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I work in LTC, on the rehab/covid unit. We've been getting over loaded, is how I would say it. Recently the floor had 19 skilled residents, and 4 LTC residents. 1 Nurse, 2 aides. You all know the charting responsibilities this demands, on top of the resident care, running off the floor to the Pixis for meds because we admit 2-3 residents at a time. Recently got mandated for 16, one of those shifts where you are doing everything right and no matter how fast you run you are always 3 steps behind. Well it ended with my getting a disciplinary for soem allegedly "undone" tx's, although the Nurse who I handed off to marked them completed and got them done. The lecture I received was basically a "you need to ask for help, otherwise we don't know you need help." This has me pretty ticked. If you are a Nurse manager and you don't know what you are doing to the unit then perhaps it's you who needs to look at your practice. The whole discussion really amounted to how it is a risk to my license for a couple reasons. I think this is a good indication to get out as fast as I can. What do you think? What are your floors looking like? 




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