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  1. exit96

    Sexism in nursing

    I understand the physical differences, but I don't think that is a good excuse. I was a tech before a nurse, and I don't have a problem helping. But I have experienced, numerous times, at different facilities, men being the first call for lifting people. I have a herniated L5 S1, and now a likely torn cartilage in my knee. I want to maintain as much quality of life as any of my lady counterparts, so yeah, don't call me first. I could say I'm not built to move people anymore too, maybe moreso, because I have the injuries to prove I have not bailed on my duties. When we hired on, being able to do all of the job was in the description, so do all of your job.
  2. exit96

    Sexism in nursing

    Sorry if I sound angry, I think sick of the gender bias would be more accurate.
  3. exit96

    Man = muscle, being taken advantage of

    It's sexist and it's wrong...but don't look for it to ever change...
  4. exit96

    All Men Shift

    Of course, but they ARE NOT the same. Come on...
  5. exit96

    All Men Shift

    Race differences are not the same as gender differences...so let's stick to comparing "apples to apples."
  6. exit96

    Male patient refuses Female Nurse

    I think it is time to hire RN's based on gender so that patients can be accommodated.
  7. exit96

    Male patient refuses Female Nurse

    Thanks for sharing. I'm not surprised at the lack of sensitivity, but the behavior after your requests are seriously worthy of legal action!!
  8. exit96

    Ideas for improving flow...

    I believe in the Charge Nurse role. I work a small rural ED, and we have at least 1 real good Triage Nurse. But even that individual can get caught up in emotions, and a level headed, QUALIFIED, charge Nurse would be a good balance....
  9. Actually, I believe that we should be able to earmark our tax dollars for what we believe to be correct. If someone believes in this foolishness, then they can pay. My tax dollars should not go to arbitrary crap.
  10. I here you...but that doesn't make it "society's problem." I've seen the huddle masses, that "don't have money for co pay," with their cell phone in hand, cigarettes in hand...fine. I don't begrudge anyone having that stuff, it's their life. But knock off the stupidity. And like you said, they likely DO know better, so why do we play along? Why do we insist on raising ANOTHER class of those who are entitled? So many of these "poor souls" don't even try to get a job...at least those in the demographic that I see on a daily basis...
  11. exit96

    Room Assignments

    In my ED, we get our rooms, and then treat whatever we are given. Each of us has 1 trauma room and then general rooms. The triage nurse basically fills the rooms on an as needed basis according to how they arrive. No bias in my ED. It is a crap shoot. But on days when I have been blessed with lower acuity patients I am willingly, without being asked, to assist my coworkers with their patient load....as it should be.
  12. We've all read the threads here regarding "ridiculous ER C/C's," something to that effect, and the like. But as I go forward I just can't get past some of this ridiculous stuff. Actually, I can't even come up with a word that describes my disdain, displeasure, unbelief in what we have become as a society and how it has influenced "health care." Just one example and one question: WHEN will we arrive at the point where we can responsibly and professionally tell someone who arrives to the ED, with the Chief Complaint" of- "positive home pregnancy test" that "you will not be seen for this."?????? Triage= "a sorting out" There is no Triage level for asinine, irresponsible, frivolous, drain on the system... I see this stuff and I seriously have trouble breathing. I know some will warn me that "staying in ED will subject me to all kinds of foolish C/C's...agreed. I do my part in "changing myself" and such...but WHEN will others be held accountable and change themselves. We don't have to be mathematicians to know that no "system" can survive these types of strains. We are all crazy about "quality scores" (that are forced upon us.) and no I am not in favor of poor quality. Do you happen to work in an ED that would turn someone like this away, and educate them? If so, how do you go about it? Or are we simply a slave to the anti-intellectual warm fuzzy environment that has permeated our entire Nation? I'm not trying to be a jerk. And I am not focusing on calling out female complaints, this is just one example. They abound on boths sides of the gender fence.
  13. exit96

    Women and control with a male nurse

    How about the "no men in OB/Gyn , L&D etc" laws...not that I, or very many men would want to, but really, what is the danger? And if it is about modesty, where is the consideration for the other gender? Answer-( insert your stereotype here_________)
  14. exit96

    Women and control with a male nurse

    I understand completely. No one would take a male patients sexual complaint, for example, with NEARLY the weight of a female patients sexual complaint, for example. I don't see how anyone could even begin to argue this.