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  1. Green Tea, RN

    Feeling like I made the wrong decision by getting into nursing

    Out of curiosity, why did you come back to school for a BSN even though you have a degree in Chemistry/Biology already?
  2. Green Tea, RN

    What is it like to work in a good hospital?

    One day I was doing chitchat with my co-worker. She said she wanted to work at another hospital located a few hours away, but she mentioned it was very hard to get hired into the hospital because no nurses leave unless they retire. It made me wonder what it is like to work in a good hospital like thst. I have worked on medsurg and in OR at a hospital, and definitely the experiences were unpleasant. High turnover, low pay, intentional short staffing, punishment on use of PTO, poor benefits, the list goes on. If you think you work for a good hospital, could you share what you like about the place?
  3. Green Tea, RN

    Depressed anti social low self esteem. What to do?

    I was surprised that I have a lot of similarities with you. I'm not from the us. I came to this country when I was 18 and I didn't know how to speak English at the time. What makes things complicated is that I am really socially awkward (I'm possibly with asperger's). People think I am not good at explaining because I speak English as a second language, but I know I cannot explain well even in my native language. I work as a nurse in the OR part time and take some classes at local school to get my master's degree in a STEM field. I never think it is too late to go back to school. I have worked in medsurg and OR, and I am certain it is quite disadvantage if you cannot communicate effectively in any nursing area. Once I get my master's, I will never work in nursing again.
  4. Green Tea, RN

    Is this for Me?

    I like turtlesRcool's advice. In addition, I would recommend you to check the market in your area first unlness you are willing to relocate. I live in an undesirable area so nursing jobs are plentiful, but it is not the case in many large cities.
  5. Having experiences working with patients before becoming a nurse may be beneficial (like you can see what it is like to take care of patients), but it is not a must. I personally did not have such an experience, but I have no problem being a nurse.
  6. Green Tea, RN

    I should continue with the nursing program or change my degree?

    I was like you when I was in a nursing school. I realized I didn't like nursing but I didn't quit nursing school because it was competitive to get in the program (I studied a lot) and I did not find anything else to do either. I have been an RN for a couple years, and I'm ready to get out. About a year ago I went back to school for my masters in a STEM field (not engineering though) and working as a part timer. I have no regret in becoming a nurse. Meanwhile, I also have no regret choosing to get out of nursing. I just wanna share my story. Good luck.
  7. Green Tea, RN

    How many people made it to the end of the program?

    Started with 70 and graduated with 52
  8. Green Tea, RN

    Nurses that “only do it for the money”

    I know a couple nurses at my workplace who chose nursing as a second career. They could not make a living with their first bachelor's degree, so they got their BSN on top. Nowadays, many college degrees will not lead you to a job. I think it's nothing wrong with them to get a nursing degree for money.
  9. Green Tea, RN

    Is this nursing?

    I can relate totally. And you know what? I currently work as an RN part time and go to school for my master's degree (in a STEM field). One of a few good things about nursing is that many nursing jobs are flexible. I'm quite happy with my decision of going back to school. Cutting back hours of work definitely improved my quality of life. I have been a nurse for 3+ years, and I am quite ready to get out. Once I get my master's, I will never work as an RN again. If things go as planned, I will be completely out of nursing in about a year. Exciting. Good luck to you.