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  1. Bree124

    some truths about CNM salaries and benefits

    I'm not sure what you mean by "saturated." We have a lot of midwives who deliver at our facility (maybe 25?), and two of them are men. I haven't come across any patients who didn't want them solely because they were male.
  2. Bree124

    IV push hydralazine or labetalol - tele?

    We give both hydralazine and labetalol IVP frequently, and do not have the pts on tele. We do frequent BPs and pulse rates, but I think I would be much more comfortable if they were on tele monitoring.
  3. I was making a poor attempt at sarcasm, and in retrospect I see that it did not translate well across a computer.
  4. So we could be one-third lower, but we'd still be almost twice as high as Sweden... How does that work?
  5. Bree124

    I want to become a RN/LPN but confused

    Once you are an LPN, you can do a bridge program to become an RN. I don't think it would save you any time to do LPN then RN rather than just starting from scratch and becoming an RN. One advantage of doing the LPN-RN route would be that you could work as an LPN while finishing your RN, but I don't know if you would have time for that since you are a single mom. Good luck! Hopefully someone will have more advice or information for you.
  6. Bree124

    Insurance physical - What can I expect?

    I had one of those a few years back for my life insurance policy, just got weighed, had my vitals done, filled out some forms, and I think that was it...
  7. Bree124

    Hey!! I did it! I am an RN!! WooHoo!!

    Way to go!
  8. Bree124

    Can I apply for a job before I graduate?

    Yes, you definitely can. Times are tough right now, and if you can make good connections and get a jump start on the application process, maybe that will work in your favor!
  9. Bree124

    How long did you oriented as a new nurse?

    I think it depends on the type of unit and the acuity of patients, as well as the individual being oriented. The cardiac step-down unit position I was offered averages 8 weeks for orientation, the L&D unit position I was offered averages 12 weeks. I would be very nervous about anything less than 6 weeks.
  10. Bree124

    CandidatePerformance Report

    From what I know of the NCLEX, if you answered 241 questions, you were close to passing. Good luck next time - remember, DON'T RUSH, even if you think you are running out of time. The next question might be the one that is going to put you over the edge into the "pass" zone. And if you run out of time, you can still pass - they look at your performance on the last 60 questions to see if you will pass or not. Each question counts, just slow down, concentrate, and don't give up.
  11. Bree124

    Honest opinion for a soon-to-be New Grad

    I graduated in August, and just got offered an L&D position last week. The reason I went to nursing school was to go into women's health. I kept a very open mind during clinicals, and could definitely see myself doing well in other areas. If I hadn't gotten an L&D job, I would be excited to work med/surg and develop my skills. However, if you have the chance to do what you're really excited about, go for it!
  12. Bree124

    What is the Diff LVN and RN!!! help!

    I definitely agree to try to search for the differences between roles in your specific state. In my area, I have only seen RNs functioning as hospital nurses. It seems as though most LVN/LPN roles are in LTC facilities. However, I am assuming it's not like this in all states (and possibly not in more rural areas of my own state).
  13. Bree124

    2010 nclex exam

    I have not heard of oral exams, and agree that this wouldn't fit well with the CAT style of test right now. However, in the beginning of October they added an auditory component. The tutorial included an auditory question, but I didn't actually have one on my exam.
  14. Bree124

    Hurst review

    I did not do an actual review course, but did check out a few books from the library (Kaplan and Hurst, plus borrowed ExamCram from a friend). Kaplan questions were definitely the most similar to NCLEX questions. I thought Hurst questions were far too easy. Personally, if I were to spend the money on a review, I would do Kaplan. But if you think that Hurst fits your style and is helping you learn, go with Hurst!
  15. Bree124

    Talking to a CNM

    Thanks, ladies! It's so great to hear from people who are practicing. Very encouraging!