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NurseBeans has 18 years experience as a BSN, RN, EMT-B and specializes in school/military/OR/home health.

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  1. NurseBeans

    Packet for incoming Kindergarten students

    When I worked elementary I drafted a letter I liked to give out when they do their kindergarten assessments (May and June). It included all the basic information the parents wouldn't necessarily know, like when to keep your kid home, why the nurse may call, what the immunization and physical requirements are, the importance of letting the nurse know about allergies, etc. Often the parents who had used daycare or preschool were very well informed but it seemed like the parents who had kept their kids home from birth to 5 were very much caught off guard by some of the basics (like please don't send your kid in when actively vomiting). Many of the parents didn't even realize there WAS a school nurse. So the letter was a good means of introduction to the nurse and the whole school environment. I mean, I'm pretty sure no one read it but I could always say I had tried to inform.
  2. NurseBeans

    Clearing bathroom odors

    That orange spray we used to use in the hospital...think it's called Citrus II
  3. NurseBeans

    Why so long

    This frustrates me...because as much as I understand having to work and not wanting/being able to leave work or take time off work, isn't it one of those things you have to consider before having children? Like, you may have to pick them up at some point...so you may have to make arrangements or hell, even switch jobs to accommodate the kids. I know I have switched jobs, dialed back hours, switched shifts, even changed my nursing specialty because the school is not a daycare. I really think that's the issue at hand, they think the school owes it to them to handle their kids for 6.5 hours.
  4. NurseBeans

    School Nurse Job Offer Help!!!

    I am on the East coast so I can't speak to LA, but I can say I had to pay for my own credentialing/certificate. It was through one of our local universities. I also had to pay to take the Praxis because we are on a teacher's contract. Than about a year later they made the 1300 dollar course free online and discontinued the Praxis for nurses requirement. I may have said some bad words when they told me. But yeah, the cost and the pay cut are worth it to me. I spend summers with my kids instead of them sitting in childcare or camps they don't care for.
  5. NurseBeans

    How many?

    2 nurses, 900-1000 students we really are lucky!
  6. NurseBeans

    504 plan for interstitial cystitis--I'm stumped!

    Thank you all--I have not been able to speak with parent or doctors yet. Admin had come to me to see what her story was regarding truancy, and all I could say was she has no 504 but she has had this condition and chronic absenteeism since first grade (she is in seventh now). She has skipped around different districts and it looks like she is doing it due to the truancy issues, and I think she hadn't been anywhere long enough to get a 504 started. I just wasn't really sure I could do much in a 504 beyond bathroom access, which admittedly she already has established. Which could also be the reason she has no 504. Lots of unanswered questions with this kid (and parent), I just thought I would get my ducks in a row.
  7. Ok, I have a middle schooler with interstitial cystitis, which I know is rare for the age group but from the looks of it, she has had issues since early childhood and is a chronic truancy problem. I'm sure not all of her absences are due to her medical issues but that's neither here nor there. I was trying to have a discussion with parent about a 504 and besides unquestioned and quick access to a bathroom, I cannot for the life of me imagine what to put on a 504. Anyone have anything to add? I really want to get this kid to attend school more often and my only real tool is the 504.
  8. NurseBeans

    504 for osteogenesis imperfecta

    I don't still have a copy, but from what I can recall, it was pretty much "send child to nurse if any c/o pain or any witnessed fall/bump/impact". Like, be more cautious with this child than the rest. No other restrictions were desired from her physician.
  9. NurseBeans

    High School Sports Physicals

    I feel like if you are asked to keep track, then you should absolutely be checking rosters. Otherwise they need to keep you out of it. Best believe it would come back to the person tracking things if something went wrong. I would either start pulling kids or get rid of the responsibility since they aren't allowing you to do what needs to be done.
  10. NurseBeans

    40 Students per day... YIKES!!

    I am a bit late to the party here with a comment, but we have two nurses here (MS, 900 plus students) and last year we saw...brace yourselves...150 students a day. Yowza...the other nurse has been here quite some time and she would put out an entire snack buffet for the kids, she had closets full of clothing, she would let them come in and fix hair and/or make up, she would let them come in and JUST. SIT. AND. TALK. Not a student in crisis who needed counseling, mind you, but just come in and visit. Well by June I had enough and had come to the conclusion that what I was doing wasn't nursing, so I left the job. Circumstances are such that I find myself long-term subbing in the same school, in the other nurse's position, and the new nurse's mentor came in and absolutely demolished the clothing and shoe stash, and is teaching the new nurse not to feed them, not to give them mints or cough drops or lip balm or bottles of water...we see maybe 30 a day of legit health problems. And this new nurse is AMAZING and we work well together and I am so so sad that I am but a sub and will have to move on eventually but that is another story for another thread. The point here is, they are like cats. If you offer food and clothing, they will show up in droves. If you just get rid of stuff like clothes and shoes and your answer every time is "I don't have any", they will stop showing up and you can focus on actual nursing. The teachers are slowly getting the message. Patience.
  11. NurseBeans

    Cough drops

    I give ONE. I bought sugar free mint ones that the kids don't like as much and I figure, they're just nasty candy and when my supply is gone for the year...it's gone. I do point out to the non-coughers that they haven't coughed since entering my office. about 95 % of the time this will result in a fake, half-hearted attempt at a cough. This is purely for my own amusement as I'm going to hand over the cough drop anyway. Oh, and I never give one to the same kid two days in a row. I tell them they can bring their own and no one is frisking anyone in the halls for contraband cough drops. I did have a kid today who came in for a cough drop, I gave it. He came back several hours later asking for another and I asked if it worked earlier. He said no, and I asked "why would I give you another when the first one didn't work?" He was stunned that I didn't just hand over the cough drop. But seriously, if something didn't work, do you try it again or move on to other intervention? Even a KN can figure that out.
  12. NurseBeans

    C'Mon Now!

    Yeah, I had this before. A parent/guardian wanted me to just give an inhaler, which I didn't have, and she said "well it's just the albuterol that everyone has, don't you have any in stock?" Excuse me, in stock? This is the public school nurse's office, there is no pharmacy department and there is no stock. And I can't "just give" anyone anything without orders. C'Mon now!!
  13. NurseBeans

    Help Me Decide

    Sounds similar to my recent conundrum! I opted to join the district's mentor nurse at the middle school and leave my children at the elementary school where i have worked for 3 years. The opportunity to work with a nurse I really enjoy working with is just too priceless. I did the math and although three of my kiddos are at the elementary school now, I will have 8 years of my kiddos at the middle school. And I really feel like they will need me at the school more in middle school (they won't want me there, but I'll be there, watching...). It's all the same district though, in a smallish town in a small state, so I definitely see lots of my students and parents at the Walmart, which is annoying. The commute is much the same, so that didn't play a part. And I haven't actually been out to dinner/drinks in nearly a decade so that isn't a worry (how does anyone with kids find time to go out anyhoo?) I just felt like the opportunity wasn't going to come up again, and I didn't want to be stuck in elementary indefinitely. FWIW, it wasn't always nice being in the school with my kids. They would wreck my office both before and after school, and there was no line between home and work for me. Or home and school for them. I like lines. They keep me sane.
  14. NurseBeans

    We've talked about this a million times...

    This is what I did in elementary. I realized at some point that my nurse slips were more for the teachers to see what I was doing than the parents, and then the teacher's use of the slips dramatically declined. I guess they got tired of my little sarcastic notes. But they did stop calling parents behind my back.
  15. NurseBeans

    "My Mom's a Nurse......

    I never ever EVER tell people what I do. They have to ask me specifically. I don't know why I do this except that I am a private person anyway. My husband, on the other hand... The first thing out of his mouth in any situation is "MY WIFE IS A NURSE!" I do not know why he does this.
  16. NurseBeans

    Another soiled clothing vent

    This is my last week in the elementary school and I have to say, this is one of the main reasons why! Pee pee pants and poo poo odors all day long, when I have actual nursing work piling higher and higher on my desk. I sent two letters home at the beginning of the year, and had it mentioned at open house, that everyone, even THE NURSE, ought to have a change of clothing, for both potty accidents and other accidents (even adults could ruin their clothing in the course of a day at elementary school). Some kids even have the requested change of clothing. But I have been in the middle of very careful wardrobe selection with a student when they say "you know, I bet the clothes I have in my bookbag would work!" And I just stop and stare. The teachers don't even ask questions, they hear or see pee and tell the kid to run to the nurse. I am right across from the library and one of the things they do to drive me crazy is tell the kids to use my bathroom if they need to go during their library period. Even if I'm in the middle of my 10 minute lunch, I get kids banging on my door to use my bathroom. You know, they never even asked me if they could send kids in to use my bathroom. The "main" bathroom is in the hallway about 15 feet from the library door. I guess they can't go that far? The last one that makes me nuts is the kid that is in to see me several times a day so I can button his pants. The teacher actually sends him all the way to my office to button his pants. Several times a day. All that class time missed. For pants buttons. This teacher is a parent, so it's not like she has any excuse at all. She just thinks it's my job to BUTTON PANTS all day. Ugh, middle school here I come.