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  1. Oldmahubbard

    Any Psych Nurse Practitioner's out there?

    I'm just so curious why for years people have said there is so much money, money, money to be made as a PMHNP and you don't need any, or very prior little experience. And if that is all the case, how the field is not completely over-saturated by now, considering how ridiculously easy it is now to get any NP degree. I realize we can't all live in Honolulu, San Francisco, NYC, or Boston. Some of us will have to live in very dull places like Omaha, or Buffalo, or Cleveland. Virtually all teaching degrees became useless by the late 70's when there were 100 candidates for every position. I am a major cynic. How does someone with such an extremely complex mental health problem have 300 dollars? Unless someone else has given him or her the money.
  2. Oldmahubbard

    Capella vs WGU

    8 classes took you 4 months, while working full time. Thanks for posting this garbage on the Internet.
  3. Oldmahubbard

    What to do about DNP and flu shot?

    If you have had some type of verifiable adverse effect of a flu vaccine, and can never get another one, which happened to an acquaintance, I am sorry. Your nursing career is over.
  4. Oldmahubbard

    Lost New NP

    I am just sorry to hear this. I am sorry that anybody thinks the DNP degree is meaningful. I am sorry that a new NP has been placed in the role you describe. Fight it.
  5. Oldmahubbard

    NP in Nursing Home/SNF

    I am in mental health, but I know what the PCPs do. You talk to the nurse, you review the chart, you see the pt, however briefly. You can bill even if you don't write an order. No need to document the 12 cranial nerves, strip the body naked for a full assessment ( it didn't really happen) which is the big rip off I see all the time. Medicare values a simple visit where you don't write an order as 15 minutes. Total. Chart review, staff information. Absolutely not 15 minutes examining the pt. I have never heard not being able to bill for coumadin dosing, dietitian recommendations, or hospice. Sounds like a ton of crap. If you are in a 190 bed facility, you should be seeing 20 pts a day, or close to it. If you are somehow not getting that many referrals, something is wrong. And 20 pts a day should not usually take more than 8 hours. If it does, you are doing something wrong.
  6. Oldmahubbard

    Accused of diverting non narcotics

    Good luck. I have been falsely accused of various things, but not drugs. It takes a very long time to live it down. Apparently somebody hates you. Figure out why.
  7. Oldmahubbard

    Accused of diverting non narcotics

    Unfortunately very, very desperate people, including nurses, will divert anything you can ever think of. Including all types of very random substances. People have found thousands of ingenious ways to abuse various things, which is why you show ID to buy cold medicine. If you are a nurse who thought you could steal a little of this, that and the other, your day is coming. As well it should. You are in for a lengthy, and very expensive drug testing program.
  8. Oldmahubbard

    Hands on Training in school?

    Very good for you. In my area, nurses eating their young was very extreme 30 years ago. Nothing remotely like the clinical experiences described here would ever have happened. My first "nurse manager" looked at me very disdainfully when I inquired about getting nitroglycerin for a patient. Did he have an order for it? The bullying, disrespect and absolute crap I then experienced throughout my RN career was unbelievable. I finally got a job at the County Health Department, where I was verbally and mentally abused for 4 months as an experienced RN before being fired. Two nights later, the union called to say- you are the 5th or 6th RN that hasn't been successful at that clinic in two years. We know something is wrong, and what is it? Personality disorders. But, hey, you can still buy a house here for 150k, but why would you want to live and work with a bunch of morons? Unless you are the NP and now mostly above it all. I am glad many of you have had a better experience. Mine was mostly what we used to call Axis II. Yes, it still is a pejorative term. I have to thank some of these people. They made me realize how much undiagnosed mental illness there is.
  9. Oldmahubbard

    NP Employment Contract. I WANT TO LEAVE!

    At least in my state, we couldn't work a minute before such a contract was in place. This is a very major error in the education of NP's , meanwhile we have this nursing theory or philosophy nonsense. They have you by the proverbial short hairs, because they know the laws and you don't.
  10. Oldmahubbard

    MSN but offered the salary of ADN

    Your MSN usually doesn't mean anything until you are a prescriber who can bill and you prove it by your productivity. I am sorry that you didn't know this. Way too many people going for meaningless MSN's. Especially in Psych. I sincerely hope you are not a CNS. You might as well hang yourself. The degree is totally meaningless.
  11. Oldmahubbard

    And just like that... it's over.

    Maybe for every person who resents the intrusion, there is another whose life is saved. Unfortunately from what I have read, there is no real way to tell the difference. I was surprised recently to learn that the RN director at one of the programs where I work was taking huge quantities out of the cabinet. I never would have known.
  12. Oldmahubbard

    Liability issues

  13. Oldmahubbard

    Hands on Training in school?

    I am glad people are getting all this great experience in their RN programs. Mine was 30 years ago. I know clinical times have lengthened greatly. Ours were literally about 4 hours a week. First a pre-conference, then a post conference. You were with one or two patients for 3 hours and it seemed like an eternity. You were aften stuck in a room killing time. We would never have been allowed to do anything by ourselves. I still vividly remember donning sterile gloves in lab. As far as my NP program, I self prepared. Our program director was a devotee of Freud. I did have some excellent mentors, and one that was truly so horrible, she was good. It's great people are getting real clinical in their programs. They should. I can remember my first male catheter as an RN. The patient had a penectomy, and nobody had told me. I guess that was the joke of the night.
  14. Oldmahubbard

    FNP in Hospital Setting

    I have never understood these NP jobs where the MD has his or her head in the door for a minute or less, and you somehow bill as though the pt was really seen. I would not be comfortable with this scenario.
  15. Oldmahubbard

    PhD Nursing Education

    Very low pay, if you can even get a job
  16. Oldmahubbard

    A complaint against an NP

    I am about to make a complaint against a grossly over confident FNP who prescribes psychiatric drugs. Her knowledge level is the 20 minutes they had in FNP school. She just prescribed Risperdal Consta for absolutely no reason. The patient had never taken oral risperdal.