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Posted on Thu, May. 30, 2002 Hospital to track nurses SYSTEM TO HELP PATIENTS RAISES PRIVACY CONCERNS By Putsata Reang Mercury News A new high-tech tracking system at Washington... Read More

  1. by   NurseExplorer
  2. by   Dplear
    The Hospital i work at has this system in place. We were all issued the locators and we have a computer monitor that shows the location of everyone on the unit. They originally told us they would only be used to track pt calls and such and would not work on other floors, but when a nurse ws called on the carpet for being off the unit by the PACC (we have a centeralized call bell answering system..they page us when a pt calls) PACC being the central location...we all refused to wear the badges and noone wears then yet. The management knows better than to try to push the issue, as they would have a bunch of nurses tell them to stuff the badges where the sun does not shine....

    (mine is in my backpack with a dead battery......)
  3. by   hoolahan
    I personally like fedup's idea, I like how you think!! Remore control car, LOL!!!

    I would not work in a place that did this to nurses. Good for you guys Dave, for not putting up with it!
  4. by   oramar
    To Dianah, I would be willing to carry a phone that vibrates, that way I could be aware that someone needs me without it ringing at the wrong time. What about the aggitated patient that has been sedated and is finally settled down and is drifting off. You think "thank god,she hasn't slept in 24 hours." then your damn phone rings.
  5. by   SharonH, RN
    Originally posted by fedupnurse
    That is another huge issue I have with this. "So the doctors can find us..." What about when they don't call us back, if at all, for a long time and the patient is circling the drain? Maybe they should have to wear one and the families should have access to their whereabouts!

    LOL at "circling the drain"! It's true, you know. They think nothing of implementing these dehumanizing and insulting practices for us ignorant and child-like nurses but they would never think of imposing on the God-like docs. GMAFB! What ticks me off are the nurses who just wear them like sheep, and then they say things like "This is a good thing for us. This will actually help us" as if administration thought of it for our benefit. I won't ever use them, that is where I draw the line.
  6. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    I would leave mine on a CPR dummy at the nurses station.
  7. by   -jt
    What other professional would ever be told to wear house arrest devices? Funny you mention obedience collars, Peeps. The first time I heard of tracking devices I thought of Capt. Kirk & Mr. Spock in the episode wear they had them around their necks & were at the mercy of the Roman emperor-type guys who played puppet with them - & instilled a lot of pain. The whole idea that we wear these things is so funny its not even funny.

    And how is it that DOCTORS are deciding what the NURSES do?

    I doubt any unionized nurses will agree to this. So thats that.

    But if non-union nurses get ordered to wear them, whats to stop them from taking a collective action together anyway & leaving them on a counter somewhere? Everyday. All of them. Its not like theyre chained to your uniform. What can the hospital do if you all just say NO. Are they really going to fire everybody for not wearing them?
  8. by   dianah
    Oramar, too bad the phones don't have a vibration option, for the reasons you presented . . . Dave, great solidarity!! Wonder what will come up next as a tracking system for ya???
  9. by   fergus51
    I would never wear a tracking device. What BS. I am either in the staff room, the nurses station or with a patient, or on rare occasions I go to the cafeteria for lunch, during which time I don't care who is looking for me, they can wait!
  10. by   fedupnurse
    I won't even use EZ pass in my car! Do they really think I use the same type of system on me????
    -jt, wouldn't it be wonderful to see nurses sticking together and saying "NO WAY, we will not be treated like this". Oh would I love to see that!
    Again, as long as the suits are worried about tracking our every move and what clothes we wear (thread in nsg mgmt!!) they will not be addressing and solving the real issues, ya know, poor working conditions, lousy pay and total lack of RESPECT!!!!!
  11. by   moonshadeau
    we have those *@#*%& phones that are a huge pain in the butt. However, we do write our names and numbers outside of our patient rooms so if the docs are looking for us they can call and find us. Our phones have the vibration feature which makes it somewhat tolerable. But by far, my favorite feature is the silent button!!! IT makes the phone calls so much easier to ignore with the silent button on and the caller id.
  12. by   nrw350
    oramar have very good point. I can imagine it from the patient's perspective. Be that same patient who is just settled down and dozing off and the nurses phone rings. And the nurse has to rush off. That would not make the patient feel any better despite being sedated.

    Fedupnurse, I love your idea of the remote controlled car. Instead don't bring it up to the suits that you did that. Let them come to you and ask how in the hell you manage that much speed. I think that would be very interesting. Because you could drive the car to the patient's room as soon as you got a call. And still be working on the first call. I think that would be interesting to see. Certainly some of the patients would get a good laugh out of it. Laughter is the best medicine too.

  13. by   lever5
    I worked in a hospital in NY, (1991), that had a tracking system, lit up colored light outside the patients room, a different color for nurse and nursing assistant. At first we were upset with the system, then we realized that the aide could no longer hide. And they also turned off the call bell when the room was entered. That was quite a nice option. The people that might have been watching were too busy to pay much attention to it, so no one was ever talked to about where they were. I never minded it. Then there was the hospital that had the beepers. It vibrated and then you have to retrieve it from your pocket and push a series of buttons to know that it is the unit secretary who wants you to go to a room because she is to lazy to get off her a** and tell you.