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From Oklahoma land of Bi-polar weather hot one min freezing the next.

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  1. Nurses make me sick

    I LOVE free food. I don’t consider it to be a slight like some people do. I work on a COVID unit and understand it is what it is. I work on my stomach. LOL I wonder what is acceptable for people who mock it. I get money and staffing being commo...
  2. Is it appropriate to "show off" that you are a Nurse on social media?

    I don’t agree with it but I’m sure as a student I’ve done it. I do not talk about my job or profession on social media. I don’t want people knowing my business and I don’t want to make my profession look bad by anything I may say (or possibly misunde...
  3. This I don’t know what your work is like but some places might try that old “hey your dressed to work want to make some money since your here?” I just dress like I normally do when I’m off I do not make changes in my attire just because I’m swin...
  4. Am I a coward for going on FMLA due to COVID?

    If you have respiratory health problems then you have a much higher chance of dying if you get this virus. I was reading the other day on Nbcnews about a nurse who had a history of asthma who recently died in NYC. Long story short being concerned abo...
  5. Frustrating Nurse Family Members

    Well she was kind of honest. Cardiologists do deal with pipes. ?
  6. OB Unit for Male Student

    Well I NOT a doctor so I couldn’t say. I’m not an OB again can’t say. Those patients have EVERY RIGHT not to have me in there. Or do you not believe patient should be able to say what goes on with their care? I was talking about me. I am like a lot o...
  7. OB Unit for Male Student

    I’m a male and recently finished my program. I didn’t have to do anything extra for my OB rotations. In fact, that wasn’t never mentioned. the only issue I did have wasn’t school related but was that most of the women that were pts did pass on me bei...
  8. Millennial Nurses Have Issues

    As a Millennial I feel that most people in my age and younger don’t stay at a job forever because there is no reason too. Largely the idea of a person starting at a company young and then staying there until retirement is very outdated. that is rare ...
  9. Forced Organ Donations from Living Donors???!!!!

    My point was most places seem prisoners as less than human. Protesting something is less “bad” by most standards. To treat that heavy handed you know prisoners are getting a bad deal. also this is the same country that thinks a “social credit” is a g...
  10. Forced Organ Donations from Living Donors???!!!!

    I’m glad they value prisoners lives with ethics and integrity. Free speech and right to protest not so much. It find it hard to believe that if a government would work that hard to stop a protest by shooting tear gas at people they value the lives of...
  11. Do you mean like in terms of if I’m at the park and encounter someone having a stroke/seizure/MI/serious Injury with lots of blood loss? Yes in general I think so. I’d like to know more about that first responder type of stuff. I’m not done with scho...
  12. Rn to LPN? That is weird I am assuming you mean the other way around
  13. Nah on smells and stuff I’d think the worst like you said would be children. I am a new parent (well now a 10 month old) and it put me at a different mind set with children. I don’t know if I could do it. Maybe maybe not lol
  14. Neat! Many moons ago I wanted to be a forensic pathologist but didn’t want to go to med school blah blah blah. I read it is also the medical specialty with the oldest age of retirement so there is not many jobs like it. Defiantly would interesting. ...
  15. How often do you wash your scrubs? :)

    I have three sets of scrubs so that gets me through the week (3 12hr shifts) but I usually wash my clothes as soon as I get home