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  1. 2 Weeks Notice?

    I tend to agree. I've been at this awhile myself, and the world has changed a lot. Good to be a Nurse, and the current demand has made at least that part of the scene advantageous for Nurses. What I don't like is that I have to scheme on how to get m...
  2. 2 Weeks Notice?

    I have a new job offer, much better pay Current employer has been messing with me recently, unnecessarily, I don't trust them, I don't see myself ever going back there. It's not like me to NOT give 2 weeks notice, but the world has changed,...
  3. Assignment, over stressed floor

    Wow, hot crowd
  4. Assignment, over stressed floor

    I work in LTC, on the rehab/covid unit. We've been getting over loaded, is how I would say it. Recently the floor had 19 skilled residents, and 4 LTC residents. 1 Nurse, 2 aides. You all know the charting responsibilities this demands, on top of the ...
  5. Unions - Yay or Nay?

    I've been part of bigger, strong Unions, and these I would support 100%. Currently I was in a small, amalgamated union, which is basically worthless. I am currently wondering how to expose the corruption I see. The Union rep is besties with the DON, ...
  6. How many jobs have you had in your career?

    CNA before being an RN: First place for a year in LTC Second place hospital CNA 3 years LPN at facility for 1 year per diem while finishing my RN (I think I had like 2 others jobs along with this one at the time) as RN: 1 + y...
  7. Pickup bonus

    I did a search to see if this topic is on here, didn’t find it. If you know of a link so we don’t recreate the wheel please feel free to direct me. 1- My inquiry: my facility offers a bonus for SOME shifts when they are in dire need of coverage. $...
  8. Dialysis Nursing in a nutshell

    I think you are reading way too much into what I'm saying. A "team" first and foremost? Absolutely! But let's not mix licensure and roles, it's best for the patients. As far as the machines, it shouldn't take 12 weeks of 4 shifts per week. It needs ...
  9. I've grown tired of FMC

    Accurate observations, I agree. One other, BIG Item...the insurance sucks bad. United Health Care, Express Scripts, Accredo, hell you don’t even know how to get something accomplished. United Health Care doesn’t want to pay anything. $6500 out of p...
  10. RN patient ratio in dialysis

    Michigan 1:16 4 techs when fully staffed
  11. Dialysis Nursing in a nutshell

    Nice job writing this, very accurate. I've been a Dialysis RN now for 1&1/2 years, 16 chair clinic, 1 Nurse, 4 techs. It has been a difficult, interesting time, I do enjoy it, but some things should not be the way they are. The training “seems” ...
  12. Concerned

    After putting my thoughts, and reality down here, I guess I know what the right response to this is...?
  13. Concerned

    I’m in month 8 of a new position, it’s in a dialysis unit, but this isn’t specific to dialysis. Last week a new, or newly reinforced policy for the techs to weigh the patients on the way out was reinforced. Seems like an easy enough task to complete ...
  14. Sexism in nursing

    I understand the physical differences, but I don't think that is a good excuse. I was a tech before a nurse, and I don't have a problem helping. But I have experienced, numerous times, at different facilities, men being the first call for lifting peo...
  15. Sexism in nursing

    Sorry if I sound angry, I think sick of the gender bias would be more accurate.