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djmatte has 7 years experience as a ADN, MSN, RN, NP.

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  1. djmatte

    Negotiating a salary increase based on production

    I’m curious what your patients per day is to hit those numbers?
  2. djmatte

    Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    When I was a periop RN, there were many complaints of their own saturation. Certainly not on the scale NPs face, but their we’re at the time starting to show it. Also as they typically fall under anesthesia services, they were finding less groups willing to to pay previous salaries. We had an MD from one group a couple years back splinter off, undercut the previous group While hiring new CRNAs and the hospital switched. Many saw it coming and some switched at a pay cut while others protested. In a single day almost an entire CRNA team switched. That is a frightening prospect to me for one of the most advanced degrees You can get as an RN.
  3. djmatte

    Air Force Nurse Boards Jan 2020

    I am applying as an FNP. Cleared both of my interviews in the past week. MEPS was cleared by the Navy last March. fingers crossed on getting in the first time. Word was only 5 FNP spots and nobody reviewed last board. So hoping to get through and back to active duty.
  4. djmatte

    Air Force initial rank

    Hey all. I am finalizing my package for the next board. I have not had the most confidence in my recruiter through this process. There are a myriad of things I have sent him over the past few weeks that he has asked me to resend multiple times. He today sent me a paper (form 1431) which indicates entry rank and monetary start. Now this DOES state on this form that this is not a final contract and only an estimate. He specifically stated on the form I have 2 years as an NP (true), but didn't specify any of my time as an ADN which I was for approximately 7 years prior. I asked him and he seemed unsure as to whether they would count that (I can't be the ONLY person who was a prior ADN he's come across). He said that since I am going in as an FNP, that's all they would consider on experience. I thought Navy was the only one that did this, but I could be mistaken. He noted that if personnel had an issue with it they would kick it back. My other concern is I am prior service with 9 years in up to the rank of SSgt. On that form, the pay for rank O2E with 4 years of service was there. Should this be set up to reflect my 9 years? Meaning at least O2E with 8 years in service? Or are OE ranks defaulted to the four year mark? Not trying to slow this process and if it all will rectify prior to my oath, then I won't push too much. Also it's more important to me to get in than to worry about the semantics of whether I am an O2E or an O3E when I finally clear this hurdle. Just wondering if anyone here could clarify some of this.
  5. Question one appears to me asking how you will accomplish this task. Will you be taking time off from work to ensure you can succeed? How many hours a week to you anticipate to stay the course and succeed? Will you arrange your personal life to adequately study and achieve your goals? What kind of study habits do you foresee will be required to ensure you meet your goal? It's there to help them understand your commitment and you to start thinking about your own plan of attack. Question two is just looking at your background and how you can either apply it to your new specialty or what parts of it influence how you decided on your chosen field. Also where you are hoping this choice will bring you career wise (maybe in context of your own history). For instance, before FNP school, I was a Preop/PACU RN for my whole career. While this has minimal consistency with the role or work of an NP in primary care, there were elements of it that moved me toward being an APRN. Understanding the eventual result of a range of disease processes and the expected outcomes of surgery can easily translate into a passion to reduce surgery need and improve outcomes before serious surgeries have to happen. Many RN positions can translate into APRN practice if you think hard enough and in some cases outside the box.
  6. djmatte

    5 8s, no thanks!

    Lots of NPs have children and still carry a full load. Whether you're working 4 tens or 5 eights, or any derivative therein, it won't make a difference on what your work-load ends up being. Regardless, you're putting the cart before the horse. Get through school, learn your craft, then worry about your schedule down the road. Kids will happen regardless of your schedule and you may not easily find someone very flexible (if ever). That's the reality of this business. Unless you are in independent practice, you are at the behest of whomever your employer is and their goals.
  7. djmatte

    Is it the idea of NPs in general Dr. Leah Houston is disgusted with?

    Those who are most vocal often have the most to hide or make up for. Wouldn't be shocked to see her on a suspended license list or serious malpractice suit some day.
  8. djmatte

    Prescribing new medications?

    I’m not in a position to look for it right now, but this is how I used to do it. Either an article or CME I attended recommended rather than maxing out single drugs, to add a second or third agent. The thought was to reduce the potential side effects of Max doses and allow synergistic effects of some meds. I recall it noted people on multiple drugs at lower doses had more benefit than mono therapy. But it also noted people on more drugs were less likely to take meds as prescribed so there’s that.
  9. djmatte

    DPC (Direct Primary Care) for FNP independent practice

    Are we talking no Insurance subscription Models?
  10. djmatte

    Navy FY2020 nurse practitioner accession

    Hoping for sure. Though I saw that pic. It’s misleading as the numbers noted are for fy19. Fy20 has nothing listed. Though I’m getting am Air Force package as well now.
  11. djmatte

    What happened to the post masters certificates?

    My school offers post masters options. https://frontier.edu/post-graduate-certificate/
  12. djmatte

    Be careful people.

    I would question the operation of any “pain clinic” that is run by Just two clinicians. Despite their Stated mission, if they don’t have an array of pain management options to include physical therapy, paint board certified clinicians, etc in house, then they are basically a pill mill. Disgraceful.
  13. djmatte

    Drug confirmation results not clinically relevant

    I’m actually curious how pain clinics are doing with thc becoming more legalized. Is that still a factor when considering passion and opiate contracts? Our primary care clinic will stop care for some drugs. Thc is provider’s specific and typically therapy isn’t stopped with it present.
  14. djmatte

    Is the PACU floor a good start for a new RN grad?

    I started as a new grad and did half my RN Career there. I don’t believe experience is something you need so long as they train you. While the old adage is its where ICU nurses go to die, I find people who come from other units often don’t like the change and transition back. My first job was in periop at one of the biggest hospitals in Detroit. new grads there regularly started in Ed, icu, and pacu. The hospital had a critical care training course we all needed to take prior to starting. The downside to starting there is it is a limited setting. Most patients will be the same process over and over. Skills and activities you may do on the floor you won’t do in pacu. You won’t gain the skills and nuance of managing a number of patients on a unit where you have to balance time and delegation in the same capacity. The job could make you feel pigeon holed in this capacity. Its easy to stay there. Hard to get out of. But you can expand on the skills you learn there. I moved my job into pain management and helped start one hospitals acute pain service. During np school I was also able to use the dedicated patient time to hone much of my physical exam techniques we were learning. so even though I was limited in some aspects, I’m working now in primary care as an fnp despite starting in pacu.
  15. djmatte

    Navy FY2020 nurse practitioner accession

    Per my recruiter, navy is not looking good for fnp 2020. This could be 2 years in a row they recruit zero FNPs.
  16. djmatte

    Air Force Nurse Boards October 2019

    I was just told by my recruiter they did not review FNPs for this last board (might be different from HPSP recruits). As of yesterday, there are still 5 billets open for FNP.