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  1. Chamberlain FNP Student

    It’s definitely an attempt to obfuscate the quality of their program. My school (Frontier) posts clear stats about their graduation rates. While they graduate 900ish NPs and DNPS a year, only 200ish are FNPs. Since 2018, they’ve had a 100% first time...
  2. Chamberlain FNP Student

    Can’t we all just “agree to disagree”. 🤣
  3. Chamberlain FNP Student

    This isn’t about disagreeing. I pointed out a litany of questions people need to ask discern the quality of their program. Not a critique about you or the work you put in. But when the level of work required to finish a program is exceptiona...
  4. Chamberlain FNP Student

    Yikes. So by what I’m reading, no rigorous examination requirements or proctoring exams. Someone who fails their license exam still walks away with an MSN (which still has value as an RN) from a course that didn’t expect high standards in their dida...
  5. Chamberlain FNP Student

    I will say not all online programs are created equal. The for-profits stand out as the typical “do not attend”. But it isn’t limited to this. You need to research what their test standards are. Do they have an exam score cut off to pass? Do the...
  6. Does RN experience affect NP salary quote?

    I’m taking outpatient. Maybe that’s the difference for some.
  7. Does RN experience affect NP salary quote?

    That’s strange. My first job, I was easily able to command 15k over my immediate peers based specifically on my RN experience. I was able to articulate the impact it had on my own practice as an NP and what it brought to the clinic. Maybe it was good...
  8. Does RN experience affect NP salary quote?

    Physical examination and assessment? Time management? Pattern recognition (which shouldn’t be downplayed). People who minimize RN experience and the importance it has on advance practice nursing fail to grasp the whole point the profession. Capitali...
  9. Air Force nursing FY2021

    I’m just now seeing this. Hard to say on what the circumstances was. Hopefully it was fruitful!
  10. Does Palliative Care Limit Career Path?

    Anytime you specialize you run that risk. I started my RN career in PACU. the only way I broke out of that (besides getting my FNP) was transitioning to an acute pain nurse. ICUs didn’t want that background and the floor would require too much to rel...
  11. Air Force nursing FY2021

    The timeline can vary. You should have two interviews. A nursing manager and an APRN head. If the spots are filled for the year, the next boards probably won’t occur until on or near next October. That doesn’t mean things can’t or won’t open in the ...
  12. Anyone prescribing Ivermectin or Hydroxychloriquine?

    Nope. The only patients getting hydroxychloroquine are my lupus or RA patients. Past that there’s no FDA approved rational for COVID (presuming that’s the population you’re considering).
  13. RN to MSN

    I had a good experience with Frontier Nursing University. Hardest part might be the in person requirements if you're a single mom. That's situation dependent. I also believe they do strictly DNP now (not necessarily a bad thing though). If you ca...
  14. FY2022 nurse corps check in

    As noted, it's typically have an 8 week course and nurse corps and a range of others are often in that. There is still a 5 week course which I had the fortune of going into. Few people get these spots and nurses/NPs are typically for extenuating ci...
  15. FY2022 nurse corps check in

    Well since I’m just now kicking off the FY2022 OTS class today, I figured I’d get a thread going for FY2022 nurse corps. Who’s selected, where are you going, and lmk if you have any questions. I technically commissioned two months ago, but that’s a ...