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I got my rn license in August of 2017. It is not February 2018 and I still having been able to secure a job. I have associate of science and currently in schoo doing the bsn.I live in south Florida.... Read More

  1. by   Wuzzie
    I really think the problem is your resume. Taking into consideration that it did not format correctly when you posted it here, it still is hard to follow and at least in one area gives the appearance of stretching the truth. There is no such degree as "pre-nursing". Please clarify your education and maybe we can help format it it better for you. Did you go to two different schools? Once we do that maybe we can help clean up your experience. BTW, you need to get your $200 back.
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  2. by   Mavrick
    Quote from Jedrnurse
    What kind of agency/travel jobs are available for a new nurse with minimal experience?
    Few or none. People who suggest this option to a new grad have never worked agency or travel, apparently.
  3. by   saongiri
    Quote from ItsThatJenGirl
    I think your resume is the main issue. It's jumbled and very generic. I can't really make sense of it.
    This. I am surprised that you said it was redone by a professional resume writer because it does not appear very professional at all. I think if you have someone look at it for you, that would be a major step in the right direction.
    Also I would look for a job somewhere you already have had a job or though connections from your clinical experiences.
  4. by   Maemir
    There is a med/surg RN post in Jacksonville FL if you are interested.
  5. by   KelRN215
    Quote from OsceanSN2019
    Dont be rude. OP, did not ask you to grade her grammar, and she is not writing an English paper so who cares?
    Who cares? Probably the people on the receiving end of the resume. Someone who doesn't care to edit their resume for spelling and grammar doesn't make a good first impression and said resume could easily end up in the circular file.
  6. by   snowebelle
    As a native Floridian that has worked in numerous FL hospitals, my advice is to LEAVE FLORIDA!!!!!!!!!!!

    The facilities pay poorly, understaff, you get worked to death during snowbird season and get low-censused to the point of poverty in the off season. Many hospitals are behind the times by about 10-20 years as far as policies and loath to change.
  7. by   Green Tea, RN
    When I was working on a med surg floor (in Midwest), I met an RN who was from Florida. He told me it was impossible for him as a new graduate to get a job in Florida, so he was relocated to Midwest. He got two years of experience on med surg and safely moved back to Florida.
  8. by   applewhitern
    Quote from NurseBeans
    You are correct about school nursing being desperate and paying poorly. But I would really not recommend it for a new grad nurse. It takes a few years of clinical experience before being able to function alone, responsibly and confidently. In my state 3 years of supervised clinical experience is REQUIRED to apply for school nursing positions.
    Wow. School nursing jobs are very rarely available around here because nobody ever quits them. Plus, the ones who get hired either know someone closely associated with the school (like board members) or are married to someone with the school. They aren't desperate by any means.
  9. by   Nurse Beth
    Quote from Dadrie
    I thought my resume might have been the problem so I had it redone professionally. $200 later not even and interview.
    That's too bad, and I can't help but think you were charged too much. If the person was not in the nursing industry, they probably weren't helpful.

    I have a background as a nurse hiring manager and have written extensively on how to stand out and get hired as a new grad. It's actionable strategies that work. It's important to land a job sooner than later before you lose new grad status.

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  10. by   SobreRN
    When I graduated in 1996 an RN could walk in anywhere and be instantly hired. When economy tanked in 2008 I quickly found out there was no shortage as I had left a job of 10 years to do something 'different', the something different I found was travel, temp and PD. You cannot do that as a new grad and a lot of aspects suck.
    In 2008 everyone went into healthcare thinking it was bullet-proof and now we have a glut of nurses, it does not help that you live in Florida (I live in California, both states are highly sought by travelers.) I would just cast a wide net, I have never worked in LTC and heard the pay is less than desirable but you would be working and gaining experience. Best of luck!
  11. by   SobreRN
    Quote from nuangel1
    work with an agency do contract or local travel assignments .usually 13 weeks.
    You need a lot of experience for travel, it is one day orientation at most so new grads cannot do travel.
  12. by   vsheehan
    Quote from Dadrie
    I thought my resume might have been the problem so I had it redone professionally. $200 later not even and interview.
    I have been trying to find a professional resume writer. DO you have the contact info?
  13. by   KelRN215
    Quote from vsheehan
    I have been trying to find a professional resume writer. DO you have the contact info?
    Did you read the OP's resume posted on page 2? I don't think you want to hire a professional resume writer who can't proofread and the OP was unsuccessful at getting even an interview with this resume writer...