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    RN school while in High School?

    Maybe if the student can prove they are nursing material but I think for most kids it’s a bad idea. Same age group that can not figure out that tide pods are for clothes not eating are not (to me) the shining future they are cracked up to be. Common sense would have to be a consideration but that might be difficult. There are exceptions to everything some kids in that group are really great some can’t do anything with out tons of assistance. Again there are exceptions but my experience has been those exceptions are very rare. Oh and also social media and HIPAA do not mix. There are people I know of pushing 30 who can not get this. They don’t mix! they don’t mix! they don’t mix! Say with me social media and HIPAA DO NOT MIX! Lol
  2. Ahhhh Kurt Russell and everything is again right in the world
  3. 0.5GPA

    Poo or Get off the Pot

    My best work is on the can or in the shower. Relaxing I have better ideas and it clears the mind. Awesome deep thoughts