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  1. exit96

    I've grown tired of FMC

    Accurate observations, I agree. One other, BIG Item...the insurance sucks bad. United Health Care, Express Scripts, Accredo, hell you don’t even know how to get something accomplished. United Health Care doesn’t want to pay anything. $6500 out of pocket!?$13500 out of pocket for a couple!?! Then they don’t want to pay anything!? Worst insurance I’ve had in my entire life. HR- you can’t get ahold of them. Remember the days of being able to speak to an HR rep?
  2. exit96

    RN patient ratio in dialysis

    Michigan 1:16 4 techs when fully staffed
  3. exit96

    Dialysis Nursing in a nutshell

    Nice job writing this, very accurate. I've been a Dialysis RN now for 1&1/2 years, 16 chair clinic, 1 Nurse, 4 techs. It has been a difficult, interesting time, I do enjoy it, but some things should not be the way they are. The training “seems” to be very thorough, 12 weeks in class/machine training, then I had like 5 days with another Nurse on the floor. IMO, if you are going to be a tech then this is good, but a lot of wasted time for an RN. There should be a separate machine set up in the back where one can just set up the machine over and over, that’s really just task oriented, non critical thinking stuff, but needs repetition to get it down. There is really no benefit to setting up 4 machines, then standing around watching techs do tasks. Much of the classroom training is also something that could be condensed into maybe 3 comprehensive classes for an RN. Not everyone can teach. As mentioned here, techs do tasks, they can say “do this, do that, push this button,” but that teaches nothing. I too think like an RN, I want to know context, conceptual understanding, why I am doing a specific thing, and I have not had a tech yet that can answer these types of questions. It is maddening to be trained by someone who cannot teach. And, it should not be happening in this way. One more though on that- techs in this setting can get pretty cocky and lose track of their scope of practice. Having a subordinate “train” an RN can lead to a perception that they are on equal ground. Let’s not pretend that this is true. You know what I’m talking about. For me personally, much more value would have been found in spending time with the precepting Nurse, working with, and thinking through patient scenarios. I had like 5 shifts to shadow, in which I really learned nothing. So, 1 RN, 16 patients with no on site support or RN to do the “real” precepting. I can find the break room, bathroom, supplies by myself, let’s focus on the important stuff, you know, the patients. The company I work for is so over focused on the techs that it is detrimental, and rather depressing. Keep an eye on the techs. As mentioned they have zero medical knowledge. I don’t care if you’ve been doing the tech thing for 10 years, you are a task doer, period. It may sound like I dislike my RN position, but that’s not the case. Just pointing out some stuff that took me well over a year to sort out, as everything comes at you at a very fast pace.
  4. exit96


    After putting my thoughts, and reality down here, I guess I know what the right response to this is...😏
  5. exit96


    I’m in month 8 of a new position, it’s in a dialysis unit, but this isn’t specific to dialysis. Last week a new, or newly reinforced policy for the techs to weigh the patients on the way out was reinforced. Seems like an easy enough task to complete without fanfare. Well, on Friday evening, a couple hours into the shift, the 4 techs who were on shift all went straight to the Manager with the story of “ Joe (the RN) wont help us. So, the manager came out to the floor and told Joe RN that “the techs all said that you won’t help.” Joe RN was completely blind sided as he was busy preparing meds, checking patients in and assessing them, and so forth. Joe RN has had zero complaints by staff and patients, and the Manager “knows” that this cannot be true. So everyone went on with their business and completed the shift. However, there was no more communicating between the techs and Joe, the normal, appropriate communication ended. Joe has had a great report with the techs he was working with, no issues whatsoever, until now. All the techs involved have always been great at communicating and asking “can I get some help,” and Joe has always been the type to say “I’m glad to help.” The techs are not happy with the reinforcement of having to accept their responsibility of weighing the patients out, and for some strange reason, this shift not one of them asked for help, but all went to the Manager with complaint (lie) that “Joe won’t help us.” Joe requested a huddle with the staff before the Manager left for the evening. And the techs all complained and nothing was accomplished. The Manager told Joe that he doesn’t believe the techs story, yet does nothing about it... The main concern: Joe RN doesn’t feel that the patients are safe, nor is he safe with behavior such as this being allowed. Joe works with this same crew on the evening shift twice per week. Joe has never seen or experienced anything like this before. It appears that the Manager has no control over the techs behavior, and their ganging up on the RN and all sticking together with the same lie is very, very concerning. So, yeah, I am Joe (not my real name), and this has me so stressed that I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind all weekend, nor can I get rid of this headache all the stress has caused. I don’t know what the hell to do about this, seems like the staff is out of control and I am concerned about my upcoming shifts, patient safety, and my own future. This is truly a messed up situation...
  6. exit96

    Sexism in nursing

    I understand the physical differences, but I don't think that is a good excuse. I was a tech before a nurse, and I don't have a problem helping. But I have experienced, numerous times, at different facilities, men being the first call for lifting people. I have a herniated L5 S1, and now a likely torn cartilage in my knee. I want to maintain as much quality of life as any of my lady counterparts, so yeah, don't call me first. I could say I'm not built to move people anymore too, maybe moreso, because I have the injuries to prove I have not bailed on my duties. When we hired on, being able to do all of the job was in the description, so do all of your job.
  7. exit96

    Sexism in nursing

    Sorry if I sound angry, I think sick of the gender bias would be more accurate.
  8. exit96

    Man = muscle, being taken advantage of

    It's sexist and it's wrong...but don't look for it to ever change...
  9. SICK!! Unethical...
  10. exit96

    Discrimination against males in the nursing profession.

    Well, if this is acceptable evidence. Look at all the BRAZEN eCards posted on Facebook this week during Nurses Week. MOST are from a female nurse angle. And then look at all the sexist stuff the women push. In your face "I've seen more penises..." And so on. Let a Man Nurse try being that sexist. Hell I'm already on trial if I have a female patient that needs anything as simple as helping her to the restroom. I know I have ranted on this before, but some folks continue to deny the obvious. This has to stop!
  11. exit96

    Here's to

    Here's to all the nurses who have seen more vaginas than a male gigolo! Happy Nurses Week!!!!
  12. exit96

    Best per diem wage in MI

    I know of facilities that are getting away from the per diem higher wage vs staff wage. But there are still some places out there. What is the best per diem wage that you know of at Hospitals in Michigan.
  13. exit96

    Is your spouse supportive of your nursing career?

    All good input in my opinion. I am someone who has a very hard time listening, or even wanting to listen to details of the day. Is it because I hate my job, or because I'm not interested? No. Sometimes it's a matter of "timing." Let me decompress for awhile first. Or feed me smaller bites of info, instead of over stimulating me with 200 words per minute. Not saying that you do this OP. Just some stuff from my experience.
  14. exit96

    Did anyone judge you for being a male nurse?

    In my L&D rotation I was received by the females with open arms! THAT was refreshing, and appropriate. I did spend some time today looking up evidence based studies on the topic, and I find our history disturbing. Males started the nursing profession, were "booted" for irrelevant reasons, and we now struggle to convince the world that we are professionals. I can't stress enough that " I understand and appreciate the ladies cultural reservations," but ONLY when it is expressed by THEM, not by an overarching premise that it is inherently wrong ALL THE TIME. I have a wife and daughter, and am totally "on board" with preferences....I just really hate the stigma that precedes us men...
  15. exit96

    Radiation danger, repeated CTs by frequent flyers

    Seen one of our freq's two times this past 7 days. Back/ flank pain as usual. Been scanned 16 times in the pat 2 years, with nothing identified besides UTI...The Provider said, "no CT and no narc's"...this stuff has to stop. Providers are under the microscope. Patient Satisfaction (although only immediate satisfaction based on emotions instead of good practice) is destroying sound medical decision making.
  16. exit96

    Travel Raves anyone??

    I have thought about Traveling for a long time. I have Med/surg, ED, ICU experience. Not sure how soon I will "go for it." But our youngest is graduating high school and my wife and I may look into this as a way to see different places... In the mean time would any of you travelers care to comment on how much you love traveling? Like, seeing different places? Exciting, exotic places....or whatever really turns you on to the whole traveling nurse life? Thanks in advance for anything shared.