NTI - Swan Ganz Monitoring for Your ICU Patient

Your critically ill ICU patient needs all the help we can provide to survive. One of the tools we can use to monitor our patients is the pulmonary artery catheter...


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Monitoring the hemodynamics of your critically ill ICU is so important. Use of the Swan-Ganz pulmonary artery catheter is one of the ways to quickly assess the cardiac status of your patient, make interventions and improve their care. However, the monitoring systems for Swan lines aren't that intuitive. Until now, that is.

Edwards Lifesciences has a new monitor, the HemoSphere advanced monitoring system, which was just recently approved for use in the US which is both intuitive and user-friendly. As an ICU nurse, your monitors are your pathway to your patient. Having a small, portable, easy to use monitor makes your shift just a little easier. This monitor has an interface similar to a tablet and can continuously assess flow, pressure and the global indicator of oxygen saturation (CCO, RVEF, RVEDV, SVO2).

Allnurses staff recently attended NTI 2017 in Houston and spoke with the Edwards staff about the HemoSphere on the exhibition floor and got a demo of how intuitive and easy-to-use the HemoSphere is.

Would you recommend this to your hospital?

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We have had a version of this from Edwards in our ICU for the last year or so. They are a great tool to have. The cool part is the non invasive monitoring (via clear sight) you can get with this monitor.


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Great news...more numbers to confuse the situation! Can't wait!

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