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  1. Dplear

    Recommend Houston Staffing Agency for LVN?

    call Advantge Nursing Services. Thye have good pay ratest and they have work in the clear lake area. You can find their number in the yellow pages. Dave
  2. Dplear

    Want to move to Texas

    I am a nurse at Texas Childrens Hospital. I have over 18 years exp and make over 100k a year there. They start brand new nurses with no exp at a bit over 23. plus change per hour. I work with a couple of nurses that have about 4 years exp making abit over 55k a year. The cost of living in Houston isamong some of the lowest in the country. Dallas is way higher. You can buy a 4 bedroom 2 1/2 bath 2 car garage 2200+ sq foot houme for under 150k. That is on Katy, which is a suburb west of Houston that also has some of the best schools in the state. The traffic here is actually not really that bad. I have every thing I need on the west side for shopping and entertainment. I litterally have with 10 miles of me 3 major shopping malls 5 or 6 multiplex theaters, within 5 blocks of my house I have 3 grocery stores, with in 5 miles I have 2 super walmarts and sams as well as gas stations everywhere. (2.40/GAL) When I gotoworkin the medical center which is 32 miles away it takes me 35minutes in the morning and coming home takes me about 45 minutes. Not really that bad of a commute. Dallas on the other hand SUCKS for traffic. I have sat not moving there for over an hour because of an accident, They have a serious lack of freeways that you can by pass areas unlike houston, where you are never very far from as freeway. The weather also sucks in dallas. Hot in the summer and snows in the winter with ice storms every once in a while. In Houston it is hot in the summer and mild in the winter. Chose Houston Dave
  3. Dplear

    You can't go upside down when you menstruate?

  4. I am a charge/staff nurse in Houston. I work pedi. Dave
  5. I have lasted over 18 years now.....I am in it for the money. I will make over 120K this year working 3 days a week regularrly and maybe 1-2 days overtime a month. There is money in nursing. Dave
  6. Dplear

    Should I complain to the boss?

    The thing is though...You are making it sound like you live in a crime ridden cesspool of a city. I lived in Austin and also worked at breckenridge as well as at South Austin hospital. Austin is an EXTREMELY safe place to live with an LOW crime rate. I honsetly think you areblowing this oeof proportion to the danger. This comes from someone who lives and works in Houston.... Dave
  7. Dplear

    Female nurses earn less than male nurses

    BULLSHITE... Any one is capable of making the same salary in nursing. Men may make more because as a general rule we negotiate for our money. If they do not offer what I want I do not take the job. You have to let your feet do the talking sometimes and be willing to say no to what is offered. NEVER EVER TAKE FIRST OFFER!!! Dave
  8. Dplear

    Should Nursing Education Begin in the Hospital?

    And this type of debate is precisely why we are never really considered professional in the eyes of our co workers or in the public eye. Professional means higher degree means university. Dave
  9. Dplear

    5 worse things a patient can do ...

    1: they can die...absolute worse thaing they can do. 2: see number 1 3: see number 2 4: see number 3 5: see number 4 Dave
  10. Dplear

    School's Voluntary Withdrawal From NLN?

    A potential employer is not going to gives a damn whether your school was NLN or CCNE accresited. All they will want to know is did you graduate and did you pass the boards. In over 16 years ofnursing has anyone even cared what accreditatrions my school had. All they have ever asked isname and date of graduation. Dave
  11. Dplear

    National Health Insurance

    Not this national healthcare insurance crap AGAIN....Look aroun here and you will see many threads on this very subject. Please let this one die... Dave
  12. Dplear

    How do you really feel about 5-star rooms?

    Guess what...nursing care IS customer service. I think it is a great idea. I have worked in "5 star" patient rooms. We are talking REAL picasso's hanging on the wall and private chef's and maids. Thise rooms are never empty. It is a money maker...oooppppssss I forgot making money is bad according to most on this board. If people willpay for it..provide it. free Market economy after all. Dave
  13. Dplear

    VERY sick 6 y/o....

    PM on the way...I work at Texas Childrens..... Dave
  14. Dplear

    dress code before clocking in

    Even if you are at at will employee the rights of the employer do not extend to time that is not paid by the employer and that includes up to the time that you clock in. Federal courts have upheld the right of the employee in those instances. Dave
  15. Dplear

    dress code before clocking in

    They cannot dictate what you wear on your own time. That alone would make me come to work in a tank top t shirt and torn jean shorts and flipflops everyday. Try to tell me otherwise... Dave
  16. A PharmD is more than just a clinical pharmacist. They have a doctorate in Pharmacy. Most PharmD's do work in the clinical setting but some work in the retail section. Big difference in the level's. Dave