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  1. Sorry, Atheist means without belief. Pagan means you have belief. Atheist from the Greek A - without theist- god or gods. Pagan - polytheistic many gods. can't be a pagan atheist. But it's a free county you can call yourself any thing you want.
  2. Nurses are the real heroes ?

    Military for a paycheck? You ever see a military paycheck. They do it for a lot of reasons but please not for a paycheck. How about the solders that never see a battle. That fight a war of nerves the ones that are in the silos on top of enough nuclea...
  3. Nurses are the real heroes ?

    How about the US congress they start the wars. They sign the checks that patriotic men and women have to pay for with their lives. How many of those slobs in congress ever wore the uniform of this country. Very easy to condemn the military, when it's...
  4. Clinical Instructors; Drill Sergeants

    That's how many teachers and one it's talking down to you. That's humanity. Wait to you get out and deal with Doctors.
  5. Nurses are the real heroes ?

    I'm not a hero, I'm just a guy doing a job for money. If they didn't pay me I wouldn't be a nurse. Getting a little tier of nurse Hero thing.
  6. Puerto Rico nurses are not international

    There must be a reason for this post somewhere. Has the education of the US sunk that low that people do not know that? But do they know what actor from Puerto Rico won an Oscar for play a Frenchman?
  7. Fun? If you wear the right party hat to the autopsy it can be a lot of chuckles.
  8. Clinical Instructors; Drill Sergeants

    She is getting you ready for the outside world...away from the comfort of the classroom. Too many students today, and you can read them on this board, think they are being pick on. She wants you sharp because you will have a lot of peoples lives in ...
  9. "No nurses of color....."

    Dear Sir, You are indeed right and sorry to say that with this diversity crap it is getting worst almost daily. What ever happen to divided we fall?
  10. Are there really enough jobs???

    In most place they'er not. Nursing schools don't train you because there is a job waiting for you. They train you because that is how they make their money.
  11. Refusing a Clinical assignment

    Back when I was in school, if you refused anything you were out the door. But in this respect every bodies belief no matter how loony it is. Probably
  12. "No nurses of color....."

    I'm sorry I don't know what got into me. This Yankee remembers Newark, Watts and others burning we are no closer today then we were in the 60's. That's when the phase "Kill Whitey" was coined. Black and white racism has just gone underground.
  13. "No nurses of color....."

    We were getting close in the 60's then a gun shot changed the world forever.
  14. Please tell me this isn't normal

    It's not normal, get out of the place.
  15. On to the next patient. If they don't what my care, there is an other patient that does.