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Raven Sierra BSN, RN

Trauma, Emergency Department, Critical Care
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Raven Sierra has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Trauma, Emergency Department, Critical Care.


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  1. Alright, y'all, I know you have some doozies. Let's have a laugh about the most creative/inventive/hilarious names you've been called by patients and/or visitors. And...go! My contributions: Little Miss Priss Teletubby (I never did find out *which* Teletubby) Fat A* B* - this one gets an honorable mention not for creativity (it isn't at all) but for the hilarious look on the patient's face when I said, "That's right, I am, and this fat a* b* said to stop yelling in the hall and go back to your room." He stared at me like I had grown another head...and then went back to his room, muttering about my sanity. After that, I graduated from "fat a* b*" to "crazy b*." I took it as a perverse compliment.
  2. Raven Sierra

    What I Hate About Nursing In 2021

    Ditto to all of the above, and adding: - Joint Commission. Y'all went AWOL during the majority of COVID - and now you wanna roll up here and start throwing your weight around again. You are NOT essential. Begone.
  3. Raven Sierra

    Gift ideas for med school grad?

    Not truly a "nursing" question, but I know y'all are awesome and have great ideas and understand the realities of the medical profession. My cousin is graduating medical school, and I'd like to get her something personalized or fun as a gift. She doesn't need equipment, like stethoscopes or BP cuffs or the like. Things like gift certificates are also not a good bet (she pretty much buys whatever she wants already). Over the years, I've gotten a few coffee mugs and some figurines that sit on the shelf as gifts. That's not really what I'm looking for for her. She'll be moving a lot with weight limits to her household goods, so things that sit on shelves probably aren't the best. I was thinking something from Etsy, something that she can use in her residency. Anything come to mind?
  4. I have applied for a ENP/FNP MSN program (Fall 2021) and was planning to continue to my DNP. I want to practice as a ENP and possibly teach at some point down the road. I also love research. But all the talk of over saturation of NPs and whatnot is making me nervous. I don't want to do years of school and not have a job when I graduate. That would be a bummer. So, my question is this: do you see an oversaturation of NPs in the ED in your area? Do you foresee that new ENPs will have trouble getting a job? I'm open to working in urgent care, but I have also heard that urgent care experience as an NP can mean you don't get hired at main EDs. Thoughts on that? I realize this is 2+ years away, and the world has changed a lot with COVID. But I guess I'm just worried I'll invest a lot of time, energy, and money and won't get a job at the end....
  5. Raven Sierra

    Emergency Nursing Areas

    Official interpretation of scans/tests/etc. is the purview of the advanced practice providers (NPs and PAs) or the physicians in my ED. Obviously, we RNs look at the tests and scans and will know what's going on before the APP/MD/DO makes an official diagnosis. But officially diagnosing and then deciding on a plan of treatment is not in our RN scope of practice. First aid is often started by EMS or triage. Yes, we do wound care and splints and other things like that. It sounds like you would benefit from shadowing an ED RN in your area. You won't really understand what we do until you see it in action, partially because it can change drastically from minute to minute. And a RN in a big Trauma 1 may have a very different average shift than a RN in a rural ED in a critical access hospital.
  6. Raven Sierra

    Advice for new EM nurses

    Very helpful, even if you aren't new to the ED craziness. 🙂 Also, I have to applaud your use of "new fangled." 👍
  7. Raven Sierra

    NBC's The Nurses - Just another nurse show?

    ^This. I don't watch anything vaguely medical anymore. Even re-runs of Scrubs get to me now, and I liked Scrubs. My home is my sanctuary from pandemic nursing. We do not speak of the last season. 🤣
  8. Raven Sierra

    Emergency Nursing Areas

    1. I work in the emergency department/emergency room. 2. My duties are those of a staff nurse in an emergency room. Assessing, medicating, monitoring, giving turkey sandwiches...Spoiler alert: it's nothing like TV. Did you have something specific in mind?
  9. Raven Sierra

    Masks and sore throats/sinus issues?

    Since we started wearing 1 surgical mask per shift and wearing sanitized N95s (reused and re-sanitized multiple times and not necessarily given back to the original owner), multiple staff members have noticed chronic low-grade sore throats and sinus congestion/irritation. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  10. Raven Sierra

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    Question: does anyone know if the Department of Vital Statistics screens names prior to actually issuing the birth certificate? I never tested it with my kids, but if a parent puts something vulgar or insane on a birth certificate application, would it go through? If they do, is that why nurses might report some of these names, but no one has seen them in real life? I know my state screens the applications for personalized car license plates, and you can't have things like vulgarities on them. I hope they at least do that for children...
  11. Raven Sierra

    CNS in emergency department

    Thank you, OldIsNew. I appreciate your candor. I've been looking around, and almost every APRN job posting in the area wants NPs, not CNSs. The rare CNS posting has nothing to do with ER. I don't want to leave the ER. My facility is part of a small system, and they do not have any CNSs, as far as I'm aware. They like NPs, and we have many. I honestly doubt I could convince our ED higher-ups that they need a CNS in the ED. We have several big academic systems nearby, but, again, they want NPs. It's a shame, really - the CNS could be so helpful to our healthcare system nationwide, but I think poor understanding of the role has made it difficult. I appreciate and will take your advice about ED NP. I still have some soul-searching to do to see if I want to go that route. Thank you again!
  12. Raven Sierra

    Too old?

    I always wanted to join the military but, for various reasons, never did. I'm now 38 (39 in a couple weeks) with a BSN and 3 years of ICU and ED and am a charge nurse and preceptor. I'd love to be in the Reserves or Guard. I need probably 6 months to get in shape - I'm overweight but losing consistently and need to work on my run and push-ups. I'm familiar with the physical requirements. Am I too old? Are there any age waivers these days? Or am I out of time? I have no prior service.
  13. Raven Sierra

    CNS in emergency department

    Anyone a CNS in the ED? I'm thinking about going back to school, and I don't really want to do NP. I'm considering a master's so I can teach, someday; I like precepting, and I enjoy teaching nursing students (when I've had them). But I also love the ED. If I go this route, I'd like to use my degree in the ED, too. So, any CNSs in the ED out there?
  14. Raven Sierra

    Took NCLEX today...and the wait begins

    UPDATE: Just got my nursing license number from my BON! I passed and am officially a RN!
  15. Raven Sierra

    Took NCLEX today...and the wait begins

    Forgot to add: I was averaging 70% - 75% on NCLEX Mastery. I had a 99% predictor from ATI.
  16. Raven Sierra

    Took NCLEX today...and the wait begins

    Well, I'm still waiting for results, so I can't say that I passed. As for the questions, I'd say mine were comparable to NCLEX Mastery. Saunders was a bit more detailed than the NCLEX questions I got. I got my ATT much quicker than expected; I got it 2 weeks after graduation. I only had two weeks to study. I did questions and Saunders review reading for about 3-4 hours daily. But I've been doing NCLEX Mastery questions for months. I averaged 50 questions per day.