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  1. When I was a nursing student, I almost passed out by watching circumcision on a newborn baby. The baby boy was agitated and made me nauseated and dizzy. I became a surgical nurse a couple years later. I have never passed out. I think you will get over with it.
  2. Green Tea, RN

    I wrote up a surgeon and looking for advice

    You should really watch how your management reacts and acts to the safety issues you have experienced and reported. If they do nothing or do not back you up, maybe you should look for a new job. The culture most likely will not be changed without management's help. Furthermore, they may not be doing their job to begin with if they do nothing for the safety issues. It should not be circulator's responsibility to discipline doctors.
  3. Green Tea, RN

    So we have enough nurses nursing supervisor, really?

    Working as a nurse, it did not take long for me to realize that the management cares their position and salary only. Dangerous nurse to patient ratio? None of their business. Sad.
  4. Green Tea, RN

    new nurse- NP or PA school?

    If you do not like nursing, it is okay to leave. I found nursing was not for me, and I'm on my way to the exit (I go to school and work as a nurse part time). From my observation, nurses complain about their job, but majority of them just do not leave. I personally cannot do that. If i were in your situation, i would definetely choose to go to a PA school. I saw you are interested in surgery or dermatology. I used to work in surgery, and they prefer to hire PAs over NPs. I even know a PA who is a former nurse. She was a circulator and then chose a PA school for her advanced degree. Good luck!
  5. Before making any decisions about this, how is the nursing market for new graduates in your area? I am asking because you may not find a nursing job either even if you get a nursing degree if your area is suturated with nurses.
  6. Green Tea, RN

    Guys, I'm an unintentional job hopper.

    As long as you are still employed, i call it good. Nowdays i feel it is not easy for a nurse to find a place to work for a long period of time anyway. Good luck!
  7. Green Tea, RN

    Feeling lost, need advice

    I am glad to hear you are safe with your support system now. You are not a failure. I do not necessarily feel going into nursing was a mistake to you. I personally know a nurse who was from out of state, started orientation in the OR where i work, and moved back to her home during orientation because she could not handle the stress in the OR and also was too homesick. Not new to me. Take care of yourself.
  8. Green Tea, RN

    First RN job, and I'm having second thoughts

    I read your whole topic, but i have hard time understanding why you feel you are incompetent and stupid. By reading your post, i did not feel much of problems at your workplace. Maybe you are just bored at work? There is not a nursing job which utilizes all the nursing skills taught in nursing school. Like i work in the OR and i dont do head to toe assessment or med pass at all. I do not think you need to worry about loosing nursing skills too much.
  9. When I was working on a med/surg floor, I saw a nurse aide who used to be a LPN. I don't know the details (LPN licensure, pay, etc) of the lady though. The hospital had chronic retention issue of both nurses and aides, so it must be helpful to the hospital no matter what role the lady did. I personally loved to be assigned to act as an aide and help around when aide was short. I felt it was much less stressful than being a nurse.
  10. Green Tea, RN

    How can I figure out if nursing is right for me?

    By reading your posts, I am kinda convinced that if you jump into nursing without knowing what is real, you will most likely be ended up in disappointment. Let me give you a real life example on patient and staff safety. Repositioning or transferring patient is a nurses daily task. Nothing special. In the us, more than 70 percent of the population is either overweight or obese, so often times it is impossible for a nurse alone to move the patient. It is evidence based practice (or just common sense) that you need help of another nurse or nurse aide to do the task for safety of patient and staff. In the real nursing world, you may not have enough help at all because the management does not care. They wanna maximize the profit, so why do they put extra staff? This is nursing.
  11. Green Tea, RN

    Can I be a nurse without majoring in BSN?

    Why dont you become a nurse aide and see if you really wanna work in healthcare in general? It does not even require you to have a degree. From my experience and observation, many young people tend to rush to college education without knowing what they wanna do or what they can do with it after graduation. I know enough college graduates could not find a job and ended up going back to school for a nursing degree.
  12. Green Tea, RN

    Feeling like I made the wrong decision by getting into nursing

    Out of curiosity, why did you come back to school for a BSN even though you have a degree in Chemistry/Biology already?
  13. Green Tea, RN

    Is this for Me?

    I like turtlesRcool's advice. In addition, I would recommend you to check the market in your area first unlness you are willing to relocate. I live in an undesirable area so nursing jobs are plentiful, but it is not the case in many large cities.
  14. Having experiences working with patients before becoming a nurse may be beneficial (like you can see what it is like to take care of patients), but it is not a must. I personally did not have such an experience, but I have no problem being a nurse.
  15. Green Tea, RN


    My school required to get at least 75% (even every syllabi in nursing school noted "74.9% will not be rounded up to 75%"). If a student failed two classes, s/he was kicked out. No mandatory tutoring like you mentioned existed in my school.
  16. Green Tea, RN

    I should continue with the nursing program or change my degree?

    I was like you when I was in a nursing school. I realized I didn't like nursing but I didn't quit nursing school because it was competitive to get in the program (I studied a lot) and I did not find anything else to do either. I have been an RN for a couple years, and I'm ready to get out. About a year ago I went back to school for my masters in a STEM field (not engineering though) and working as a part timer. I have no regret in becoming a nurse. Meanwhile, I also have no regret choosing to get out of nursing. I just wanna share my story. Good luck.

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