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Raven Sierra has 6 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Emergency Department.

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  1. Management Timing Nurses Pee Breaks

    Overall, this is an insane move by management. Aside from being a violation of privacy and totally intrusive, are they really interested in losing all their nursing staff? Don't they realize it's a nurse's job market out there right now? And no one w...
  2. Does Joint Commission have any credibility left in 2022?

    Definitely that petty and irrelevant.
  3. Does Joint Commission have any credibility left in 2022?

    If TJC were legitimate in any way, they would have suited up with the rest of us for the pandemic. But they stayed at home...and the world did not end, the sky did not fall, and somehow we survived. The last 2 years have proven that they are totally ...
  4. Management Timing Nurses Pee Breaks

    I'd make it super-awkward for them. "Yup, had the runs. See that quick walk? Sweat was totally rolling down my back...whew, thought I might not make it! Nope, not infectious. Bye now." Stupid, intrusive management ideas call for creative solutio...
  5. Daily Rant Thread

    In my area, it does mean *something,* depending on where it comes from: From-management translation: "We aren't going to pay you more, fix staffing issues, get new equipment, or anything else that actually matters, but here's this stupid phrase ...
  6. Daily Rant Thread

    And nightshift will get 5 empty boxes and 2 leftover pieces with the toppings removed.
  7. Daily Rant Thread

    My contribution: Few phrases will elicit a string of muttered profanity and an eye roll from me like "This patient is a VIP." I'm offended by very little in life, but that phrase absolutely offends me on multiple levels.
  8. Daily Rant Thread

    A thread for the airing of the grievances. Also known as "med room consultations."
  9. Davey Do, just so you know: I'll be stealing this acidity level ranking. I'm over here, chuckling to myself, ranking myself and former coworkers...
  10. Apparently, she's not the only one: there are multiple Reddit threads and several website articles dedicated to this brilliant idea. Thankfully, the articles denounce it. The Reddit threads...well, let's just say they display the dearth of sex educat...
  11. If you didn't have to bite your tongue?

    Unfortunately, I have a feeling that socialized medicine will not improve the entitlement attitude of our patients. They'll still find a way to blame the nurse for the fact that it wasn't a 5-star hotel experience: "I'm paying for this. You OWE me."
  12. I have an idea...

    And make sure you increase the mandatory number of "flowsheets" or questions that have to be asked to a patient on arrival or admission - increase them at least monthly. Bonus points if it angers the patient to where they're yelling at the nurse abou...
  13. ^^Also this. It is not the market to buy in right now unless you really, really have to. And that's if you even can get a house...in many areas, houses are getting multiple offers (9, 10, 12+) in 24 hours of listing, and bidding wars are happening. ...
  14. I like your style!! My dream home is a century home on a farm...I love the old homes for their character and history. And I like not seeing my neighbors. ? OP - It's all about priorities. As nurses, we do prioritization all day, right? The patie...
  15. Are nurses really leaving nursing in droves?

    In my area, it is definitely true. Anyone who can is leaving the bedside or taking a travel position.