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  1. fedupnurse

    Alzheimer's Train Ride

    http://www.youwriteon.com/books/bookdetail.aspx?bookguid=40d595e2-9d05-4ada-a0bd-748eb513247c Looks like it is a book??
  2. fedupnurse

    Do you have to be "smart" to make it through Nursing school?

    Amen! I'll take bedside smarts over book smarts any day of the week! Knowing facts or figures is useless if you do not know how to handle a crashing patient or an irate family member. Of course a solid foundation in anatomy and physiology is a must. You will learn far more your first year out of nursing school than you'll ever learn in nursing school!
  3. fedupnurse

    Took care of pt who tested positve for c-diff

    Only things that can top the c diff smell are GI bleeds and the death dumper. C-Diff, ESBL, VRE, MRSA, Acinetobactor, etc. I take care of patients all the time and do not worry about it. Just scrub your hands raw with hot soapy water right after each and every contact with the patient. Always assume every patient has something bad and wear gloves for any and all contact with the patient and anything in their room then when the isolation sign goes up a week later it is no big deal (for the staff anyway!)
  4. fedupnurse

    Officially off orientation tonight! Yeaa!

    Hope you have a great smooth night!!! Good luck!!!!
  5. fedupnurse

    Robert Wood Johnson Univ Hospital Nurses to Strike

    Far more important than what you won is that you won and your union remains intact. This was clearly a union busting attempt. Now, get ready to go back. If anyone says anything to you like "you walked out on patients" etc. simply noted their name the date and time and immediately notify your e board of the incident. There are some simple minded people who buy all the rhetoric that administration puts out there. As tempting as it is to give it right back, don't. Remember to keep union talk out of patient care areas. Congratulations on your solidarity during this strike. It is very impressive that so few people crossed and believe me, all of you have sent a huge message to the powers that be!!!!
  6. fedupnurse

    Disney Culture in Hospitals

  7. fedupnurse

    Robert Wood Johnson Univ Hospital Nurses to Strike

    If I have an off day at work, perhaps not feeling well, something like that and I don't get my work done in a timely manner, human beings not only suffer for it, they may die because of it. Nurses aren't allowed to have bad days at work. We can't finish that "project" tomorrow. That is something I feel many in management have also forgotten and why I have long professed a need for anyone with the title of Registered Nurse should be legally required to do a minimum number of clinical hours at the bedside each and every year. No cushy assignments either. If they don't care about giving us 8 to 10 patients on med surg (and in many places even more than that) or 3 crashing unit patients or filling up the ED until it is literally bursting at the seams than they can do it too. Perhaps then they would see it just cannot be done safely.This is particularly true in my facility where many have gone into management to get away from the unreasonable patient care conditions that they now protect in the name of the bottom line! I would never permit anyone I care about to ever be in a hospital where any job action is taking place. I don't care if it is nurses, dietary, physical therapy or what. it is all of us "little people" the pee ons for lack of a better term that keep these facilities going and the thanks we get are substandard wages and treatment! Until the federal government gets up off its butt and passes and enforeces laws mandating safe patient care in this country the profit driven executives will still be laughing all the way to the bank!
  8. fedupnurse

    What's your story? Why did you take up nursing?

    Oh good Lord!! That is where I am working now!!!!!! You described my CEO to a tee!!!!!!
  9. fedupnurse

    Which Nursing Theory do you agree with?

    I agree with ZASHAGALKA. I treat patients like I would want my family/loved ones to be treated. Nursing Theory may God Bless you my child-that class was awful. I always love when these PhD (piled higher and deeper) people come up with this theory stuff. With conditions what they are in most places, my theory is if I make it through my shift and made my patients day a little easier to bear or a little brighter than I did a good job....
  10. fedupnurse

    Video cameras banned in L&D

    I just can't help but remember an old Joan Rivers monologue when she was filling in for Johnny Carson (any of you who just thought Johnny who-please slap yourselves!!!!) and she was talking about filming deliveries which was new back then and the camcorders were a general surgeons dream because they were so big and heavy they had to have produced a ton of hernias. Anyway Joan says "have you ever gone to a friends house for dinner and they show the film of their baby being born??? How disgusting is that??? I keep telling them put that film in reverse and lets see that baby disappear!!!" The people who complain about not being able to take pics are the same ones who show up when someone is on their deathbed professing to be the person best firend their whole life. Then you find out later they met once in a supermarket years ago.....
  11. fedupnurse

    Disney Culture in Hospitals

    I wish you had been at this stupid seminar!!!!! That is CLASSIC!!!!!!!!
  12. fedupnurse

    Disney Culture in Hospitals

    After checking out the above website, it is now all starting to make sense!!!! The health bosses and Disney bosses all think alike...$$$$$$$$!!!! And treat their employees like mindless idiots!!!!
  13. fedupnurse

    Disney Culture in Hospitals

    http://www.anomalies-unlimited.com/Disney.html Check this out!!!!!
  14. fedupnurse

    Disney Culture in Hospitals

    I have nothing against Disney. It is a great vacation experience especially with kids in tow, but the thought of them branching out into healthcare facilities and the powers that be falling for it. The employees in the movie section of the indoctrination had Mickey Ears on. I honestly thought I was going to need to see an eye surgeon. I don't think I have ever rolled my eyes so much in my life!!! Causes quite the headache when you use those muscles too much at once!!!
  15. fedupnurse

    Disney Culture in Hospitals

    Say it ain't so!!! Not a Walmart Greeter!!!!!!!!!!
  16. fedupnurse

    Disney Culture in Hospitals

    OH!!!! You need to copyright that little beauty!!!!!!! That is HYSTERICAL!!!!!!