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    I think they are expecting much too much from you as an FNP, considering your education and clinical experience, which was probably not inpatient. I know you have been through a lot. Stick up for yourself.
  2. Oldmahubbard

    Need Advice for Clinicals

    OK, 10 students to one clinical instructor. And a student would never have a "preceptor" where I come from. Form what I hear, students are taking almost the entire assignment, so the RN can sit behind the desk, feet up, doing his or her nails? So how is every student always supervised by an RN? The number don't add up. Once again, I have to call male cow fecal matter on what people write on this forum, about how they did almost everything a licensed nurse would do as a student, including the full caseload. I do not believe it. For the OP, your first clinical experience is normally assisting patients with hygiene, and learning to assess the human body. I am sure specific learning goals have been identified in your course outline
  3. Oldmahubbard

    504 plan for interstitial cystitis--I'm stumped!

    Call me a cynic, but the odds that she really has IC are vanishly low. She is a victim of some type of sexual or bathroom abuse. Some type of abuse or perversion in the home is greatly more likely by a factor of 1000x than IC. However, once some physician has formally attested that indeed she does have IC, then you have to do every accommodation back flip you can possibly imagine. In my opinion, you and all the other professionals are being taken for a big ride.
  4. Oldmahubbard

    A complaint against an NP

    I am about to make a complaint against a grossly over confident FNP who prescribes psychiatric drugs. Her knowledge level is the 20 minutes they had in FNP school. She just prescribed Risperdal Consta for absolutely no reason. The patient had never taken oral risperdal.
  5. Oldmahubbard

    Expected salary for DNP prepared online educator

    Such a hilarious question. The field is so very, very flooded. These silly degrees are embarrassingly easy to get, Now we have these ridiculous online degrees that any moron can get. I had a real degree a few years ago, and the pay was 60k. The DNP is all total poop. My opinion.
  6. Oldmahubbard

    Hands on Training in school?

    I am glad that student RN's have much more responsibility now. They get more clinical practice. But it does cost more. NP students typically mostly shadow. The student is then responsible for the huge jump from school to actual practice. So we have some of these hilarious but sad questions from people with no acute RN experience, then they get their FNP, and they think they are qualified for the ICU?
  7. Oldmahubbard

    Is my (50K) BSN worthless?

    I had no intention of working OB, so my very limited experience there was not an issue. Same with peds. I studied very hard to understand the usual adult diseases that result in hospitalization. But I had no actual experience inserting a catheter or an IV. Most of the important skills were soft skills. Working with other people, calling doctors. Ironically, one of the many reasons I left- people with acute pain after surgery 3 decades ago only got tylenol. I disagreed with it, but only a few years later anybody with a little back pain was getting oxycontin. Now we see the results.
  8. I know some Public health Nurses that have the perfect schedule, and make 40k. They say they are very happy. I guess the husband is in a solid 150k job, or there is a family inheritance.
  9. Oldmahubbard

    Hands on Training in school?

    Where I went, the nurses had zero to do with us. They were busy people and we were not there to reduce their load. That idea would have been hilarious. We were closely observed by the instructor to do absolutely everything, and since there were 8 of us, we did virtually nothing. It was all theory, and understanding the disease and drugs. I never even gave a simple injection until I had RN after my name.
  10. Oldmahubbard

    Hands on Training in school?

    No where near anything to that degree. Our clinicals were mostly 4 hours a week. Meet up for an hour. Two hour to assess the pt and do a little care. Meet up to discuss the care for an hour. I guess I am crazy
  11. Oldmahubbard

    Hands on Training in school?

    I'm embarrassed. Almost all of my clinical was shadowing, until I started doing mental health. Then I was alone with a patient. I can't imagine a clinical scenario in training where a student could possibly provide the actual care for multiple patients. The instructor would have to be literally right there every minute. I simply don't believe that any student provided hands on care for more than one or two patients on a shift. There would be nobody to observe you. Unless you had a one on one instructor. I can't imagine what this program would cost. It would be completely unaffordable. I don't see a student "totally responsible for 6 patients" I just do not believe it.
  12. Oldmahubbard

    Would you stay?

    I wish you well, but your comments suggest that you have not learned your lesson about handing out prescriptions to acquaintances and/or co-workers. And you barely even know these people. Most NP programs are extremely lax about the laws governing our practice.
  13. Oldmahubbard

    what to do if you disagree with PA's treatment

    This same thing could well happen with an MD, but it is discouraging
  14. Oldmahubbard

    What's the best PMHNP program?

    I hope things have turned around a little by now. Are you trying to take 3 courses while working full time? It's too much. Hopefully by now you have contacted the professors and gone to see them in person to find out specifically what you need to do to improve your grades. The most important part of any PMHNP program is an RN job in the field. Don't expect school to prepare you. I went to a well respected B and M school 20 years ago. We basically had to find our own clinical placements. If it were all that easy, everyone would be doing it and flooding the market.
  15. Oldmahubbard

    Masters vs DNP?

    I never had any of this weirdness for my BSN. I was an ADN grad. We were required to take the toughest course first, and if you passed that, your odds were very good. There were no silly games about who will make it. No class I ever took in all my years, including my MSN, was ever harder than my first A and P class in my ADN class at the CC. Not even close. Now I hear about people who get their RN at the BSN level and then can't pass NCLEX. Something is extremely wrong. If a DNP is only a few extra months, as you say, how meaningful is it? I have repeatedly made the embarrassing argument that the DNP is not remotely close to other doctorates. I refuse it. It is bull fecal matter.
  16. Oldmahubbard

    Would you stay?

    I worry and wonder about people who have studied a whole bunch of bull fees nursing theory, but don't know you can't just hand out prescriptions to anybody. This is not to denigrate the OP, an NP friend of mine fell into the same pit.