience as a student or teacher with them? Anyone do any online teaching someplace else? How do you like it? Thanks!
  10. mommy2boysaz

    For Those Who Offer VBAC...

    Actually, ACOG does not state that anesthesia, etc. must be in house for VBAC... It says that they recommend it be undertaken in facilities with staff immediately available to provide emergency care, but that in a facility with resources not immedia...
  11. Can any of you tell me roughly what your lactation consultants do on a routine day in your units? Do they round on all breastfeeding moms? At regular intervals? What about documentation? Any other duties? Thanks!
  12. mommy2boysaz


    Sounds like your facility is much larger than ours, LibraSun. :) We have no one in house 24/7. (450-500 births/year, 9 bed LDRP) We have a policy in place for twin deliveries that requires everyone be in house once patient is in active labor, an...
  13. mommy2boysaz

    For Those Who Offer VBAC...

    I am in Indiana. We have a very small unit (450-500 births per year) and have not done VBAC for many years. We used to do them, with good outcomes, but that was in the mid-late 90s... We currently have a similar protocol for all twin deliveries (a...
  14. mommy2boysaz


    Thank you. This is helpful. May I ask what state you are in? Do VBACs tend to get induced a lot to ensure day time delivery? Is there a lot of push-back from the folks that have to stay in house to wait for the delivery?
  15. mommy2boysaz


    I am particularly interested in your facility's policies for supporting VBAC deliveries if you are in a smaller, community hospital. Do you require surgeon/anesthesia/surgery staff to be in house throughout the entire labor? How have your outcomes ...