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I don't know why this bothers me. Probably because I spend five days a week working my butt off in an pediatric emergency room and I am tired! Here is what bothers me. We started out with full... Read More

  1. by   MN-Nurse
    It's so annoying. Can we have some adult conversation?
    As a single guy in nursing, I have found a fantastic tool for getting along: I pretend to be enthralled by pregnancies and kid stories.

    For the record, I don't find pregnancy and childbirth fascinating and it is certainly no miracle.

    However, everyone else sure does, so I play along. I go to baby showers and bring gifts and big smiles. I look, listen, and "ooh" and "aaahh" when the pics come out or they actually bring the little crapping droolers on the unit. I also have some baby stories of my nephews at the ready when needed.

    For this, my breeding coworkers adore me and we get along great in every other area.

    It's worth it.
  2. by   berrien
    I am so tired of not only hearing about grandchildren, but having phones shoved in my face to see pictures of them doing things like...eating mashed potatoes for the first time, hearing them babble, seeing video of them rolling/crawling across the floor. Seriously, I have kids and loved to watch them grow. Kids are awesome. But holy cow, don't distract me from my job with this stuff, and expect me to drop my jaw in awe of normal, developmental things. I have patients to take care of, and don't want any distractions to cause me to make a mistake, or forget what I was going to do next.
  3. by   jadelpn
    "Send that to my email! So I can enjoy it later when I am not overloaded with patients"
    Then spam, trash, whatever at will.

    I agree, between my own 3 kids, being an involved auntie of 12, I am mostly all set at work. However, on my own time, I will look at your pics on social media, hit like and move on.....or on my email if I don't social media with the person....
  4. by   Glycerine82
    Got any cats? Start whipping out pictures of fluffy and foo foo and maybe they'll leave you alone?
  5. by   cardiacfreak
    What I hate the most is when they say, "Isn't he/she the cutest thing you've ever seen?" But, the kid is really NOT the cutest thing you've ever seen.
  6. by   exit96
    This is my favorite thread I have read!!!! I agree with the OP and the replies of the like. I would love to chime in, but I am a male and have been roundly chastised when I have brought this up before on THiS site. Knee jerk reaction that I was a male and blah blah blah....I was even told to get out of nursing because "that's the way women are, and that is what they talk about, blah blah blah...."
    So, keep the thread going, it is nice to know the truth about how we all feel about this behavior.
  7. by   Mulan
    I don't know why this bothers me. Probably because I spend five days a week working my butt off in an pediatric emergency room and I am tired! Here is what bothers me.

    We started out with full time nurses who worked really hard. Then they all decided at the age of 40 that they wanted to return to school to be FNP's. Fine. Your entitled to enrich your life. Most of them went part time and some PRN. For those who decided to not return to school decided to get pregnant. Every year. Again. Fine. I don't have to take care of them, so have as many kids as you would like. Here in lies the problem. I have kids of my own. I see 200 crying children a day. The ONE day a month you decide to come to work, all you want to do is talk about your kids, show pictures and videos. Try working or picking up patients. I am overloaded with kids and do not want to see your videos. People need to realize, just because YOU enjoy your kids and their every milestone, does not mean your co-workers want to as well. How do you tell your once a month, or 8 hour a week co-worker that you dont want to hear anything about their kids? An occasional picture is OK. But these people are overloading us with pictures and videos. It's so annoying. Can we have some adult conversation?
    Don't you know?

    The only reason some nurses go to work is to socialize.

    Some even admit it.
  8. by   JustKeepDriving
    I love this thread. I'm one of the only individuals on my unit that doesn't have kids. I don't want them. EVER. I have many, many, many reasons for not taking the plunge into parenthood. I'm in the late 20's early 30's age range and get asked every day by coworkers and float staff if I have kids. When I tell them I've made the decision not to have children, they try to convince me that I have totally made the wrong decision and will change my mind. Some of them as far to say, "Accidents can happen." To which I respond, "Yep, and I am pro-choice for a reason." Oh does that get me a look of scorn.

    I'm glad that people choose to have kids. I'm fine to listening to their kids stories a little bit. However, It really annoys me when the topic of kids is the content of 99% of conversations on the unit - and then it all turns into trying to convince the nurse that doesn't want kids to have kids. Screw that.

    So now I just talk about my weight lifting routine, places that I've traveled to, concerts that I get to go to on a Saturday night, newest TV that I bought, a new craft beer that I tried ect. whenever someone starts going on to long about their kids. Eventually they figure out that I'm totally not interested.
  9. by   sistrmoon
    I've been one of those super part time nurses for about a year(stepping my hours up now though to help pay for expenses for the house we just bought.) I actually never bring up my kids at work but everyone asks me every time I work! I don't carry my phone on me at work(I think it's too distracting and inappropriate,) but people beg me to pull up pictures and videos at work of my kids. These are people who are on my Facebook and get to see my annoying stream of kid centered posting already. So there's the other side Honestly, work is the only time I get to feel like I'm really using my brain and skills, interacting with adults, etc. I love my kids but I'd rather talk about nursing.
  10. by   sistrmoon
    Also, I'm a mom and I work EVERY weekend and I'm working my scheduled Christmas shifts. The 2 employees getting favoritism from management and not having to work any winter holidays this year have no kids. So that's not an automatically valid assumption. I will switch a shift or payback a favor if I'm able. Is it more complicated to switch a shift now than when I was single? Oh yes. Childcare is an intricate factor.

    I've found that many nurses are just as bad about standing around chatting about vacations and upcoming weddings as some mommies are about wasting time with kid pictures.

    I guess I probably also have a different perspective because I didn't want kids for many years and they will never be my sole focus or identity. I also went through recurrent miscarriages for years and know what it is to choke back tears at a pregnant coworker complaining or baby pictures being flashed in your face.
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  11. by   exit96
    I am thinking that, what I experience is and endless barrage of "kids, shopping, weddings etc." To the point that I am sometimes ticked that I have to interrupt one of these ever so important conversations to get an EKG done, or something similar :-(...
    Just the other day I had a patient that needed to be admitted, the process was all set and I was just waiting for a room assignment. Finally, after a long while, I had to ask " good grief, don't we have a room yet?"....the reply was, yes we do, sorry. Stay focused, throw me a bone would ya!! Some people just aren't happy unless their "cake hole" is going constantly, and over trivial items, or at least not applicable to why we are there. I have to walk away sometimes, it turns into an endless drone of "blah, duh, me, me, me, my, waaaa, waaaaa, waaaaaaa......."
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  12. by   weirdscience
    Quote from Merlyn
    I had a job once where I worked every holiday because'I don't have kids.' I worked there only one year. I couldn't take the women that had kids, coming to me and saying 'How was your holiday?'
    OMG, this is so me this year! Worked Thanksgiving, working Xmas Eve and Xmas day. "How was your holiday?" Um... I was HERE. Which I'm not crying about, the extra money is nice, but I do have a family, too.
  13. by   0.adamantite
    I have a family but NO KIDS. Women without kids are discriminated against in the workplace. We work all kinds of hours "because we don't have kids." We work many of the holidays because "we don't have kids." For example, a co-worker was complaining about working 6 days in a row when I do that every paycheck. She turned and snipped at me "Well you don't have kids." Sorry, I didn't force you to have them. If there are such a huge burden, maybe you should consider cutting back your hours. Actually, I don't even know this co-worker and have hardly spoken to her in the first place, so how she even knew this information is beyond me.

    Pregnant nurses are constantly complaining about having to take assignments with patients in isolation (they are never given shingles or chicken pox patients). One day we were having a chaotic shift and the charge nurse was asking around if everyone had taken a break yet. She asked if I did and a co-worker quickly butted in and said "It doesn't matter, she's not pregnant or nursing, she'll be fine."

    This would be very hurtful to me if I had fertility problems or difficulty conceiving, or recently had a miscarriage. I do have hormonal problems and it is very likely that I will experience these issues as my mother did when she was trying to conceive. Thankfully, it won't matter for me, as I have opted for a child-free life. If anyone starts to jabber on at me about little Jimmy or Billy or Suzy etc I listen politely and then start in on stories of my cats. That usually shuts people down quickly.