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  1. Any Psych Nurse Practitioner's out there?

    I'm just so curious why for years people have said there is so much money, money, money to be made as a PMHNP and you don't need any, or very prior little experience. And if that is all the case, how the field is not completely over-saturated by now,...
  2. Capella vs WGU

    8 classes took you 4 months, while working full time. Thanks for posting this garbage on the Internet.
  3. What to do about DNP and flu shot?

    If you have had some type of verifiable adverse effect of a flu vaccine, and can never get another one, which happened to an acquaintance, I am sorry. Your nursing career is over.
  4. PMHNP

    NY is independent practice, but don't think you'll have your own PMNP practice without paying a psychiatrist to collaborate if you want to bill insurance. True all over the country. Many of the psychiatrists I have known are a total shame to the prof...
  5. Lost New NP

    I am just sorry to hear this. I am sorry that anybody thinks the DNP degree is meaningful. I am sorry that a new NP has been placed in the role you describe. Fight it.
  6. NP in Nursing Home/SNF

    I am in mental health, but I know what the PCPs do. You talk to the nurse, you review the chart, you see the pt, however briefly. You can bill even if you don't write an order. No need to document the 12 cranial nerves, strip the body naked for a f...
  7. Lost New NP

    I think they are expecting much too much from you as an FNP, considering your education and clinical experience, which was probably not inpatient. I know you have been through a lot. Stick up for yourself.
  8. Accused of diverting non narcotics

    Good luck. I have been falsely accused of various things, but not drugs. It takes a very long time to live it down. Apparently somebody hates you. Figure out why.
  9. Accused of diverting non narcotics

    Unfortunately very, very desperate people, including nurses, will divert anything you can ever think of. Including all types of very random substances. People have found thousands of ingenious ways to abuse various things, which is why you show ID to...
  10. Need Advice for Clinicals

    OK, 10 students to one clinical instructor. And a student would never have a "preceptor" where I come from. Form what I hear, students are taking almost the entire assignment, so the RN can sit behind the desk, feet up, doing his or her nails? So how...
  11. 504 plan for interstitial cystitis--I'm stumped!

    Call me a cynic, but the odds that she really has IC are vanishly low. She is a victim of some type of sexual or bathroom abuse. Some type of abuse or perversion in the home is greatly more likely by a factor of 1000x than IC. However, once some phys...
  12. Hands on Training in school?

    Very good for you. In my area, nurses eating their young was very extreme 30 years ago. Nothing remotely like the clinical experiences described here would ever have happened. My first "nurse manager" looked at me very disdainfully when I inquired a...
  13. NP Employment Contract. I WANT TO LEAVE!

    At least in my state, we couldn't work a minute before such a contract was in place. This is a very major error in the education of NP's , meanwhile we have this nursing theory or philosophy nonsense. They have you by the proverbial short hairs, beca...
  14. MSN but offered the salary of ADN

    Your MSN usually doesn't mean anything until you are a prescriber who can bill and you prove it by your productivity. I am sorry that you didn't know this. Way too many people going for meaningless MSN's. Especially in Psych. I sincerely hope you are...
  15. And just like that... it's over.

    Maybe for every person who resents the intrusion, there is another whose life is saved. Unfortunately from what I have read, there is no real way to tell the difference. I was surprised recently to learn that the RN director at one of the programs wh...