NTI: What's a Scromper, Nurse Blake?

What’s a “Scromper?” Well, it’s a great new idea from a very innovative nurse named Blake. A versatile garment made just for nurses… by a nurse….. Read on to find out more about the Scrub Romper that everyone will be talking about. Nurses General Nursing Event Video Interview

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Nurse Blake has invented a nursing "onesie" called a Scromper. He demonstrated the versatility of the Scromper for the allnurses team at NTI. It is a useful and fun item with plenty of pockets, room to move and breathe and relax in! He has partnered with a US scrub company to produce the product. Made out of an ultra soft scrub material, it is available for men and women in sizes small, medium, large, and X-large. Although this would not meet dress codes for work, you can wear it anywhere else and rock it at parties, conferences, or even for Halloween.

Nurse Blake launched a Kickstarter for the Scromper this week so everyone can have a chance at getting their very own Scromper at an affordable price while also helping to raise money for a great cause. Proceeds will go toward starting a nursing scholarship fund, because as Blake states, "I want to take this opportunity to give back to the field of nursing and I believe that helping the next generation of nurses is the best way to do that!"

Get your Scromper today

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I'll take 3! Lol

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Literally LOL. Love the dance moves, Nurse Blake! :)

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Nurse Blake I love this! Am going to find your blog and follow you! Maybe next year allnurses can do a full on fashion show!

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Oooh great idea NurseBeth - an AN fashion show....

Don't want to wear anything that will require taking a top off to take a pit stop, especially if opening the fly is not an option.

Looks like I retired just in time. Whew

after a stressful day, this is definitely what i needed to read. lol. i like the goodwill behind it though.

so what about plus sizes??

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